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Comment: Re:Does it have Cold resistance level 2 (Score 0) 168

by Anne Thwacks (#47521649) Attached to: Ebola Outbreak Continues To Expand
Unfortunately the schools ahd hospitals were destroyed by the rebels in the recent civil way. The rebels were a bunch of drug-crazed gangsters using child soldiers to.steal the gold and diamond mines.(The entire mines, not just the produce).

It was American money that funded the rebels, and the Europeans that insisted the government "negotiate" with the rebels as if they were a legitimate democratic opposition. This is the equivalent of asking the Italian government to negotiate with the Mafia. Only worse: The rebels knew they would go to hell for crimes against humanity if caught, so they were prepared to go to any extreme to avoid being caught - chopping random limbs off men women and children without mercy in drug-fueled rampages was only a part of it.

Yes its a f*ckup - but they were forced into this mess by outsiders. It take a lot to recover from that.

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by Anne Thwacks (#47513639) Attached to: Buying New Commercial IT Hardware Isn't Always Worthwhile (Video)
We have to keep that old 1983 PDP-11 going.

Ebay the PDP11 and buy a dozen Pentium4s with the money.Assuming your PDP11 services 12 users, the performance will be similar, and the electric bill less than half. You may need an extra P4 to act as a tape server, a couple more to act as disk servers, and some others as terminal servers..

OK, maybe the PDP11 IS more power efficient!

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You missed one of the two that we spotted when I was at college in the 1960's: Plumbers and prositutes. Hairdressers and cooks were added later.

We thought computers would replace accountants, even in 1967. Shakespeare had alerady recommended killing all the lawyers hundreds of years earlier, and who could argue with the bard?

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