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Comment Re: Imbicycles (Score 3, Interesting) 183

In London, bicycles effectively use about 2MPG of diesel by slowing large numbers of buses and trucks to the position where they are unable to get out of low gear. They are one of the biggest causes of pollution from diesel.

If you got the damn bikes of the road, the diesel vehicles would pollute far less.

And, as for public transport - sure, take your desktop computer, server or laser printer (or even your weekly supermarket shopping) under your arm on London transport in the rush hour. You can post the video on Youtube afterwards.

Comment Tidal (Score 1) 183

Tidal power is the way to go - I presume most people would not include it in hydro - because hydro generally involves piling a lot of water on land where it floods out peasants and causes earthquakes, whereas putting a nodding duck off the west coast of Scotland would have little impact on the environment, a propeller in the current off the south coast of Trinidad would have little impact on fish.

And the sea is a convenient place to dump the waste heat too.

Disclaimer: my data centre only needs a couple of kw,

Comment Re:Because it already is (Score 4, Insightful) 274

To be fair, they have attempted to pretend they thwarted other attacks.

They also claim the data is used to attack organised clime. There is no evidence of success there either.

In fact, there is considerable evidence that they have no idea how to use the data in any meaningful way. Perhaps they should hire the people targetting online adverts to manage the data. Oh, wait ...

Comment Re:Environmentalism has to happen naturally! (Score 1) 208

. I know people think Capitalism is some natural law,

Not sure what you think capitalism actually is, but I would bet a lot of anything that if I spent a few hours making a shovel, I could shovel a heap more shite in the next week than you could with your bare hands.

You might find it worth paying me to shovel your shite, or buy a shovel from me.

You and your mates might, over a period of years, be happy to support me while a build a power shovel, and shovel a load of other stuff too - maybe dig a ditch or two to save the village from flooding when it rains?

Perhaps you are a capitalist after all?

Or do you have another definition of capitalism in mind? - like it is when anyone can buy anything if they can pay for it, regardless of race, sex, or criminal record? Yep, Apartheid and Naziism are not capitalism.

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