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Comment Re: Screws with users (Score 1) 318 318

The OP was exactly right: It is more important that the UI doesnt change than that it is good. That is why you have a qwerty keyboard - so its the same as all the other damn keyboards!

Even if a UI isnt very good, a COMPULSORY change always. If the UI stinks to hell, but it works, it is ALWAYS better to keep it. No one is against optional changes. No people can buy other wierd (Dvorak) keyboards if theyw ant. But they are not the answer to most people's requirements.

Most USERS are strongly opposed to having raw fish rammed down their throat against their will. Most "new improved" UI's appear to lack support for important use cases the inventors had not realised existed (or were opposed to on religious grounds).

As for the mad fucks that keep inventing new icons. I wish horrible things happen to them. Its bad enough having to learn about Icons when I learned to read perfectly well over 60 years ago. Why do they not keep the ones they have invented? Are they smoking something I should know about?

Comment Re:MUMPS, ancient and rarely used (Score 1) 166 166

It's kind of like the worst parts of COBOL, Javascript and PHP were all mixed together and then baked at 400* until charred and smoking.

Absolutely the best description of the most dreaded PDP/11 infection ever., but I think there was some evil Perl miasma there too - hence the Zombie like undeadness.

Comment Re:Why do I get the funny feeling that (Score 0) 265 265

Indeed so, my good friend: this is the hard evidence that, when quality matters, an Open Source (BSD) version is infinitely preferable to a closed source version - even to Microsoft.

Yes sirree! The real message here is MS know damn well they cant deliver code of the same quality as BSD code.

Comment Re: Why do I get the funny feeling that (Score 2) 265 265

You have omitted to mention that pretty much all software was open source till Gates came along: When you got an OS (or compiler), you got the source code - and had to patch it, possibly daily. If you invented the patches yourself, you normally shared them via the user group.

It was not (necessarily) "Free as in Beer" - you might pay very big bucks for the OS, but the code was open. (EG RSX11, BSD, Ultrix, George 2, 3, 4, OS9).

Comment Re:cable modem (Score 1) 133 133

Well given that most of us end up with the cable modem next to the TV,


In many countries, there is no such thing as cable. In others cable is limited to a few blocks of a few cities. America is not the whole world.

Meanwhile, my Chromecast has become useless. Not sure whether it is sabotage by Samsung or blunders by Google, or maybe ineptly implemented copyright protection: I can use the (Samsung) phone to point the Chromecast at Youtube, but as soon as I actually try to watch a video, connection is lost!

It was not like that a few months ago (we loaned the Chromecas to a neighbour for a few months).

I dont watch much on TV, cos it is much easier to use a desktop computer anyway, and I never watch American films, but occasionally it is a family activity. These days far less frequently as the providers seem not to understand that viewers get bored of strugging to view crap.

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