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Comment Which is why... (Score 1) 69

...we need the ability to disable permissions right upon installation of the app. When android says the app requires wifi password, camera, SD card access, your firstborn, address book access and more, there should be a box next to the permission to disable right then. I know there are apps that allow you to do that, but you need to remember to run them afterwards, you need root, and you need to redo it in case of upgrade.

Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 466

No one is actively taking your gasoline driven car away.

Well, if you follow what is currently going on in Europe, in many cities they actually are: you need to purchase special stickers for you car depending on it's type (old diesel, recent diesel, hybrid, full electric, etc...), and at some times the more polluting models are simply banned from entering the city. In some cities it means most of the time making those cars useless if you already have them.

Comment Re:We're all programming in Machine Code (Score 1) 286

This is neither good nor bad, but it's unquestionably different.

I beg to differ: it IS bad. Because when you read a+b, you have NO idea what may be happening. And this applies to ALL the operators. And the effect of the overloading can be completely different for various types. If participating in the underhanded C contest is not too hard, there's no need for an underhanded C++ contest because it'd be beating a dead horse.

Comment Fuck no (Score 3, Insightful) 173

The ribbon was the ONE reason I gave up on Office for good and took on OpenOffice and then LibreOffice. A set of menus and buttons without order that changes depending on what you are currently doing, so it's impossible to have a memory of it, yeah, what a great user interface advancement, right ! And it takes up a lot of real estate too, instead of being nicely tucked away in hierarchical menus with quick alt-keys...

Comment Monogamy not that old (Score 3, Informative) 279

Their dates seem off. I thought that monogamy in humans had emerged with agriculture: once you own a plot of land and invested lots of work into it, you pretty much want to limit access to it (and its production), so that means only to your kids, and to be sure the kids are yours you pretty much have to be monogamous. See all the still existing tribes of hunter gatherers that practice polygamy.

Comment Re:Custom firmware (Score 4, Insightful) 229

The encryption does not necessarily need to happen on the fly. You can save the images and videos as usual, and then pipe it for the camera to process slowly, even when it's been turned off. Making it use little power is more important than speed IMHO. Although I see no reason why encryption cannot be added to the ASIC.

Comment La loi "informatique et liberté" (Score 2) 157

The above mentioned law, voted in France in... 1978 (!) offers a good start: government entities are allowed to collect user/citizen data and make databases out of it. But they are expressly NOT allowed to share it with others (even other branches of the govt). This should be expanded to the private sector. And it also should actually be _applied_ because in later years in France they've been stepping all over this law.

Comment Re:Parts (Score 1) 381

I read the 1st volume when I was a high school student in the 80s. I knew Basic and Assembly and some Forth at the time. Book 2 and 3 weren't available at the library at the time so I never got around to read them. Anyway, my question is: what is MMIX, and how does it differ with MIX which was rather limited, even for the 6502 programmer I was at the time ?

Comment Pretty much anything nowadays (Score 1) 288

I have recently installed several Dell and HP pro laptops with kubuntu without a hitch. For family, friends and work colleagues. Everything worked out of the box and if you install from a USB key, it takes about 10 minutes to install, reboot, aptitude update and full-upgrade, reboot, done.

On the other hand I tried a CentOS install, but the kernel was so old (3.10 for crying out loud) that it didn't recognize several recent hardware. I saw that and installed kubuntu over it.

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