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Comment Re:Good lord (Score 1) 920

But who decides what is toxic and what is merely communication pointing out people's mistakes?

It's a judgment call, but you have to decide what a reasonable person could honestly think is inappropriate and go from there.

I doubt there's a single competent corporate manager who would not discipline someone who said things like this at work. And if there were, I'd hate to work at that person's company.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 920

The world doesn't work in any one way. There are all sorts of different companies, communities, and development teams. Women should do the same thing men do: if your workplace or project culture isn't a good match, you leave without making a big fuss. Simple as that.

Yes, that's fine, and then all but the assholes will leave and you'll end up with a really toxic environment. That's not something to be proud of and more importantly, I think it's a long-term recipe for failure.

Comment Re:Back in July - of 2013! (Score 1) 920

Guys insult each other. It's how we communicate, it's how we bond. It's also brutally honest and helps to enforce the environment that makes for good IT

Yeah? Nonsense. Some of the stuff on LKML and especially some of Torvalds' rants are way over the top. I run a software company and I would fire anyone, no matter how talented, who said or posted stuff like this in public or to another employee.

Guys have different modes of interacting than women. I get that. But that doesn't give anyone the right to be an asshole. Time for people who think that it's OK to grow up.

Comment It does increase security a bit if used correctly (Score 1) 317

It does increase security a little bit. Don't forget: What really protects you, the consumer, is that fact that you're almost never responsible for fraudulent charges on your card unless you were grossly negligent.

The credit card companies don't want to (and cannot) completely prevent fraud. All they need is something to keep it at a manageable level so their high profits remain high. And chip-and-PIN is a little better than mag-stripe.

Comment Dumb poll (Score 1) 173

Since 99.999% of Slashdot readers probably don't know the details of the case, how can they have any sort of informed opinion? I think the only people who can have any sort of opinion are those who were present in the court for the original court case.

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