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Comment: Acer? (Score 1) 414

by whitroth (#49545929) Attached to: We'll Be the Last PC Company Standing, Acer CEO Says

Funny, where I work these days, and the contracts I had before, it was Dell, with a rare HP, and some Macs. I will note that I've only dealt with *enterprise* grade PCs and workstations, not "consumer" grade; certainly, Dell's enterprise support beats everyone else hands down. (And one that shall remain nameless, but who's retiring honcho owns a Hawaiian island and a fighter jet, is below "none of the above", and equal to "self-abuse".)

And it *did* say "PC", not "laptop", or anything else, or I'd have mentioned Lenovo.


Comment: So that's why... (Score 1) 336

by whitroth (#49545895) Attached to: Median Age At Google Is 29, Says Age Discrimination Lawsuit

the search algorithms at google are so much worse than they were even five years ago. These days, the noise-to-signal ratio is *terrible* - I frequently do searches, and put a phrase, or couple of words in quotes, and put a + in front... and I see a para for a "hit", 2 or 3 down, and there's part of the phrase, without the rest, bolded. They're not even getting good hits for advertisers - it's anything that can vaguely be construed as related to your search.


Comment: Sounds great.. NOT (Score 1) 53

I mean, energy deregulation and the "free market" worked *so* well in California a dozen years ago. (This assumes that slashdotters reading this are old enough to remember that, or are at least willing to read the news stories about the criminals selling the energy....)



Comment: Search algorithms that are not weighted by ads (Score 1) 271

by whitroth (#49511703) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Features Would You Like In a Search Engine?

Google is far worse than it used to be, signal-to-noise ratio. Part of the time, it does not appear to respect quoted search terms, even with a "+" in front. I now frequently see part of a word that was quoted, bolded in the non-sponsored results.

It also refuses to allow explicit literal searches: I have an artist friend who uses a period as part of her name - google says "nope, not gonna look for name. lastname, I'll ignore it and look only at name lastname".

Finally, I've found too many times in the last year that one of my search terms isn't even mentioned on the page from the results.


Comment: It was a damned PROTEST (Score 1) 327

by whitroth (#49486555) Attached to: Gyro-Copter Lands On West Lawn of US Capitol, Pilot Arrested

and most slashdotters, like most of the media, don't want to look.

However, tell me another way to get national attention to a protest if you're not Rupert Murdoch, or one of the Koch Bros. "Money equals free speech" means that if you ain''t a multimillionaire, and don' t have the right friends, your "free speech rights" are utterly meaningless.

Let me also note that the 22yr old who committed suicide on the Capitol steps was also protesting, asking Congress to tax the 1%.

Maybe these guys are doing it wrong. Maybe they needed to go to the Capitol steps, go into full lotus position, and burn themselves to death, and maybe *then* their protest would get attention. It certainly did during 'Nam, when the Buddhist monks did it....


Comment: 12 clicks for basic info? (Score 1) 184

Riight. More UIs designed by managers who Know How It Should Go, and wouldn't dream of letting a designer or (heaven forfend!) a programmer from talking to end users to find out how they need to *use* the software....

Been there, dealt with that. The Scummy Mortgage* co, of Austin, TX, had software for its collection dept written that in in the late eighties, and the staff avoided using it as much as they possibly could.


* Actual name of co available upon request.

Comment: I agree with Apple? (Score 1) 1168

Now *that's* strange... but yep. I see *zero* difference between religious discrimination based on gender and racial discrimination... oh, except that the former means you need to pull down your pants so they can decide whether or not to discriminate against you.

And trolls, it doesn't matter what sex you really want to get laid by, deep down inside, you *still* won't get laid by anyone.


Comment: Sure, the employees would be intimidated (Score 1) 133

by whitroth (#49355763) Attached to: GAO Denied Access To Webb Telescope Workers By Northrop Grumman

"You say anything to the GAO people we don't like, we'll find out, and you'll never work again".

And I was a contractor for a company that was sold to them... and they proceeded to get rid of those of us who knew the project best, on a variety of excuses.

I read, a few years ago, that the client manager was in legal, or was it criminal, trouble.... (and he was a city government employee).

Do you *really* think NG is all wonderful, and doing everything right (and that it's all the federal gov't fault that the telescope is years late and billions overbudget? If you do, then you've obviously never actually worked for a living....

                mark "I recommend Dilbert"

Comment: Re:it has already **A**ffected how business... (Score -1, Flamebait) 349

Yep. Sure. And how do they find the best people?

I assume you're saying that overwhelmingly, most people other than white males are the best. And that sure was true... look how well it worked out 15 years ago... ooops, that was the buble, wasn't it?

At any rate, looser, my daughter is a better programmer than you are.

                  mark (and so am I)

Comment: Re:Do It, it worked in AZ (Score 1) 886

by whitroth (#49347731) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill

That's funny, here I thought there were laws against that, if you're a public accommodation.

Or maybe I'm wrong, and the Civil Rights Movement never happened, and Blacks, Jews, or anyone else can be turned away in, say, a public restaurant, or a motel, or....

              mark "if you don't like an open society, and want to be a bigot, you can leave and start your own country;
                                            I recommend Iran for your tastes...."

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