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+ - INTERPOL granted full immunity in the US-> 3

Submitted by ShakaUVM
ShakaUVM (157947) writes "Without any fanfare or notice in the media, President Obama has granted INTERPOL diplomatic immunity while conducting investigations on American soil. While INTERPOL has been allowed to operate in the US in the past, under an executive order by President Reagan, they've had to follow the same rules as the FBI, CIA, etc., while on American soil. This means, among other things, INTERPOL is immune to Freedom of Information Act requests and that INTERPOL agents cannot be punished for most any crimes they may commit. Hopefully the worst we'll see from this is INTERPOL agents ignoring their speeding tickets."
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+ - CCTVs don't work, the UK Finds->

Submitted by
ShakaUVM writes "People who give up a little bit of liberty for a little bit of security deserve neither, the saying goes. But what happens when people give up so much liberty their entire country resembles an Orweillean dystopia — but the pervasive monitoring doesn't help to solve any crimes? That's what is happening in the United Kingdom today, the Guardian is reporting. While the Guardian tries to put a good spin on the entire fiasco, the fact remains that CCTVs only help with 3% of all street robberies, the very crimes they were supposed to be best at protecting. Should England finally move to eliminate its troubling state surveillance program?"
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Emulation (Games)

+ - Blizzard throwing its legal weight around again->

Submitted by
ShakaUVM writes "Blizzard is suing Michael Donnely, author of the WOW Glider program, which automates the repetitive gameplay of World of Warcraft. Blizzard is claiming the tool violates copyright law because "It copies the game into RAM." Regardless of what one thinks of macroing programs, the implications for copyright law if "copying into RAM" becomes a violation is very profound — and Blizzard has the legal funding to push such a warped interpretation of the law through. Hopefully this case will go better than when Blizzard used its well-funded legal team to bully and then crush the UCSD students that developed the BNETD battlenet emulator."
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+ - Global Warming Dissenters Descend on Bali

Submitted by Anonymous Howard
Anonymous Howard (157947) writes "As the Bali climate change conference gets underway, a group of global warming dissenters have descended on Bali, arguing for governments to have the courage to "do nothing" in the face of a non-existent problem. Claiming that they have papers showing that the IPCC has been wrong about nearly everything, their more insightful claim is about how politics can lead to a fracturing of the scientific community, where subscription to a political cause is more important than real scientific debate.

Of course even that needs to be considered in the light that the page was written by Inhofe, the biggest anti-global warming person in congress:

Still — what is more important? Scientists presenting a united front to convince the world that global warming is real? Or allowing vocal dissenters their say?"

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