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Comment Re:1 point for Obama (Score 1) 455

I think someone as adept in the spook world as Snowden is would likely have a hidden stash somewhere. But that doesn't matter wrt this argument.

What matters here is that there is a very real and significant possibility that he could do something more. As long as that possibility exists, he can not be granted a blanket pardon. He could certainly be pardoned for specific offenses for past activity, but first those need to be specified by indictment, which has yet to be done.

We could argue over whether the possibility is 10% or 1% or 0.01%, but that would be foolish. You cannot completely argue away the possibility, and there can be no blanket pardon under these conditions.

Maybe a car analogy is necessary here. Obama, and every sitting President, has the power to pardon Johnny Queue Publique at any time after JQP has been accused of stealing a car. But there is no provision that would allow JQP to be pardoned for a car theft that has not yet occurred. The President cannot give anyone a free pass to steal a car tomorrow. Not even President Trump will be allowed to do that, any tweets to the contrary not withstanding.

Comment Re:Nobody is using original iPhone (Score 4, Interesting) 59

Actually, no, my original iPhone still works just fine on its original battery. I used it until I got my iPhone 5, and up until a few months ago, I still kept it powered, up until the original charger started malfunctioning and shutting off power randomly, causing it to buzz over and over. I decided it wasn't worth buying a new charger to keep it charged up.

At last check, it still worked correctly on the T-Mobile network with my OneSim.

Comment Re:1 point for Obama (Score 1) 455

A serious technical detail in granting pardon to Snowden is that there is no way to determine if his "crimes" are completed.

With Manning there is no question that the acts that put him in prison are done and history. With Nixon there was a similar situation, since he could not have possibly continued his illegal/unethical acts after he was removed from office. But with Snowden ----he is still sitting on a lot of material that may have all kinds of consequences if it is released, or may even be affecting events now, without being released, if he is using some of it to blackmail someone.

I'm not saying that he is doing any of that or would do any of that. I'm merely pointing out that the kind of actions that he could be brought to trial for are not necessarily complete, so a blanket pardon should not be done as yet.

I can only see two ways Snowden could be granted a pardon. Either he is brought into the USA justice system and charged with crimes ---then he could be pardoned of just those crimes, even before the trial is done. But he needs to indicted for specific crimes. Or the other way is that he could be given a blanket pardon on his deathbed, when he clearly has no ability to do anything more.

I am glad that Snowden did what he has done and in my opinion he is a true American patriot. But the very system that he has worked to fix cannot grant him a blanket pardon at this time.

Comment Re: battery life a braindead argument (Score 1) 274

Yes, seriously. The couple of minutes saved wouldn't significantly exceed the time it takes to walk across the room, unzip the camera bag, dig the flash card reader out from wherever I managed to squeeze it, and walk back. And I can be doing other things with the laptop while it imports for that extra two minutes, whereas I can't be doing other things while I dig a flash reader out of my bag.

It rarely makes sense to use an external flash reader unless you don't have an internal one.

Comment Re:Emergency response (Score 1) 136

Under what situation would such a maneuver be necessary, or even advantageous

Landing on a freeway with other vehicles around you moving at 70 MPH. If this is designed to replace cars, it can't require you to land in an empty field or in a parking lot. It has to be able to land on a road in the presence of other traffic and be a normal car when not flying. If you have to land in an empty field or in an empty parking lot and then push it on tiny wheels into a parking spot, it isn't a flying car; it's a helicopter.

Comment Re:Emergency response (Score 1) 136

I did say, "assuming it is bottom-heavy". If it tends to land upside-down, IMO, the entire design is a non-starter. if it lands upright, the tires would take some of the impact when they explode, and the axles would take a little more as they bend/shear. So it wouldn't be as serious an impact as in a helicopter falling from the same height. Plus, if you design it right, you could potentially handle a single-rotor failure without crashing anyway.

Comment Re: terror alert (Score 1) 141

Just to clarify, I doubt very much any phone or tablet was responsible. But if one was, my money would be on the iPhone 6s rather than the iPad. My first guess would be that perhaps EgyptAir didn't replace the window heaters, which IIRC were recalled for an overheating problem in that model. If that isn't the problem, then the next most likely cause would be something in avionics, not in the cockpit. Personal devices in the cockpit are way down the list.

Comment Re: terror alert (Score 1) 141

My money would be on the iPhone 6s. The early devices had a battery problem where they would suddenly shut down long before they were supposed to fully discharge. This leads me to wonder if the batteries have a dendrite problem, which (in addition to causing early shutdowns) could potentially cause them to overheat and catch fire.

Comment Re:32gb ram = $300 upgrade vs $200 for it alone (Score 1) 274

Anything with room for a standard HDD is not in this class. I also didn't mean that every laptop is this way, but the particular class that Apple is targeting -- thin and light -- is built this way no matter where it comes from. The RAM is fixed, and the storage often is as well.

You can yell at Apple for insisting that its MBP fall into the thin-and-light category rather than a Business Laptop. But once that choice has been made, these are the corners that are being cut by everyone playing in that field.

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