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Comment Re:Because it's a small market (Score 1) 244

Wait until the cloud craze is over in 4 or 5 years...

You think? I don't think it'll be over. I think it will continue to grow. For most businesses, running a mail server is a pain in the butt and not part of their core business.

One of the problems is, going with a large hosting provider, means your company no longer gets to set the operational policies

Most people don't care.

There are of course additional security risks, and by using a hosting provider, your mailboxes may be additionally subject to NSA interception through off-the-record provider cooperation or other espionage.

(1) most people don't care and (2) even if you run your own mail server, NSA can intercept anything they want. You have to work on the assumption that the NSA can intercept all traffic it cares to, and also that it can decrypt specific chunks of that traffic if it really sets its mind to it.

Comment Because it's a small market (Score 2) 244

The anti-spam market is small, mature and shrinking as more and more companies outsource their email to Microsoft or Google. While it can be profitable, the actual numbers are way too small to interest behemoths like Intel or Google.

I happen to run a small anti-spam company. We're doing extremely well, but that's because we have low overhead and can survive quite nicely on the little slice of market share we have. But I have no illusions that my company will be the next Facebook or Google or whatever... we'll chug along steadily for as long as we want to, and we'll make a very nice living at it, but that's about it.

Comment Re:Did anyone actually read the articles? (Score 1) 432

A guiding principal in law is that rules should be interpreted the way a "reasonable person" would interpret them.

So a guy asking a female coworker out on a date is not harassment. If she says "no, thanks, and please don't ask me again because I'm not interested in you" and he keeps on going with unwanted invitations, then it's harassment.

You also need to look at power structure: A manager asking a subordinate out is a completely different dynamic than two equal-level coworkers. Again, the overriding principal when interpreting these rules has to be reasonableness, and I do not see much of that in these comments. I just see knee-jerk emotional reactions.

Comment Did anyone actually read the articles? (Score 5, Informative) 432

Did anyone read this article?. "Geoff Marcy, a leader in the field of exoplanet research, has resigned from his position as a professor of astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley, following an investigation that found he violated the school's sexual harassment policies."

Or how about this one? "Results from a recent AAS survey were reported at the last week's plenary session on harassment, defined as unwelcome conduct that is based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information. Some 82% of astronomers have heard sexist remarks from their peers; 44% heard sexist remarks from supervisors; 9% experienced physical harassment from peers or supervisors."

Those articles do not read like SJWs and the do seem to indicate some sort of a problem.

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