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Comment: Re:Uh, Why... (Score 1) 157

Perhaps you or someone upstream is using some sort of NAT.

You mean everyone else in the same Security Guard training school? Surely there is a good chance of that being the case!

why do they care what browser you're using simply to logon?

If they actually cared there probably would not actually be a problem.

+ - Internet Explorer website wont work with Windows-> 3

Submitted by Anne Thwacks
Anne Thwacks (531696) writes "The British Government web site for applying for for a licence to be a security guard requires a plugin providing Internet Explorer emulation on Firefox to login and apply for a licence. It wont work with Firefox without the add-on, but it also wont work with Internet Explorer! (I tried Win XP and Win7 Professional). The error message says "you have more than one browser window open on the same internet connection". I didn't. and "to avoid this problem, close your browser and reopen it". I did. No change. I tried three different computers, with three different OSes.
Still no change.
I contacted their tech support and they said "Yes ... a lot of users complain about this. We have known about it since September, and are working on a fix! Meanwhile, we have instructions on how to use the "Fire IE" plugin to get round the problem". Eventually, I got this to work on Win7pro. (The plugin will not work on Linux). The instructions require a very old version of the plugin, and a bit of trial and error is needed to get it to work with the current one.

How can a government department concerned with security not get this sort of thing right?

Besides a massive amount of bribery and corruption, what could explain how the designers of the web site can't fix a chronic useability problem after 6 months?"

Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:servers run on battery? (Score 1) 49

am I missing something?

Yes. This is in Africa. Any AC supply they do have will be 240V.

And will probably only work for 3 hours a day - most likely the 3 hours you least need it, and quite definitely the 3 hours you least expect it. However, you still have to pay for it for the other 21 hours you did not get it.

This is a combined effect of the afterglow of the colonial era when all forms of organisation were the work of the occupying enemy, and to be resisted at all costs, and modern Islamic teaching that education is a Satanic American plot.

Comment: Re:Why not a Mac? (Score 1) 385

by Anne Thwacks (#49287333) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Choosing a Laptop To Support Physics Research?
What other laptop could possibly do all that!?

A Thinkpad T21 from 2002?

Eclipse on a Pentium 3 with only 1GB of memory may be slow, but you can spend the extra time racing tortoises, or doing the things students normally do.

Use a Cray for the serious lifting. Use the laptop as a dumb terminal.

Or get an iWatch, and be the dumb terminal yourself.

Comment: Re:One question: (Score 3, Informative) 47

The real question is "Is using different frequencies for forward and reverse path such a problem?" to which the answer is, "No. In many ways it is an advantage".

This may be a solution, but it is not clear there is actually a problem it solves.

Does this enable more total data to be transmitted where there are multiple users in a band? When they are using spread spectrum and reception conditions are poor, and one or both ends are moving through buildings or spaces occupied by reflective surfaces?

I am sure someone will buy the patent, but much less sure it will turn out to be value for money.

"Pull the trigger and you're garbage." -- Lady Blue