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Comment Re:Advertisers, worry about security? Get real (Score 3, Insightful) 242

The goal of most advertising companies appears to be to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Indeed, the entire industry appears totally committed to this goal.

The problem started with allowing sites to serve executable code. it seems it will end with users having to block all executable code - short of nuking from high orbit, it is the only way to be safe.

In the case of Flash, nuking from high orbit is probably essential.

Disclaimer: My Government sells nukes.

Comment Re: The Homer! (FP?) (Score 1) 413

Quite a lot of Africa has very good public transport if what you want is to be able to get somewhere at any time of day or night quickly and cheaply. However, it is public in the sense of Uber, not in the sense of socialist.

I accept that the vehicles are of the same standard as all the others in the area. Obviously, so does everyone else.

Comment Re:Star Trek computer (Score 1) 99

I would say it is about 95%ish accurate in decoding what I say.

I speak very standard English - sound like Prince Charles - and I would say it is close to 0% accurate.

As to why it needs a DSP to process speech - bit rate typically under 10khz - that is an even greater mystery. I think you will find that the processor in your typically MP3 player (probably a very sad 8051 clone) has way more than enough power to do analogue to digital. Unfortunately, even large mainframes with massive amounts of disk storage cannot actually recognise speech. This processor must not just be "always on" but always connected to mothership! What about those of us who have piss-poor ISPs!

Where can I down load an open source tin-foil hat upgrade?

Comment Re:Probably 15.0 kW, not 150 (Score 1) 106

15kW per house? This is Africa, not America - typical usage in Europe is 4kW per house. It is probably 40W per house in Africa. Only 0.001% of houses have A/C.

And, as pointed out elsewhere, most electricity comes from Diesel in Africa (The rest mostly from Hydroelectric).

Comment Re:Ummm... (Score 1) 42

In the African continent, people have different tastes in music, and probably don't want a pile of steaming hot American crap.

The above services probably have little or no modern African content, and lack the skill to acquire it.

However, given that Africans are accustomed to the very lowest quality of pirate CDs, it will be interesting to see if they will pay for services offering music they want at a marginally better quality (assuming network coverage permits). The problem is not going to be lack of smart phones, but the fact that data is so expensive in Africa, probably because the networks want to make sure that VoIP costs more than a normal phone call.

In summary: Spotify won't work because they have the wrong catalogue. Bazza won't work because you can probably buy three copies of the music on CD for the cost of the data to stream it once, and the connection will keep dropping.

Comment Never mind the gaming (Score 1) 100

Their drivers are shockingly bad at the Gnome standard environment. (OK, I am using an old graphics card, but I dont expect the Open Source driver to work and the proprietry one not (as I also own an Nvidia system, and the Nouveau driver is strait from hell.

If Microsoft are not bribing people to put out this crap, it is even more shocking than if they are!

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