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Comment Models and simulations (Score 1) 460

I've long wondered why models and simulations aren't used a lot more in economic and political matters. They're used everywhere in physics and engineering, even when there are many unknowns (look at the Lorenz equation of climate models and how much it's improved since then). So why aren't modelisations with positive outcomes OBLIGATORY before voting some new laws that nobody really knows if it'll improve things or not ? Models may not be perfect but they provide a starting point and WILL be improved.

Comment Not hereditary, but can be (Score 1) 92

The Sichuan University trial, it is important to note, does not edit the germ-line; its effects will not be hereditary.

This test run may not be, but this technique can not only be applied to germ-line cells, but also made 'super-hereditary'. When you change germ-line cells, they are transmitted only in half the cases, no matter if dominant or recessive. But they found a technique to have the modifications transmitted every time ! I don't remember the name of that technique though.

Comment Re:Environmental impacts? (Score 1) 321

The problem with that idea is that your DNA is most valuable when you are young. As you age its quality decreases, especially in men.

Which is EXACTLY why this method works at increasing lifespan. Those who CAN have healthy kids after 40 are healthier than average, thus selecting for positive traits.

Comment Will it remember where I put my windows ? (Score 5, Interesting) 111

KDE 4 was awesome for work. I could have tens of programs open on various desktops, plenty of konsole with tabs opened in bash in various directories, and after a reboot it would reopen everything in the same places (correct position and desktop) and even the same directories.

Not so with KDE5. A few programs reopen, placed completely randomly (wrong desktops). Most don't reopen. Konsole won't reopen. It's been buggy like that ever since. So IS IT FIXED NOW ?!?

Comment Re:VR Adult Interaction is the Future (Score 2) 74

It's hard to solve though because having children is expensive and makes it hard to also have a career.

Those are easy to solve if there's a will: provide full compensation for time off work after (and before) having children for both parents, provide easy (like with hours that match working hours of parents) and cheap access to kindergarden and such, make it difficult to fire pregnant women or new moms, etc... Many european countries have rules like that. Remember that even if they are not your kids, they'll pay your retirement,

Comment Re:Greed. (Score 2, Insightful) 288

Yeah, and also as someone who write (software instead of music), I get paid for what I write, and then next week I'll starve if I don't write anything. Why aren't they the same ? And don't give me the bullshit that song writing is 'creative'. Software is just as creative.

Can you imagine if you paid your plumber for a new toilet, but then you also had to pay him every time you used it ?!? Why do they want cake and the cake's money as well ?

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