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Comment: It's stupid (Score 1) 58

Development with a proprietary language is ultimately harmful to your own interests, whether you make proprietary software for a profit or Free software.

The one thing every business needs is control. When you make it possible for another company to block your business, you lose control. Your options become limited. Solving business problems potentially becomes very costly, involving a complete rewrite.

The one thing that should be abundantly clear to everyone by now is that making your business dependent on Microsoft anything is ultimately a losing proposition. They have a long history of deprecating their own products after customers have built products upon them.

Comment: Yes, it's free. Also, the patent system sucks (Score 1) 58

All Open Source licenses come with an implicit patent grant, it's an exhaustion doctrine in equitable law.

The problem is not patent holders who contribute to the code, you're protected from them. It's trolls who make no contribution and then sue.

Of course these same trolls sue regarding proprietary code as well.

Comment: Re:Correlation is not Causation (Score 1) 281

by Archangel Michael (#49379175) Attached to: Poverty May Affect the Growth of Children's Brains

While I agree that some of your points are valid, it only goes to shows that there are complicating factors.

IMHO being "poor" becomes a feedback loop, in that poor choices, leads to poverty. Poverty leads to poor choices. I have a couple daughters, and they are light years apart on most things. One can't make a smart decision to save her life, and the other is well grounded and understands that long term consequences of her decisions. Both raised by the same two parent, educated in same manner.

One will always be "poor", because her decisions are poor. The other, even if she has economic hard times, will never be "poor". It is a matter of choice and taking responsibility for those choices, and learning from poor choices. Some people simply can't learn from their mistakes (it is always someone else's fault)

Comment: Re:So doe sthis mean I can... (Score 1) 957

I haven't seen any bigotry in these comments, and I think it's disingenuous for you to say so.

Arguing that we should have the right not to do business with groups we dislike, which was precisely the excuse given in the 60's by people who didn't blacks in their restaurant, is not-so-thinly veiled bigotry. It's painful listening to those who don't know history trying to repeat it, desperately hoping that this time it will be different and they'll be allowed to show "those people" who's in charge.

For the record, I'm not black, gay, or liberal. But things like this are exactly the reason why I'm no longer a Republican. I just can't go along willingly with the Attempt Of The Week to make this a hyperconservative theocracy. When someone inevitably comes along and wants to deny my right to fully participate in society, I hope we'll have built the momentum to shut it down.

Comment: Re:Correlation is not Causation (Score 1) 281

by Archangel Michael (#49379109) Attached to: Poverty May Affect the Growth of Children's Brains

Can you back up the Antithesis with a peer study that shows that eating nothing but crap foodstuffs has no effect?

I would suggest to you, that there are peer studies about health and wellness and diet. Why this isn't obvious to you is amazing.

BUT since you asked ... here is a really good paper, linking "wellness" to education. There are plenty of studies to link diet to health and wellness.

Now, do you have a study that shows diet has nothing to do with being healthy? (Not anecdotal evidence)

Comment: Video and audio are time-rate fixed (Score 1) 63

by Solandri (#49379085) Attached to: No Film At 11: the Case For the Less-Video-Is-More MOOC
When you try to absorb information via video or audio, you're pretty much limited to the speed at which the video or audio was recorded. If you find the pace too slow, players like VLC can speed it up a bit, but I find that beyond about 1.5x the audio compression and frequency shift correction ends up distorting it enough that the speech processing centers of my brain can no longer clearly identify the words being spoken. If the pace is too fast, your only choice is pause and rewind.

When you absorb information visually, either by reading or looking at pictures, you can go as quickly or slowly as you like. It's like the audio machines I used when translating - glorified tape recorders with frequency correction based on tape playback speed, with foot pedals so you could go faster, slower, or rewind. Except you don't need any of that equipment with text or pictures.

This is why video and audio will always be an inferior method of transferring knowledge than reading and diagrams/pictures. You can use video and audio samples to demonstrate things which are best seen/heard in real-time, and live presentations are superior if they allow interaction between instructor and student. But for a general information dump, text and pictures allow the highest bandwidth, with the bandwidth controlled by the reader's mind. Video is like presenting a textbook as a flash animation with a fixed scroll speed, where you need to mess with clumsy fast-forward and rewind buttons to control bandwidth.

Comment: Re:Correlation is not Causation (Score 1) 281

by Archangel Michael (#49379023) Attached to: Poverty May Affect the Growth of Children's Brains

I was once in the poverty state, food choices between Manufactured "food" and fresh foods wasn't that much. It is a lifestyle choice. I've seen what poor people eat. And here, in America, you can be poor, and obese, and that is a choice.

Bank accounts might matter if you're buying a lot of meat, but my guess is poor people shop once a month, for the whole month, and thus don't buy non-processed foods. It is a discipline to be able to keep money through the month, so you can buy fresh food. IMHO many (perhaps most) poor people simply don't have self discipline to do so, to their own detriment.

Comment: Re:How is bigotry a good thing? (Score 1) 957

A hate crime is when you hate someone so much that you go and beat the crap out of them or kill them not because of something they did to you but because of things about themselves that they cannot control.

Um, last time I checked, assault and murder are illegal, and have been for centuries. Why exactly do we need new laws against these things? It doesn't matter why you murder someone; they're still dead, and if the law is working correctly, you'll still go to prison for it (with sentencing based on whether it was pre-meditated or not, or an accident or negligence). If you decide you hate black people and want to go kill one, and you do so, that's "murder 1" and the punishment is already rather harsh for that. So why do we need a new law?

Comment: Re:Isaac Asimov: (Score 1) 92

by mi (#49378679) Attached to: Robots4Us: DARPA's Response To Mounting Robophobia

yeah, given that we're not any closer to an AI that would NEED those three laws

The robots Asimov imagined (whatever their brain) did not have to be bound by the three laws. They were deliberately designed that way.

And that's exactly the complain — the brains we currently devise are not being built those hard limits.

they don't make any choices nor do they ponder the choices or have any capability to make a choice.

Yes, the "syntactic" ones do not. But we are on the verge of real ("semantic") AI, and those better have some limits built-in, or some nasty predictions might materialize instead of Asimov's comfortable robot-assisted world.

Comment: Re:Quick, get damage control out here (Score 1) 129

Comparing the US's propaganda to China's is truly absurd. We have free media here (albeit with their own agenda); China's papers are all in the pocket of the CPC.

Find me a national publication in China that is critical of the ruling party. I can find hundreds here in the US that openly criticize Obama, Congress, and SCOTUS.

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