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Comment Re:Warming is not bad (Score 4, Insightful) 650

You asked for an example of how environmental laws can be bad for the economy and he gave you one.

No he didn't. He gave an example of how it was bad for one single business. If you want to look as the overall effect on the economy you need to consider who (if anyone) filled the gap the collapse of his business left, the overall effect of trade in freon substitutes, and so on. If you think his business is an example of "how environmental laws can be bad for the economy" then you must think that the internal combustion engine caused the total collapse of all Western economies because of the number of blasksmiths it put out of work.

Comment Think of it as a security patch (Score 4, Interesting) 521

GPL2 is not about to become invalid. But consider all of the changes we have gone through since GPL2 came out. Back then, the most complicated input device that people were likely to have in their homes was a touch-tone phone. Music came from phonograph records and cassette tape. The "@" sign was a little-used oddity on the typewriter keyboard for most people. Home computers were more the exception than the rule, and their CPUs used 16-bit addresses.

With the advent of consumer digital media we got a ton of law, both legislative and case law. Garbage legislation like ECPA and then DMCA, and a great increase in software patenting. All of that law essentially blind-sided the GPL, which had to cope with it but was not written with knowledge of it.

So, a license upgrade to deal with all of this is like installing a security patch on your operating system. It's just a sensible thing to do.


Comment Sooooo Last Year (Score 1) 232

I don't know why they are running a story about something that happened August 2008!

And since then we've found 2 more hence the 47th prime.

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