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Comment Re:or -effective- against the infidel imperialists (Score 1) 488

"continued American presence in the Middle East (which has arguably created much of this situation)."

Certainly arguably. The Middle East has been a cesspool of competing murderers for millennia. The current crowd didn't need the U.S. to get all wound up about Allah, Muhammed, women's rights, women's ankles, movies, etc. If the U.S. didn't exist, they'd invent some other dragons to attempt to slay. It is all about the size of their dicks and being able to tell others what to do. In that sense, Islam itself is superfluous for them, they'd use some other inflammatory vehicle or merely invent a new one. They aren't particular, anything for political power will do.

Comment Re:The dark matter between their ears (Score 1) 160

Ah, so your argument is that because he doesn't have an adequate theory to replace yours, your flea bitten theory must prevail.

I don't know what the right theory is either, and neither do you. Attributing the extra gravity phenomenon to dark matter is nothing more than a variation on the G-d-of-the-Gaps. Got a problem with gravity, Dark Matter. You could give the alien guy Georgio with the electric hair a run for his money.

Comment Re:Scrum Was Never Alive (Score 5, Informative) 371

I can see where it might be useful in certain situations. However, when it gets used with other Agile fluff to simply produce a dirty snowball of design layers with no overall architecture produced, then it becomes a headless snake. It also tends to get misused by management who see it as a way to micro-manage developers thereby pissing off the very developers upon whom they are depending.

Comment Re:15M (Score 1) 291

I guess being a world renown logician don't mean you can reason. For how long are the now half idled pinmakers to be kept on the company payroll? Is the total number of pinmakers static over time neglecting that economies shift over time? Suppose a new company is formed to make pins and starts producing pins with half the workforce, so their pins are cheaper and the first company goes out of business.

This reminds me of the philosophers and Deep Thought when Deep Thought tells them they could have the lifestyle of their dreams by becoming more or less sales-droids for Deep Thought during the run up to his solution to the question of life, the universe, and everything. One turns to the other and says, how come we don't reason like that.

Comment Re:You must choose.... (Score 5, Interesting) 345

Roughly 25 years ago, I did work on a system that went to a major drug company. I learned that at that time, it cost roughly $1 billion to get a new drug to market. Of the hundreds of candidates that they would start testing, only 1 or 2 would have the right properties of not killing the patient, not having horrible side effects, etc. And the documentation required by the regulators would fill several semis, because it isn't enough to prove to yourselves that you have a wonder drug, you must prove it to the regulators. This is to prevent Joe's Bait and Pharmacology Shop from putting snake oil on the market. Once on the market, your drug must compete against others. And if those others are in their generic phase, you can express pricing pressure as well.

Then the market for the drug must be assessed. In the case of antibiotics, there are many of them out there, many in generics, so bringing a new one on the market is destined to not sell least as long as too many people aren't dying from super-bugs.

This is a prime area for government research and development. The conservatives and libertarians will whine about the fed. gov. getting into the drug business. However, this is what we expect our government to do, i.e., make up for the shortfalls of private industry. The way I look at it, private industry has a big tote board. When frequency of deaths due to super-bugs rise above a certain level, they'll move. Until then, the conservatives and libertarians will gladly attend your funeral...just kidding, they don't give a flying rat's ass about you.

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