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Comment Re:Perl most secure (Score 1) 192

You under-mis-estimate Perl.

There once was a theory that undecidable problems are, well, undecidable and assumed to be unsolvable.

With the advent of Perl, not so. Undecidable, decidable, it's all just meaningless semantic bullshit before the mighty Perl interpreter - it is whatever she decides it to be, and she makes it so.

Comment Re:Focus group... (Score 1) 412

You really like finding ways to be insulted, don't you?

He was using an example of a vision impared individual that he personally knows that can perceive the loss of quality in the current videos despite the lack of visual acuity.

This has nothing to do with your age, sex, progenitor proclivity, or computer linguistic skills.

To answer your question, it would look something like, "Even my father can see a reduction in picture quality and he's got cataracts".

This has nothing to do with racism (which has nothing to do with sexism, by the way), or any characterization of anybody being incompetent with anything.

Now I have spoken with (and got abused while trying to help) numerous other people with the same psychological issues you are displaying in your post. My advice is simple. STOP IT ! Most people aren't out to dis, abuse, harm, rip off, or perform any other negative interaction. You are acting hypersensitive to the point where you are imagining insults and disrespect where not only are they not intended, but are totally nonexistant. Go see a professional psychiatrist IMMEDIATELY ! You need some serious help, and possibly drugs, or whatever they do for cases like yours.

Thank you for listening, now go get a life. [rant terminated]

Submission + - The BFF Report Takes a Crack at Champions Online (

CodyBye writes: How many of you have been enticed to play a new MMO only to find that it's not quite what you expected? Do you want to hear the whole truth about a game before you devote your time, energy, and paycheck?

If so, may have exactly what you've been looking for. They've just unveiled The BFF Report, an unfiltered video series that features Mike "Fony" Bailey giving his own hilarious commentary on the games we play. Nothing's sugarcoated, so expect to cringe as he points out the flaws in the games we all love. Thankfully, Fony enjoys MMOs too, so he knows exactly how we feel when we get a CTD error or are competing with unbalanced classes. The premiere webisode features Fony's take on Cryptc's Champions Online, and the thrill of making his comically busty super heroines. He explores the good and the bad of Champions Online, and his vocal opinions are right on the mark.

Comment Re:Get spectrum used by obsolete technolgies (Score 1) 300

> AM and FM radio. Who listens to the radio anymore?

I do, among about 230 million others in the US. Americans spend more time listening to FM radio than to Internet radio, MP3 players, or CDs.

> Shortwave?

For "mobile devices"? There are a few problems with that...

> I turned on a shortwave...

One you bought at Best Buy for $9.95? With a loop antenna? A real performer, no doubt.

Comment Re:SaaS? Try SoaS! (Score 1) 171

To help define the quality product that is Lotus Notes, my wife had cancer, and decided to name her tumor "Lotus Notes". (She does not work in IT.) She even has shirts and a baseball cap her family had made for her that have the words "Lotus Notes" in a circle with a big slash through them. She wore the shirts to many of the chemo treatments.

And she still occasionally wears them to work.

(She recovered, and is doing fine, if you care.)

The Internet

Submission + - Facebook Sued For $40 Mil For Not Removing Groups (

adeelarshad82 writes: A disbarred Florida lawyer, Jack Thompson, who has been vocal in his opposition to violent video games sued Facebook this week over comments on the social networking site that he considers to be a threat to his personal safety. Jack Thompson said that Facebook groups calling for users to smack him in the face for $50 or to hit him with an Atari game system have caused him great harm and distress, and he is seeking $40 million in damages from the social networking site.

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