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Comment Re:Fools think this is horrible. (Score 3, Interesting) 442

Im not sure this is a helpful distinction. Fascism was a much more complicated beast than simply the collusion of government and capitalism. There was an underlying mythology of the nation and of violence. Fascism was the glorification of the dictatorship of the nationalists, and all had to fall into compliance, citizens, companies, the military and so on, and any opponent was to be smashes with maximum violence. I dont know this exactly describes this. Certainly the tendency towards unreasonable patriotism certainly doesnt help, but its not quite fascism, its something else....

Comment Re:Paper doesn't account for successful theories (Score 4, Insightful) 303

It *does* account for those. The probability is based on how many people would have to be in on it. The moonlanding hoax and the "climate change is a hoax" conspiracy theories require incredibly large numbers of people to be involved and thus would have been quickly discovered, but since theres no evidence either of them are a hoax and the time scale involved, we can thus conclude theres no conspiracy. The nixon vietnam talks conspiracy however involved a small number of conspirators, and this greatly increases the likelihood of a conspiracy succeeding.

Comment Re:answer: no (Score 2) 190

Does he mean that blockchain that is already having trouble scaling in a Bitcoin market of meth dealers and Russian ransomware jockeys? What would happen if we tried using it to, say, keep track of the world's Visa transactions?

Internet humor is defined as tragedy that ends with the words "and then I lost my bitcoins".

Pray that doesn't become "and then I lost my visa".

Comment Re:First amendment (Score 5, Informative) 117

The first amendment right is a right to speak. Its not a right to force others to listen.

No first amendment rights are being violated here. There is a do not call list that people opt into that means "This person does not wish to recieve your phone calls". If you think that allowing people to be forced into hearing others speech is OK, then fine, but lets not pretend that position is about defending rights.

Comment Forth (Score 1) 414

Well not really a toy language (It has some very serious uses as a "toaster code" language), but its great fun to screw around with. Its basically an inverted lisp that works with stacks instead of lists, and it can be surprisingly powerful in the right hands due to its ability to cook up complicated datastructures and things to do with those structures. In its basic form , it doesnt even have a concept of a variable ,well not one as commonly understood in other languages. A page or two of code later, and its object oriented , running coroutines and all sorts of esoteria normally only found in the "big boy" languages.

Comment Re:Something Awful should file an objection to it (Score 1) 111

So then it's something completely different? The current trend of 'lets play' has, afaik, nothing to do with watching each other and everything to do with being watched.

In some ways yes. However term itself did come from SomethingAwful. The actual youtube video format that emerged since can be attributed to a dude called "slowbeef" who, not surprisingly, was a somethingawful member.

Comment Re:Penny (Score 2) 702

We did the same here in Australia, maybe in the 80s or early 90s. Removed the 1 and 2 cent copper coins. Around the same time we moved 1 and 2 dollar notes to coins. Didn't have a lot of effect, other than making the minimum bag of lollies 5c instead of 2c (Hey, I was a kid at the time!).

Comment Something Awful should file an objection to it (Score 5, Informative) 111

The term actually came from Something Awful forums and the "Lets play" threads where they'd take turns playing a game and posting the results. Dwarf fortress "succession" games would be the cannonical example here.

Sony has had no role in this, and they are trademarking something they have no right to.

Comment myGov is a nightmare. (Score 5, Interesting) 146

myGov has to be one of the worst executions of a good idea I've come across. Basicallly its a single sign on portal to other government services that appears to be designed by a committee of very user unfriendly elderly people. You dont get to have a username, you get a user number. The system insists on a *very* strict password, and if you get it wrong three times, your account is locked for the day, even if your on a welfare payment that requires you to log in that day by law. It also asks you to answer various questions ("What is your mothers maiden name" type things, and its anal about input to the point of paranoia. Capitals wrong? One day account lock!). I get that they are worried about security , but how about letting us have a user name we can remember, and setting that auth question to case insensitive!

Comment Re:The only science you need (Score 1) 118

If Freeman Dyson says your science is rubbish, it is.

Confirming once again that a lot of slashdot posters appear highly incapable of judging expertise.

Dysons a smart guy, we all know that, but he's not qualified on the topic (and says so himself) and has opinions somewhat at odds with those who are qualified on the topic. his claims on fluid dynamics are decades out of date, he's consistently misrepresented the models (possibly by incompetence rather than dishonesty, I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt here) and pushes the idea that increasing CO2 would be "good for the ecosystem" despite the abundantly clear evidence that so far the CO2 has had utterly chaotic effects on ocean acidity.

Why would you take his word over an expert?

Comment Re:"Atomic Scientists" (Score 1) 118

These so-called "Atomic Scientists" don't actually do any "Atomic Science" (whatever the fuck that is), because they're staunchly anti-nuclear, so this would preclude any type of "Atomic Science".

No, they oppose atomic *weapons*, which is an eminently sensible position to take. They are not anti nuclear power, however, and in fact their stance is that Nuclear power is probably the best way forward in reducing greenhouse emissions.

Their staff are mostly nuclear or related hard scientists with some policy experts. They are about as respectable as you get for a policy thinktank.

Comment Re:I liked it more before.... (Score 1) 233

In my experience, tautologies have a tendency of being true.

Free-market economic theory does rely partly on the claim "all action is self-interested" but, crucially, only on a tautological interpretation. I suspect that you're making the common error of misunderstanding either "action" or "self-interest" in this context.

No I think I understand it. What I don't think you understand is why Tautologies are by definition illogical. When an axioms truth value requires itself to first be true, then , it is, by definition unproven. and thus any theory premised on it, is also by necessity unproven and unprovable.

In science its called "pseudoscience". In philosophy its just "not even wrong".

Comment Re:AMD settled (Score 1) 225

That says as much about the march of progress as it does about the decline of slashdot. Even if slashdot were at it's peak, times 2, the capacity of the hardware and the internet has grown many times that, plus dynamic loadbalancing and scaling and content delivery networks...

The first web server I administered was a pentium 75 with well under a gig of ram (cant remember. very early 2000s). It was already a redundant piece of hardware, dumpster dived for a cash strapped student union. It ran on slackware, apache, php and I *think* zope (although that might have come later). It handled about 40 websites, an IRC server, email for countless domains, and a MUD server. And it did it without breaking a sweat. And by god did I fear slashdot ever linking to something on it.

I wouldn't be surprised if a smart watch has more power than it.

Comment Re:Consider the progression (Score 1) 735

1) Do nothing, This would be best but politically will be impossible after another attack or two.

Thanks to the first ammendment and forth ammendment, not only is "do nothing" politically possible, it also renders the censor/great wall/wiretap-everything proposals practically impossible.

Its not even a debate. Options 2 and 3 don't pass constitutional muster, and a politician can huff and puff all he likes, but it doesn't actually matter. Its not allowed.

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