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Comment Re:Lacking IQ (Score 1) 277

A certain psychological profile are drawn to law enforcement. I don't think that needs to be enumerated as its common sense. Unfortunately this is the exact group that should be weeded out during the hiring process.

Of course in the US we're seeing that the person that should have been weeded out are making it up to the top of departments, and are managing to bring in a lot of people just like them. Digital cameras aren't showing a rise in police brutality, they are simply making it clear what has been there for years and years.

Comment Re:A conservative bias perpetuating dysfunction (Score 1) 277

Cops aren't going to be psychic, obviously, but what we see in the U.S. right now goes beyond basic mistakes into the areas of arrogance and bad training.

Take the case of Eric Garner. I am still confused how anyone could take his actions as "resisting arrest" enough to warrant any type of force, let alone potentially deadly force. The talking heads on TV saw that as "resisting" when I, a reasonable person (I think), saw it as totally unjustified. That seems to be a training deficiency.

What about the recent death of teenager where witnesses saw the cops "high fiveing" the corpse? That's arrogance or worse.

I think it takes getting rid of the bad seeds that flock the law enforcement who want to be Eric Cartman and finding the right psychological profiles that fit the job. However its reactionaries that get drawn into law enforcement. The people that really want to help end up being social workers or the like.

Comment Re:Miserable? (Score 1) 215

This is possibly the stupidest post I have ever seen on slashdot, including all the ancient trolls.

Execs take "responsibility" when things go right and pass the buck when things go wrong, then they fail upwards when things REALLY go wrong. It's a new form of aristocracy. If you don't realize that then you're just one of the idiotic drones accepting today's idiotic corporate culture.

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