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Comment Re:Sweet (Score 4, Insightful) 40

You are President Truman. You have lost nearly 300,000 servicemen and women, plus many more civilians. You have just helped to defeat a very nasty Germany. The Japanese have defended the near islands (Saipan, Guam, Iwo Jima) to nearly the last man. Those fights were nasty The home islands have been mobilized down to even school children with pitchforks. An unbeaten Japan means you will have to deal with them for years in the future. The American people are damn tired of war. To invade Japan, your military leaders tell you, will take anywhere from nearly all you have lost so far to upwards of 1 million, they cannot be precise. The Russians are establishing their asses in Eastern Europe, Stalin likes to make trouble. They have kicked Japanese butt in Manchuria but have no fleet to assail the home islands.

You have some nukes which may or may not work, and which may or may not cause Japan to capitulate. And you only have 2 or 3 of them. What do you do Mr. President? You must act one way or another. To leave an unbowed Japan means to declare defeat and tell Americans they've wasted all those lives in the Pacific. And you have to tell them there will be a low grade military conflict for the next 10 years which could lead to another war just as bad as the current one.

The U.S. made the correct decision. Attempting to re-write history with all the accumulated facts it took 50 years to uncover and then accuse the U.S. of being negligent in not knowing all them at the time (and I'd dispute that "current" analysis) is just disingenuous.

The U.S was attacked by Muslim nutjobs who declared war on the U.S. The U.S. tries to minimize civilian casualties. To leave the Muslim nutjobs unfought means to hand them the tools to attack the U.S. mainland, which they have pledged to do time and again. You are President Bush or Obama, you must act or watch Americans die at the hands of Muslim nutjobs claiming it would be wrong to fight back. What do you do Mr. President?

The Muslim nutjobs didn't need any reason, and indeed had none, to attack the U.S. They did it because it is a means to political power in attracting recruits. If the West didn't exist, they would need to invent it. Religion is beside the point for them other than it is a very convenient recruiting tool.

Comment Re:How do we tolerate this? (Score 3, Funny) 256

Easy, no one wants to feed the S. Koreans into a very nasty war which the little sawed off runt of the Norks might just start. S. Korea would eventually win, but before that happens, China will jump in to defend The Runt and any suggestion that China would allow a competent country on their borders making China's toy dictatorship look precarious.

So, in true Western fashion, the can is kicked down the road a bit further in the hopes that the can will spontaneously fail to exist at some point whereupon the problem could be declared solved and Victory with Honor promoted throughout the halls of the U.N.

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