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Comment Why they have to delay the announcement till Thurs (Score 1) 91

The real announcement is that they studying gravity waves using a device intended to electromagnetically reduce the weight of a suspended object. IN the process they discovered a strange mold that normally takes 1 year to grow a layer had completely covered their apparatus overnight. They built a larger machine and crawled inside of it with a tank of oxygen and found themselves at next thursday. Thus they can't actually make the announcement until time catches up with them. They could go back in time to announce it now but then their current selves might got to the same meeting and this might change the time line destroying the future Thursday. So they have to wait till time catches up to them. Fortunately Aaron started a failsafe before he left so no worries.

1. gravity waves
2. time travel
3. ?????
4. Primer

Comment Caching (Score 1) 549

You don't seem to understand the process. An ad aggregator can deal with the Cokes. They would just be paying Wired to cache their ads for them, serving them off Wired's IP address. Wired can just provide them an API to upload and manage the content. The caching can be near real time so it's almost a pass thru.

Comment What!!!? (Score 1) 549

Have you never looked at a newspaper from the 19th century. Full of ads. And even the greeks inserted paeans and hagiographies into their writings as advertisements for their sponsors. Advertising is how writing is often supported. As long as it's reasonable I'm fine with it.

I don't get where you think this is abuse or that it's something new in the last 20 years. Sponsorship is not new. Likewise the notion of a subscription service to minimize ads or to provide richer content is nothing new either. Listen to public radio if you want to hear a blend that is nicer with less advertising but also contribute. Or are you not one of those people who thinks they should contribute to the things they use?

Comment Back Bacon? (Score 2) 89

I you have my back! ZERO-DEGREES of!

I like back bacon.

As far as facebook goes, the point of 6 degrees is a hypothetical favor network. A friend is someone you can aska fvor from. maybe a small favor like an introduction. that's why the concept of degrees of separation makes sense. Facebook freinds are not freinds. In some case facbook can be useful for tracing the spread of social disease however.

Comment Article summary is rubbish (Score 3, Interesting) 157

Empirically, things like Scratch are great learning tools. I taught my kids with it and then they went on to writing code. But they had all the mechanics worked out along with understanding of things like event dispatch, arrays, conditionals, string parsing, algorithms, the X-Y coordinate systems of the window. SO saying this is just sugar coated fruitloops is nuts.

At the other end of the spectrum with things like Labview many scientists can go a whole career without having to code. it's a fantastic language once you accept it's constraints. Extremely good for both rapid prototyping and embedded instruments. It is the only language I would trust to edit in the middle of an experiment. You won't be writing a word processor or accounting system in it but it's not meant for that. But it's not sugar coated in what is meant for. The results are not a Toy.

Comment huge savings on ink (Score 5, Funny) 147

e-ink is hugely expensive. This saves them a ton of money. but don't turn it on negative contrast or you'll be replacing toner cartridges like mad.

Seriously why is e-paper so expensive. even on placed like alibaba you can't buy e-paper for less than the cost of a kindle itself. You could probably buy used kindles just to re-sell the e-paper screens and turn a profit.

Comment Re:Why not call it the honor bit (Score 2) 105

Should it not be there choice? Let them decide their business model. As I said, I'm not forking my money over to Starz because I don't like their bussiness model. But I'm also using my dislike of their choice as a reason for pirating the show. In fact I respect that they are making it possible for me to see it if I choose to. The place where piracy matters is when it's the only option-- when something is not (practically) available. And as far as bussiness models go, I'm fairly sure Starz will be dropping their price point-- at this time they probably get most of their money from cable contracts not internet sales so it would be stupid to undercut that. I don't think they want to gouge me, it's just that's the bussiness dilemma they face. In the future their internet grows, cable wanes, and they face competition so they ddrop the price. Or if they don't there's plenty of other video out there.

Comment Why not call it the honor bit (Score 2) 105

It's asking you to respect your own honor and integrity by not taking something the owner is willing to share but not give to you. The logic that says because determined dishonorable people will do it that it should be honorable for me to do it beggars belief.

Furthermore even if you have no honor when the door is closed and your are anonymous at your computer then it still is highly effective. For example, I'd truly like to watch Black Sails. But it requires a Starz membership I don't think is worth the price. I could easily go over to some place like couchtuner to pirate it but then i'd get shit quality and some russian drive-by trojaning attempts. No thanks. On the otherhand if this were super easy to pirate there'd be a gazillion ways to see it in high def all without the russian trojans. Thus the fact that it's not worth the effort to subvert the process actually is a barrier to entry more than just relying on an honor system. it works for people inclined to honorable but never the less tempted by the lure of sticking it to the man and his outrageously high priced restrictions.

Steve jobs proved the point when songs became $1. Lots of people are happy to pay a reasonable price for convenience and feeling they didn't cheat.

Comment Scrappy Malkovitch (Score 0) 87

three problems scrappy solves:
1. Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy? Scrappy, Scrappy Scrappy, Scrappy Scrappy.
2. Scrappy Scrappy: Scrappy, Scrappy Scrappy!
3. Scrappy, Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy. Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy, Scrappy Scrappy? Scrappy.
4. ?????
5. Profit!

  Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy. Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy. Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy? Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy Scrappy!!!

Or watch being john malkovitch.

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