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Comment: Re:Inverse Wi-fi law (Score 1) 278

by MickyTheIdiot (#48057635) Attached to: Marriott Fined $600,000 For Jamming Guest Hotspots

I read an article on this some time back and I unfortunately can't cite where. It stated that the more expensive hotels actually have lower margins of profit than the cheaper hotels and they can't afford to make those amenities for free. Everything is more expensive for them and the profit is lower, so they tend to nickle-and-dime the fees quite a bit more.

Comment: Re:who is doing the spying? (Score 4, Insightful) 72

by MickyTheIdiot (#48038487) Attached to: Hundreds of Police Agencies Distributing Spyware and Keylogger

I did not RTFA of course, but another possibility is to give the ability to dump kiddie porn on a target's computer to create more suspicion and give them leverage and a PR boost. I used to think the Police were above such things and that the "plant a gun" meme was rare, but as we have seen in St. Louis and making public records available that show the victim might not be a great guy... maybe this happens more than we think.

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by MickyTheIdiot (#48038437) Attached to: Hundreds of Police Agencies Distributing Spyware and Keylogger

Yeah, replying to a troll isn't good, but in a time when most sane people that the power of the police, the SOPs of the police, and the hiring practices of the police need a makeover it is yet another black eye. I support GOOD police officers, but it appears that the bad has penetrated every level of police procedure.

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by MickyTheIdiot (#47747581) Attached to: Munich Council Say Talk of LiMux Demise Is Greatly Exaggerated

I was too busy to make comments when this story came up, but I've worked providing IT for offices for a good part of my life. You can get secretaries to bitch about anything. Moving to Windows so they can use the corporate-blessed Microsoft Office doesn't help that. You will still get bitching and moaning.

You are always going to have problems with any type of "office" app because of the people using it.

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by MickyTheIdiot (#47647341) Attached to: Hackers Demand Automakers Get Serious About Security

It's a decent point, but you didn't follow through. The whole point is that cars depend on computers MORE than having a computerized dashboard. What you are mentioning in your second paragraph is quite trivial.

Computers are used to regulate just about every system in your car. If a "hacker" gets into your car and shuts down the brake system then it's a whole lot worse than if he's just putting a picture of on the dashboard.

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Soooo... by the end of next decade they are building a Linux distro.

The trick is that it will only run a version of Microsoft Office and almost nothing else. it will have a packing system that reboots the machine every 15 minutes, and have it's very own version of gcc that has tons of undocumented function calls.

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