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Comment: A superior simpler hypothesis of why this happens (Score 1) 113

by goombah99 (#48581335) Attached to: Study Explains Why Women Miscarry More Males During Tough Times

your post and all the other posts here assume that there is some means for the mother deer to tell if she has a weakling in the oven or not, and then also has means to choose to miscarry weaklings.

Here's a less complicated hypothesis that has the same effect: Human's and chimps share >99% of their DNA. But an X and a Y chromosome are largely different. A human male baby is more similar to a male chimp than to his own mother. Whereas a human female baby is more simillar to her mother than a female chimp.

there is thus a much stronger possibility of a male fetus having a negative immune reaction to antigens from the mother. Normally a healthy mother and a healthy fetus can tolerate some mismatch. If the male is more robust or perhaps simply more developed early in the development process then the probability of tolerating the mismatch is higher than for a less developed/less robust fetus.

This is a simpler and more intrnsic mechanism that should be common across mammals.

Comment: should be banned or regulated (Score 4, Interesting) 237

by goombah99 (#48383119) Attached to: Will Lyft and Uber's Shared-Ride Service Hurt Public Transit?

Lyft and Uber drivers should have to follow the same not-free regs as taxi drivers. things like displaying a hack lic, certification of insurance or bonding, and penalties for systematic race discrimination are things that taxi drivers and their companies are required to follow. Undercutting these is not a good idea.

Comment: Man in the middle versus E2E (Score 2) 148

by goombah99 (#48381563) Attached to: Internet Voting Hack Alters PDF Ballots In Transmission

E2E encryption likely won't work. The router would set it self up as a proxy to allow a man in the middle attack. But you might be able to use encryption of the ballot itself, not it's transmission layer to avoid a problem. However this would be a pain in the ass since now the user has to somehow assign passwords and stuff.

Comment: Senator James Inhofe (Score 5, Informative) 282

by goombah99 (#48340459) Attached to: When We Don't Like the Solution, We Deny the Problem

Inhofe is now the head of the senate environmental commitee that oversee 100% of all climate change legislation and policies in the US.

He wrote a book 305 page book entirely on the subject of global warming. The name of this book is "the greatest Hoax".

Comment: cell phones and notepads (Score 4, Interesting) 415

by goombah99 (#48272435) Attached to: How Apple Watch Is Really a Regression In Watchmaking

Analogously, cell phones are a throwback to old crank phones because you have to charge them before you use them. We used to have perfectly good powered land lines. Cell phones with their short battery lives and constant attention are for eclectic hobbyists I'm sure.

And don't get me started about notepads when a paper and pencil pad can store your information for a century or more with no format changes impairing data retreival. current ipads are the equivalent of undecipherable babelonian cuniform clay tablets. Ludicrous anyone would want to go back to such fragile formats for information storage

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