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Comment Re:Real bad news (Score 1) 368

Nope, built in volume (100K/yr) in a factory in Zhuhai. Using a TI amplifier ($1.20/100K pieces), AKM DAC ($1.00 for a good quality unit, 100K pricing). Regulators ($0.70 - need 3.3V and 1.8V, LDOs are cheap but not that cheap), passives (another $0.40, driven mainly by caps), connectors, mechanicals (squirt a part, shoot a little paint, you're at $0.50 in 250K pricing). It's not cheap - which is why there is a STRONG market for counterfeit IAP2 chips, and many who don't pay the appropriate licensing fees, and many who use raw plastic finish (screw flow and knit lines), improper connectors (fake Lightning connectors with questionable tolerancing), etc.

This isn't just "an adapter" - it also would need to have a full DAC and amplifier inside, as well as a power supply. So it's more than the simple connector/wiring adapters you're thinking of.

Comment Re:Why emojis/emoticons are in Unicode? (Score 1) 207

Can you realize how bad will if we got the 90's emoticons on it, then after they got no more used, inflate Unicode with all the internet 2000's expressions too, and then very new decade, the new trend inflating Unicode after the old one got no more used?

So we have like ~120000 characters defined with about a million to spare in UTF-8 and we could increase that to a billion by going back to the original specification. We could give every CJK glyph and every word in the oxford dictionary an emoji with plenty room to spare. What exactly would be "so bad"?

Comment Re:I'm not surprised (Score 1) 76

90% of all ADT alarms installed use the zipcode as the installer/backdoor access code.
95% of all alarms installed by companies use the house address as the default code for the customer at install time and NEVER have the code changed.

Alarm systems typically are only used for notification to the homeowner that they need to call the insurance company for a claim.

Comment Re: The treaty says no such thing. (Score 1) 203

So you'd have to find objects that provide: oil/kerosene (a fuel), liquid oxygen and/or hydrogen (a catalyst) and your precious metal all in close proximity near earth, find multi-billion dollar investors to mine stuff we can easily find on earth.

You can find metal oxides anywhere. With some energy, that becomes LOX and a reactive metal which you can use in either a pressured gas engine or a hybrid (LOX/metal) motor. You wouldn't want to fire it in Earth orbit due to the spew of solids in the propellant exhaust.

Comment Re: At what point do we reevaluate the position (Score 1) 199

Which land is it that's completely inhabited by whites only? It's not the one that Stockholm's in. Fun facts about Sweden: Nationally, about 10% of the population are immigrants or at least one of their parents was. In the greater Stockholm metro, it's more like 25%. Here in my suburb, it's about 60%. And to the best of my knowledge, Sweden's never had anything like the White Australia programme.

Yes, but the "old" kind of immigration was mostly people crossing the border, I'm from Norway and I got relatives that both have lived and do live in Sweden. In US terms it's pretty much like moving from one state to the other. The EU gave us "exotic" immigration from Poland, the Baltics, the Balkans and a few more from Western Europe, but globe-spanning immigration with a radically different culture in any significant numbers is really just the last decade or so. Sweden is going to change a lot over the next years, far more than the numbers might suggest.

Comment Re: But (Score 1) 133

Science works by peer-review. There's ample peer-review on the topic. If the word "nutter" has any meaning, it's "people who refuse to accept peer-reviewed science."

And obsessing over past interactions with people and following them around (including mentioning them in places where they're not even involved in the conversation) is otherwise known as cyberstalking


IoT Home Alarm System Can Be Easily Hacked and Spoofed ( 76

An anonymous reader writes: In the never-ending series of hackable, improperly protected IoT devices, today we hear about an IoT smart home alarm system that works over IP. Made by RSI Videofied, the W Panel features no encryption, no integrity protection, no sequence numbers for packets, and a predictable authentication system. Security researchers who investigated the devices say, "The RSI Videofied system has a level of security that is worthless. It looks like they tried something and used a common algorithm – AES – but messed it up so badly that they may as well have stuck with plaintext."

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 0) 140

I was learning from a book. It's an item made of paper, it is of a rectangular shape with multiple pieces of paper of the same shape connected together in such a manner, that one can flip any piece of paper to look at either side of it and to move on to another piece of paper. On this paper there were various letters (similar to letters you would find in any online ad today) and also drawings. These letters and drawings were arranged in such a manner as to allow a person looking at them to sequentially retrieve pieces of information. The information retrieved from such a contraption was in a number of ways similar to what one can retrieve today by loading a page from any Wordpress site (or possibly even a Wiki site). Of-course on paper the hyperlinking could not be implemented in a feasible manner, so instead of clickable links there were textual references to other sources and that was definitely a shortcoming. On the other hand ad banners and kitty porn wasn't sprinkled throughout the pieces of paper (pages) and so it was easier to concentrate on the task of information retrieval.

Comment Re:How does space elevator save energy? (Score 1) 133

Talking about "energy costs" shows rank amateurism when talking about space flight. Virtually the entire cost is the flight hardware and ground support infrastructure. Energy costs aren't even rounding error on those.

Wow, it's almost as if my original post didn't read:

. So you can see that the fuel costs are just the tiniest fraction, and that it's the engineering challenges of cost-effective production and reuse that are the issue.

The "rank amateurism" here is in your reading comprehension.

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