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Comment Re:Twister 1996 (Score 1) 260

In the years since I've been incredibly much more selective. I never watch any of the brain dead CG fest superhero movies, or really any movie whose sole attraction is how much pointless eye candy they can put on the screen in each scene.

I agree with your first sentence, but not the second. The whole point of having a big and high quality screen like the movie theatre is to enjoy the eye candy. A good drama with little visuals is just as enjoyable on a small screen at home. As for comedies, the jury is out: it's nice to laugh together with other people, but I tend to laugh at completely different scenes than most people.

Comment Re:This is now normal for movies (Score 1) 260

I used to never be late at movies because I loved to watch the trailers (40 years ago...). They'd give you a good idea on what the movie was about, and in most cases made you want to watch it with some hook or mystery about it.. Nowadays I hate the trailers: they contain all the best (often the only) jokes of the movies, or all the condensed action scenes, and very often reveal the entire plot and even the ending. And since the entire movie is condensed in there, it very often means you can tell the movie is complete crap and you don't want to go see it.

I don't understand why directors don't yell at the trailer makers.

Comment Re:Interesting ... but not things I use much (Score 2, Interesting) 375

100% behind you. Did they add what I actually need ?
  • - readable fonts. The current font aliasing is horrible, horrible, horrible. Yes, they provide ways to tweak it, but it's useless gobshite. Even external tweakers can't seem to make them less fuzzy and more readable.
  • - a Win2K theme. WinXP if you want to go extra fancy (not me).
  • - a file explorer window without all the extra shit of 'anything goes' as virtual folders. And with proper indentation of trees, not just 2 pixels. And lines.
  • - actual buttons where there is something to press. Grey on grey without border doesn't fucking count. I have to click at random on your stupid shit of a user interface to figure out where the buttons are and where the comments are yah fucking cunts.
  • - a single button (or a single page) to disable all the spy stuff, instead of having to find 2 page-long list on forums and downloads utility progs to do it for me.
  • - give us an option to get rid of all the ribbons and replace them with old-style menus with accelerator keys, it saves a lot of vertical real estate and your icons look like shit. If I wanted to have stupid looking icons everywhere instead of plain text, I'd learn chinese (no offence to the chinese).

Yes, I hate it. All the good stuff has been replaced with wastes of time and ugly shit. If I hate it so much, why do I use it ? It's in a VM under Linux for the 3 windows programs I still need to use.

Comment Models and simulations (Score 1) 519

I've long wondered why models and simulations aren't used a lot more in economic and political matters. They're used everywhere in physics and engineering, even when there are many unknowns (look at the Lorenz equation of climate models and how much it's improved since then). So why aren't modelisations with positive outcomes OBLIGATORY before voting some new laws that nobody really knows if it'll improve things or not ? Models may not be perfect but they provide a starting point and WILL be improved.

Comment Not hereditary, but can be (Score 1) 93

The Sichuan University trial, it is important to note, does not edit the germ-line; its effects will not be hereditary.

This test run may not be, but this technique can not only be applied to germ-line cells, but also made 'super-hereditary'. When you change germ-line cells, they are transmitted only in half the cases, no matter if dominant or recessive. But they found a technique to have the modifications transmitted every time ! I don't remember the name of that technique though.

Comment Re:Compared to 430 computerized shots in the origi (Score 1) 304

Computer graphics are part of the language of movies now; you can't make a sci-fi movie without them

I'm currently in the middle of watching Space Milkshake and I can tell you that there aren't any CGI in it more elaborate than matte paintings. And it's still very enjoyable. Will finish watching tonight.

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