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Submission Porsche chooses Apple over Google because Google wants too much data->

countach44 writes: As reported in number 5 of this list from Motor Trend, Porsche went with Apple over Google for the infotainment system in its new 911. Apparently, Android Auto wants vehicle data (throttle position, speed, coolant temp, etc...) whereas Apple Play only needs to know if the car is in motion. Speculation is around what Google, as a company building its own car, wants that data for.
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Comment Re:this is what the 2nd amendment is for (Score 1) 184

I also prefer a non-violent solution. My fear is that the current 'leaders' will not understand until they are personally in danger. I would like to see a measured violence though. Next demonstration, it would be nice to see when the cops break out the tear gas if they get gassed even harder themselves. Even better if they end up tasered and zip tied to lamp posts.

Submission Humans Are More Toxic to Wildlife than Chernobyl->

derekmead writes: The Chernobyl disaster remains the worst nuclear accident in human history, with a death toll that is difficult to tally even decades later. Given the sobering reach of the resulting radiation contamination, you might expect the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone—the 4,200 square kilometers in the immediate vicinity of the explosion—to have suffered serious long-term ecological damage.

Surprisingly, though, a study published today in Current Biology shows that wildlife in the exclusion zone is actually more abundant than it was before the disaster. According to the authors, led by Portsmouth University professor of environmental science Jim Smith, the recovery is due to the removal of the single biggest pressure on wildlife—humans.

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Comment Re:Socalim is organized psychopathy (Score 1) 392

Any thought of people doing un-needed busywork is your own fantasy since I certainly never proposed it. Personally, I think it would make a lot more sense to reduce the workweek to accommodate full employment. I also never claimed a utopia, just an improvement over the current situation. You *DO* favor improvement, don't you?

Comment Re:Socalim is organized psychopathy (Score 1) 392

The topic is the US, friend. Yes, East Elbonia sucks, but then those jobs are often the best available in-country, so there's no easy answers there.

Yes, it is, such as the U.S. corporation that sells the shoes for $200 a pair and refuses to employ a person from the U.S. to make them because they can chain a woman to a bench somewhere else and get it done for slave wages. So the U.S. worker that should be employed isn't and the lady from wherever gets nothing like the real value of her labor.

You don't deserve a job as a reward for breathing.

You may not mind stepping over the bodies of those who didn't get a job, but I have a problem with that. If you are going to make having a job necessary to live, you damn well better have jobs available that actually pay enough to live. Otherwise, they are well justified in defying any law necessary to make that living. Other than the disabled, everyone is capable of doing something useful, but there simply don't seem to be enough jobs available for them to all have one now. That condition will continue to get worse.

As for training, do you suggest they steal the money they need for tuition? Because that's pretty much their only option right now other than do without. Of course, you assume for some reason there will actually be jobs for all of them once they are better trained, but I see no reason to believe that is true. For those that do get employed that way, they will still be paid less than their productivity would justify, just like nearly everyone that does have a job.

Submission Worst Tech Recruiter 'Pickup Lines'

snydeq writes: We've all received them: Trawling emails from tech recruiters looking to lure us away from our current employer, often with a cringe-worthy line or two that makes it seem as if we are being courted by an unwanted pickup artist. From the article: 'The men and women tasked with recruiting tech talent go to great lengths to attract the attention of their targets — (often unsuspecting) tech pros viewed as valuable "gets." While some recruiters prove to be invaluable in improving your career, finding exactly the right words to pique your interest in a new gig, far more seem to stammer, stumble, and elicit exasperated sighs.' What are the best doozies you've received?

Comment Re:Break The NDA (Score 1) 366

This is about ethics, not law. I was also referring to allegations of Apple's wrongdoing resulting in Apple punishing the accuser (sort of a vigilante version of SLAPP), but you knew that, didn't you?

Of course, corporate charters are conditional on being in the public interest. Free Speech is in the public interest and so restrictions on it imply that the charter should be revoked. Apple doesn't HAVE to support other's speech but ethically it should not impede it either. They could satisfy that by allowing side-loading.

Comment Re:Break The NDA (Score 1) 366

So you want Apple to sue iFixit in order to get them to submit an application back to Apple to have Apple remove the app from Apple's own store. As a response for violating Apple's developer's program, which already includes terms that Apple can pull apps from the store for violating the agreement.

Yes, that is correct, or at least threaten to sue if iFixit doesn't voluntarily remove the app.

The key here is that Apple shouldn't have the power to arbitrarily disappear an app (which may constitute speech) from a significant portion of all phones for any slight real or imagined. They should either surrender that power by allowing side loading or they should run these things past a judge to provide due process.

Consider, next time it may well be a negative review that gets someone's apps yanked. Or an allegation of wrongdoing. Or perhaps someone supports the "wrong" presidential candidate.

Comment Re:Socalim is organized psychopathy (Score 1) 392

If you think labor is getting 90%, you are living in fantasy land. $5 worth of materials + $0.50 paid to labor becomes a $200 pair of shoes. Do you really think the lady chained to her bench in wherethefuckisthatistan got 90% of the value of her labor? In a properly free market, do you really think the most odious jobs would fetch the lowest pay?

Labor will capture it's fair share when unemployment is actually 0%. That is, everyone who needs or wants a job has one and if you want labor, you have to convince people to prefer you over their current employer. Meanwhile, corporate profits are way up even as wages remain flat.

Comment Re:This was not a screw-up (Score 1) 388

Are we obligated to have police officer's lives at risk?

Actually, cops are already not supposed to escalate to lethal force unless/until they or a bystander have been placed under such a threat. If the threat became impossible somehow, then they presumably wouldn't be permitted to carry guns.

As for adults without children, they are still expected to get the vaccines themselves except in the rare cases where the vaccine is significantly more risky to adults.

Comment Re:Break The NDA (Score 1) 366

So you want them to go to court against themselves to get themselves to stop selling something in their own store.

Don't be silly! If Apple really believes they have been materially harmed by the disclosure, they should (and would have) sued iFixit and would have already requested an injunction requiring iFixit to withdraw it's app from Apple and Google. Or at the very least they would have prepared a suit and "suggested" that iFixit voluntarily withdraw the app.

Given Apple's history, that's exactly what I would expect them to do if they thought they had any chance at all in court.

As for "vigilante", Yes! What else would you suggest I call it when one group declares itself to be judge, jury, and executioner (so to speak)?

As for what I want, I want Apple to enable side-loading and in the process, shed the ethical obligation they clearly have no intention of living up to anyway.

Comment Re:What he should have done ... (Score 1) 392

Honestly, you and the U.S. government sound like a cheeky child. No, you may not hit your sister in the house, in the car, at school, in a boat, on a plane, or anywhere else, FULL STOP. You may not hit her with a stick or a sponge or a baseball bat or a pillow, or an old shoe or anything else. Blah blah blah.

The U.S. government is restricted to doing only what is authorized in the Constitution and and may not do the things forbidden to it by the Bill of Rights in the U.S., in Mexico, in Canada, on the ocean, on the moon, on mars, or anywhere else in the universe, FULL STOP. The laws of other nations may add additional restrictions (and do) when in their jurisdiction. Most commonly it amounts to "you are just a tourist here, you have no authority whatsoever".

My comments about a clause in the Constitution are based on the fact that the only way their argument (or yours) could possibly work would be if such a special clause existed. Note that it does not. The 4th Amendment is in full effect upon the U.S. government all throughout time and space.

Any claim to the contrary is just that cheeky (and somewhat petulant) child attempting to declare that yes is no and no is yes.

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