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Comment Re:Parts (Score 1) 381

I read the 1st volume when I was a high school student in the 80s. I knew Basic and Assembly and some Forth at the time. Book 2 and 3 weren't available at the library at the time so I never got around to read them. Anyway, my question is: what is MMIX, and how does it differ with MIX which was rather limited, even for the 6502 programmer I was at the time ?

Comment Pretty much anything nowadays (Score 1) 284

I have recently installed several Dell and HP pro laptops with kubuntu without a hitch. For family, friends and work colleagues. Everything worked out of the box and if you install from a USB key, it takes about 10 minutes to install, reboot, aptitude update and full-upgrade, reboot, done.

On the other hand I tried a CentOS install, but the kernel was so old (3.10 for crying out loud) that it didn't recognize several recent hardware. I saw that and installed kubuntu over it.

Comment Re:Bad for the UK, but good for the world (Score 1) 394

I was just looking on how to get my entire household onto a permanent VPN, since a yearly VPN account is now only a few 10s of dollars. Checking into the ADSL modem deep option, I see a very convenient VPN client mode. No need for an extra router to act as VPN client between local network and ADSL modem. You just tell the ADSL modem to put all traffic through the VPN. Bang, done. If Estonia or wherever that comes out today wants to spy on it, fine then.

Comment Re:earbuds? (Score 2) 361

Yeah, this law is so retarded and it will keep the noise level up in our cities even though technology increases and could finally make cities quieter. Do people even notice how incredibly noisy cities are ?!? Put earbuds and music on at home, get out on the street and you can't hear your music at all unless you turn the volume up 3 or 4 notches.

What they should do is lower the noise threshold on all new cars AND MOTORBIKES, and if makers can't match that, then so be it (just like new pollution levels), you don't make them anymore. Yeah, I moved to a home next to a road last year and I've grown to HATE motorbikes.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 598

I always thought that daylight saving had some kind of hidden agenda (no, I'm not a conspiracy theorist !). I mean, the amount of headaches it involves if you are a farmer, a parent, a logistician, a computer programmer, a traveler or just about anyone is astounding. To think that this amount of headaches and disorganization doesn't negate the meager supposed energy benefits is surrealist.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 598

You are absolutely right.

I will add a related story: as a contractor I worked in a place that needed constant coordination from another place with a 5 hour time difference. So the powers that be decided: "simple, we'll put them on the same time as us". Except that now we had to wake up and start work in complete darkness right at the time when it was the coldest time of day. And when I say 'cold' I mean it, it was -50C after breakfast when you where supposed to be working outside. And it would be a balmy -10C when we were supposed to go to bed. After a few days everybody started getting up later and later and refusing to answer calls in the 'morning'. We'd have breakfast at 13:00 and work till 22:00. The next year they let us have our own timezone and live according to it.

Comment Re:Let's Encrypt definitely helped... (Score 2) 136

I just decided to convert my ancient and minor (used to be big in '96 [like yahoo!!!]...) website to https with let's encrypt, but CentOS 5 is not supported and I have no plan to reinstall the entire server. I spent 2 hours looking at various pages giving complex and non-working workarounds without success before giving up. A decade ago I went through the entire 'normal' https process, spent a morning to get it all working with success and then 6 months later when I had to renew I had no clue what I had to do again and said fuck it instead of wasting another morning.

Comment Re:Brick 'em (Score 1) 64

I'd say turn them off. If by 'brick' you mean make them unusable unless you reflash the firmware, why not simply turn them off ? Yes, the owner will notice and turn it back on, but after a few times like that he'll probably sent it back to manufacturer. And you can't be accused to damaging the device for simply turning it off.

Comment Re: exageration much? (Score 1) 63

I'm a C programmer and I've written device drivers, but I need to ask: what makes a language suitable to write a kernel ? Once you have bit-level ability, ability to address the whole memory and inline assembly, that should be all you need, really. So why isn't there some kind of kernel, albeit experimental, in a very high level language ?

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