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Comment: Re:and here we have the real reason (Score 2) 1159 1159 mean life isn't fair? Have you told anyone else about this?

A country is a big insurance policy...when it operates within its means. When it doesn't, then it is a large unhappy family because SOME family members were thinking only of themselves and not the rest.

Morals, or more accurately, ethics, are inescapably tied to economics. One has to accommodate and pay restitution for sins of the past. The sins of the future must be prevented by ethically thinking ahead for the future of the country. Greece wants to ignore the sins of the past and ask forgiveness without taking responsibility. They also want to sow the sins of the future by claiming the ethics necessary to avoid them are beyond anything they can do.

That said, the Euro politicians aided and abetted the behavior of Greece. And for that, the rest of Europe will pay one way or another. It matters who you elect to office. The U.S. has similar problems with politicians who refuse to pay for the past deficits in spending and won't acknowledge future debts, all on some misguided belief that that OTHER party is mainly at fault.

Comment: Re:Fake signs (Score 5, Interesting) 198 198

It worked for Kansas, the band. As related by the band, when they were starting out they were to open for Aerosmith once. Steven Tyler had gotten a reputation for pulling the power cables to the amps if the opening band was doing too well, it might make Aerosmith look bad when they came on afterward. Kansas' stage manager had been informed of Tyler's antics, so he rigged up the amps to take power from the other side of the stage using hidden cables and put in fake cables to where all could see.

So Kansas goes on and kills, Kansas was very hot, tight band. During the set, Tyler is pacing the sideline backstage getting more and more incensed. Kansas does one encore, Tyler is livid. They do a second encore and Tyler loses his brain cell and rips out the fake cables, which only pissed him off more since that didn't stop Kansas. After that song, Dave Hope, Kansas' bass player, threw down his bass and went to over to explain to Tyler using very colorful language what he was doing wrong. Dave Hope was a big guy back then so it was very impressive. Afterwards, other members of Aerosmith apologized to Kansas for Tyler's behavior.

Comment: Re:Very Disturbing Trend (Score 2) 1083 1083

The government got into the act when they defined laws that treat married people differently. I don't recall those laws being in the constitution but there they are. As long as there are civil constructs like that defined by Congress, then the government is into the act with both feet.

Comment: Re:Welcome! (Score 3, Interesting) 1083 1083

I don't think it is the previous colonial powers if by that you mean Turkey. I think it is more the little jerks calling themselves mullahs and imams that are fearful that the West will finally triumph over Islam via the intertubes which brings in all sorts of radical ideas they cannot stomach.

The interpipes reduce friction. It used to be the mullahs and imams could hide behind Islam and control their societies. Now they can no longer do that and they have unleashed the worst of their kind in Daesh. Daesh has been able to combine Islamic hate for everything not Islamic and Sunni with tribal insecurities of losing the tribes' control of their people.

The muscle behind Daesh is the old Saddam Hussein hacks, at least the Daesh fighters who have run away report this. They run the security apparatus behind Daesh. One doesn't just join Daesh, you have to be vetted by these clowns first.

I don't think Daesh's run is going to be that long. They have the ancient idea that if they scare enough people, they'll be able to impose their will. But with the internet, it is too easy for those who have lost a brother, father, etc. to Daesh to communicate and plot revenge. The same tribal sensitivities they think they are taking advantage of will come back to stab them in the back when they least expect it. If it is one thing the fellows in the mid-east know how to do, it is to carry a grudge for a long, long time.

Comment: Re:Welcome! (Score 2) 1083 1083

The Republicans will put it back on the table because they believe their echo-chamber IS the American people. It will take a rout to disabuse them of that notion, and still the Conservative wing will claim they haven't had a fair hearing due to the liberal news media, illegal aliens, etc., any excuse will do so they don't have to rethink their views.

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