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Comment: Re:Low end can become high end (Score 1) 87

by Anne Thwacks (#46808503) Attached to: AMD Not Trying To Get Its Chips Into Low-Cost Tablets
PCs and mini-computers were fundementally different,

Unix users seem to disagree. Leaving aside that we spell it "fundamentally", I seem to be able to run the same software on my PC with *BSD, that I ran on my PDP11 with BSD with no significant problems. Hell, I can even read the same tapes written with tar. (I admit I have no drivers for DECtape on my PC, and my LA36 died some years ago but I am truely greatful for both "problems".)

Comment: Re:Nothing to do with hole size (Score 1) 393

by Anne Thwacks (#46804937) Attached to: In a Hole, Golf Courses Experiment With 15-inch Holes
Try Tiger Woods Golf on your Wii - a round will take 30 mins to an hour, and the avatar screen participants are less obnoxious than on your average golf course.

If you want to network, there are probably networking events in your local library - or you could talk to people in the car-wash queue.

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by Anne Thwacks (#46793715) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?
I have a T23 that I use when travelling - but it has an SSD in it now. Its great because the HD is easily accessible to I can switch between Win7, WinXP (for my embroidery machine) and Ubuntu (for getting work done).

I also have a T21 which I use as a dumb terminal for configuring servers - cos it has an RS232 port. Currently runing Xubuntu, but was running FreeBSD till I decided I wanted to try Xubuntu on something.

I also have a T61 (Also Xubuntu) which is used by visitors of all ages. None has needed any significant traiining AFAICR.

Oldest of all is a 760E - it still works, but lacks USB or any kind of networking, and a new OS means loads of floppies - so it may work, but it is not much actual use. One day I will put the HD in something else to install NetBSD, and then I could use PCMCIA network and USB cards.

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Unfortunately, IFAICR, the updates did not appear to add features or remove bugs - they visibly added more and more DRM. Signed by Synmbian made it was insanely difficult to get apps installed from the start.

I still have, and use, Symbian 60 phones - the upgrade process means that I cannot actually move to a newer version. There have been no updates for years - and unfortunately - I cannot install any apps (or even re-install the old ones) because the signatures have expired and no one maintains them.

Disclaimer: I am a happy Cyanogenmod user.

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by Anne Thwacks (#46746091) Attached to: First Glow-In-the-Dark Road Debuts In Netherlands
In the UK, we have had "cats-eyes" since at least WW2. These are rubber blobs embedded in the road holding two glass beads that reflect your headlights back, showing the line down the centre of the road. On bigger roads, they are also used to mark the edge of the road, and on motorways, there are coloured ones (red/greeen) to show whether or not it is sensible to cross the line.

They seem to last about 20 years, and do the job brilliantly.

I have also seen "glow in the dark paint" before, but can't remember where (as in: which country), I think it was abandonned because it was not very good.

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There are all kinds of casual interactions that one can imagine where one will just use the screen entirely and not bother to use the keyboard and mouse...

And for that, the ideal solution is to use your tablet as the interface and Allcast to project it onto the TV (You do use Samsung products, don't you? - if not, there's always the Chromecast.) However, command line on a touch screen? No good. Most families are not like mine with four generations of Unix users.

Comment: Re:The new start screen is great (Score 1) 294

You and your kids probably have not been using your computer for over 10 years, and therefore do not need to access a large number of programs they use perhaps once in a year, prehaps not remembering the exact spelling of the absurd name the proggie has. Hierarchical menus allow you to look in a specific category, and have mouseover guidance. Metro/Unity gives you a load of coloured blobs with no clear idea of what they are for.

As someone who often uses a program I have not used for over a year, with over 50 useful programs on my hierarchical menu, I prefer xfce. I know barely literate people who also prefer xfce to any version of Windows. I have only seen Win8 once, and was unable to help the owner of the laptop it was on in do anything at all.

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You are obviously too young to understand that some people use computers to perform useful tasks like searching for porn. Learning a whole new way of doing things that is considerably worse than the old way, is badly designed, looks ugly, lacks essential features, and infested with bugs, is not condusive to productivity, and does not amuse me, although it may be an interesting diversion for some.

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