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Comment Re:Catholicism + Climate Change = Totally Appropri (Score 2) 703

All other plausible non-anthropogenic mechanisms have been investigated and do not explain the observed data. Every aspect has been investigated every which way for decades.

Claiming data and mechanisms are not the same as providing data and mechanism.
You have just claimed, not provided, thus hinting that you are wrong.

Comment Re:Hostile environments (Score 1) 634

Anyway, Slashdot is a perfect example of said hostile environment, from the subtle ("You're joking, there aren't any women on the internet!") to the cesspit that the discussion turns into whenever the topic comes up. I'm sick of it, frankly, and I really should just stop bothering to read the comments on most stories, causing me to lose out on the occasional insightful nugget, but helping my blood pressure. Someday, it might even be bad enough to drive me away.

Which was my point. Telling someone that they are imagining there is a problem is highly offensive, really, and tends to make people not want to be around you.

Your comment is one of the more hostile ones I have seen here.

Comment Stupid corrupt commenters (Score 1) 191

Assange discovers corruption in politics, police, and judiciary, etc.
He then makes some evidence of this public.
Then they attack him, in corrupt ways.
And then he flees into an embassy.

And top commenters here argue he should just bow to corrupt systems,
follow some "laws", as if they were not corrupt.

These commenters are stupid or corrupt, obviously.

Comment Wrong (Score 1) 181

I have designs for general and efficient processors, or rather computing structures, and it is provable they are both efficient and general.

The generality of computing has been known for a long time, through emulation of Turing machines, but this has not been efficient.

Comment Means falling warmth (Score 1) 423

If the heat sink really is bigger than they thought, then Global Warming must have decreased more,
because of remaining heat from the sink.

The global temperature stopped increasing over 18 years ago. A big heatsink will dampen the temperature changes slowly. So an even global temperature which is being warmed by the heat sink, means that the warming has to have decreased.

In other words: A big heat sink is a sign of global cooling, not warming. And the lack of people pointing out this rather obvious physical connection, is a sign that they are charlatans, or quite stupid. And yes, I am a real physicist, not a political appointee pretending to be one.

Comment Impossible physics (Score 1) 201

The lens is just too small for 4K. It is impossible for that many different photons to pass through it at the same time. Photons are in practice about one millionth of a meter big, so about 1000 could fit beside each other passing through a 1 mm lens. But this is only valid for wide angle pictures, fish eye optics. Real phone cameras use just a limited angle, a limited view of this, removing even more photons. Even 1080p is often more than the cameras can really do.

IAARP, I Am A Real Physicst

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