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Comment Internet of *broken* things? (Score 1) 88

I hadn't even thought of *that*. Let's ignore the blue screen of house death in the middle of winter, let's consider that your wifi and tv all have static, because those idiot things that were supposed to clean your ducts broke down in there, with so much dust, and two years later, they're still online complaining. And they've been hacked by the 16 on the other side of the block....


Comment MBII (Mind-bogglingly idiotic idea) (Score 1) 592

When I drive, I frequently take one street home. It's hilly. On it, for maybe half a mile, there's no center line. It is two way, and there are cars parked on one side; the other side has a barrier, with park beyond it.

Oh, and did I mention that a city bus line runs on it, and the space for two vehicles is somewhat narrow?


PS: I challenge Google's self-driving car to master *that*. They can contact me, if they wish, and I'll show them the street on google maps.

Comment I'll give you one reason for the accident... (Score 1) 118

I knew someone down on Merrit Island a few years ago. He had *worked* as a tech on the Cape during the Moon Race. Or, well, he did, until Apollo 1. The astronauts were coming for the tests, and he argued with... I think it was Grissom, he told me, and that he told them it wasn't safe, and they wanted to do some more work on the capsule, and Grissom went all macho on him... and he punched Grissom.

My acquaintance was asked to resign.... Now, if they'd listened to the freakin' techs....


Comment Tired of this, and good on the FBI (Score 1) 336

I am *sick* and tired of these self-proclaimed patriots... who want to take down the federal government, In the real world, as opposed to the la-la land they live in, that's called ->TREASON-.

Or, for a funny commentary, the last few days of the comic strip Non Sequitur.


PS: the gov't can't own land? So, we don't own the Louisiana Purchase, or Seward's Folly (aka Alaska) (I doubt Putin would take back Palin's home porch....)?

Comment At work (Score 3, Insightful) 320

Programming, when my manager and another programmer walked by my cube, and told me they were going to what I jokingly referred to as the "accessory meeting room" (the bar next door). They told me Challenger had exploded, I joined them, and we all had drinks as we watched the reruns on the tv over the bar.


Fucking "launch it anyway, the President wants to mention it in his State of the Union speech tonight".


Comment Two things wrong (Score 1) 133

One, as it notes in the article, it's also the logo of SPECTRE.

The other... there's an attitude among folks of a certain, ahh, bent. They want to be the BADDEST DUDES.

The earliest example that I read about was during 'Nam. Lord of the Rings had, by the late sixties, been translated into 27? 57? languages... including Vietnamese. So, one division, I think it was, of the "South Vietnamese" army took as its logo... the Lidless Eye of Sauron.

Right, and against them, little guys in black pj's, with furry feet, no doubt....


Comment You SOB.... (Score 1) 532

Let's see, in the eighties, Prodigy (which I was never on) decided to Stop Rude Talk, so they blocked a number of words... one of them was "breast", and variants. Which, of course, knocked offline breast cancer survivors, and the European port of Brest, and....

And then... so, is this idiot willing to be personally liable as an accessory to murder when, say, a child abuse survivor posts to a list on that subject, or a battered woman posts to a support group, and her scumbag abuser finds her and kills her?


Comment This is news? (Score 1) 547

The EU birthrate has been below replacement rate for at least 10 years, if not twice that.

The usual suspects:
      1. Birth control
      2. The cost of raising children.

The unmentioned one: overpopulation. (I mean, you want to raise too many kids, like those sickos the Duggars? Fine... then don't come crying to me about the cost of housing, the cost of food (all the local farms forced out by developers building overpriced crap), and that you can't find a parking space.


Comment Several times a day? (Score 0, Troll) 137

Having started programming before a lot of you were born, I'd say that's called management too cheap to hire a testing group, and the programmers are trying something out, see if it works for them, and pushing it out.

In other words, sounds like M$ std. development system....


Comment The why (Score 1) 729

is obvious. Lessee, cut the top income tax rate, to help "Job Creators", who then ship jobs offshore. Then undersize, er, "downsize", and have two people do the job of one.

Meanwhile, starting with Raygun's attack on the Air Traffic Controllers' Union (who was dead right about needing more computerization to deal with the massive increase in air travel), the attack by corporations and the wealthy on unions... and then making us part of management (so we couldn't unionize)[1], and *then* designating us "independent contractors", and so offloading all benefit costs to us, who, of course, can't get anywhere near as good a deal as a large company can.

And too many people here hear the phrase "whatever it takes", and think that means they're Important, rather than what their grandparents would have called it, overworked... and who had unions to fight it.[2]

1. Tell me the difference between an "administrative assistant" and a secretary... other than the former
                  is "salaried", and can be told to work till it's done, where the secretary got paid overtime.
2. How many here haven't used up their paid time off, because work's been so busy?

Too many folks in the US are suckers. The great Green Card scam of Canter and Siegel, in '94, was when they spammed every single one of the nearly 1000 usenet newsgroups (yes, the 'Net existed before the Web). Many of us in those newsgroups were part of a community. The spammers "defense" was that there were no such communities, it was just a marketing opportunity.

And too many of you believe it now. Do you *have* a community, or family, a place you call home? Are you ready to pick up and relocate to somewhere else, that you don't know, because jobs got moved and are thin at the place you call home? (Five times here).

No, you don't have "leverage". If you're posting here, you're not a millionaire, just a pee-on.


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