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by Anne Thwacks (#47898925) Attached to: US Scientists Predict Long Battle Against Ebola
You have obviously never been to west africa. People there can and do ignore the governments, which are mostly irrelevant to every day life on a scale American libertines and European anarchists cannot imagine. The whole concept of "they should do X" is laughable. There is no one who can or will do "X". Life is not like that.

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at least in the UK. Mistakes made before the age of 27

Maybe, but crimes committed under the age of 21 are dragged up in the Criminal Records Check even when you are in your 60's and have to be explained away on a regular basis if you want your job even with no military connection.

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such as most banking transactions.

Which part of your banking data do you not want to be consistent?

Which transations do you not want atomic?

Personally, I like the idea of my banking data being durable, and I sure dont wat to bank with anyone who sees it otherwise (might feel different if the buggers would give me an overdraft, but I cant see the shareholders or tax man agreeing to it).

and not isolating the transactions? How will that not end in tears

I can understand that maybe you had too much LSD, but we stopped using pounds, shillings and pence years ago, and the other kind messes with your brain...P. oh, wait ...

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by Anne Thwacks (#47840609) Attached to: Obama Administration Seeks $58M To Put (Partly) Toward Fighting Ebola
You are highly optiimistic. There is a fair chance the 40% that survive in West Africa have had a lifetime of low level exposure to similar things. That is not probable in America (or Europe).

Even while the top five hospitals in the country each have a single case to deal with, the survival rate may be good - it wont be the situation when there are more cases than hospitals.

Either a heap of people follow Obama's lead or "we gonna be toast!"

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