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Comment Great idea! (Score 1) 288

What a great idea! Remove one easy way of allowing personal listening and add stereo speakers so you can play your music or phone conversations at high volume in high quality stereo!

Apple, I think it is, is running an ad with some old guy sitting at the pool who turns the volume up on his iPhone and leaves it blaring on the table next to his lounge chair while he goes up and does a high dive. Thank goodness nobody with a brick handy wants to listen to anything other than the mariachi music at high volume that this guy is playing, or we'd see what it really means to have a thin phone and lithium battery fire.

Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. The boom box of the 2020's is on our doorstep. No, in the streets and in the subways and at the park and ...

Comment Re:Bluetooth Headphones (Score 4, Insightful) 288

You can always use Bluetooth headphones.

You can try.

1. The battery goes dead after a short period of time, so then you can't.

2. You are in a WiFi-rich environment, which means you get about a 1' range for your bluetooth. I've actually been in places where even with the phone in my shirt pocket, if I turned my head left or right the signal was lost.

3. You have a smart watch which is linked via bluetooth, in which case you can't link a headphone at the same time (I've tried.)

4. You want to feed the audio to some wired system. (Yes there are bluetooth to jack adapters, but the one I have never seems to have a charged battery, so refer to #1).

Comment Re:Why air gaps? (Score 1) 273

We've known for decades that there was a potential risk.

We've known forever that everything is a potential risk. Calling something a "potential risk" doesn't mean it actually is. And correlation (the first study reported in your link) isn't causation.

I'd also point out that the very first popup at your link was an offer to join the class action suit. Hmmm. A site that wants people to help lawyers make money is talking about research that would entice people to help lawyers make more money. Hmmm. No possible bias there, huh?

Comment Re:Why air gaps? (Score 2) 273

This case will be a touchstone for future generations of EEs, the way the Tacoma Narrows Bridge is for civil engineers and Therac-25 is for software engineers.

And thalidomide for pharma.

We expect miracles from our scientists and then sue them into oblivion when they aren't perfect.

There are currently ads seeking class action participants for a lawsuit about talcum powder. It seems, after decades of use, women can get ovarian cancer if they used it. Who knew? Could anyone predict that?

Comment Dateline 2025 (Score 3, Funny) 130

Dateline 2025: Apple has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Mitsubishi and Ford over alleged violations of Apple intellectual property. The claim is that both Mitsubishi and Ford are infringing on Apple's patents on autonomous vehicles in that the Mitsubishi Allgonica and Ford Frobnulator have rounded corners and four wheels. Spokesmen for Mitsubishi and Ford were unavailable for comment.

Comment Re:No possible problem with this at all. (Score 1) 64

Counter-example: Walk along a school road, and look for the SCHOOL marking in the street. From the side, it's so distorted that it's very hard to make out what it says.

That's not a counter-example. The school marking is distorted so that it appears to be normal text TO THE DRIVER. It's text, we're used to seeing it as text.

But a zebra crossing has a fixed GROUND image, and drivers are most used to seeing it from that perspective. Just what is the "normal" perspective for that marking which is only ever seen from the side as it is painted on the ground? There is no other "normal" perspective. It needs to be seen as it would be were it on the ground, because that is the only way it is ever seen.

Comment Re:whew. (Score 3, Informative) 82

Trump is too busy starting a war with China by talking to Taiwan.

Yeah, that's the last straw. Taking a congratulatory phone call from a foreign leader is totally going to push China into attacking us. But the Obama administration selling Taiwan billions of dollars worth of sophisticated weapons systems, that's nothing that the Chinese would worry about.

Do you even listen to yourself?

Comment Re:Boko Haram? (Score 1) 331

the impacts of climate change were already factors in the conflicts driving a current crisis of migration into Europe, having been linked to the Arab Spring, the war in Syria and the Boko Haram terrorist insurgency

Boko Haram's name, translated, means "Western/Non-Islamic Education Is A Sin." They kill and rape in the name of that message. TFS directly links Boko Haram's insurgency to climate change.

It is a read hearing

The term you're looking for is "red herring." Red, the color, and herring, the fish. It comes from a technique used in training and testing fox hounds, to see if they can be too easily distracted.

So you're right, but only by accident, for the wrong reasons. The summary is trying to distract you from the evils of groups like Boko Haram by somehow making their willingness to slaughter villages and take hundreds of young girls into the jungle where they are then sold off as sex slaves somehow about climate change, rather than about the very reasons they plainly state that they do those exact things. People like you who try to tell those Africans that they're too dumb to know what they're saying, and that it's really the fault of climate change that they're murdering and raping their way through areas they're trying to convert to Islam ... people who trot that crap out are the worst sort of patronizing, condescending, smug racists one ever comes across. Quick! Absolve them of their ideology and actions because they're too simple, as a people, to realize that it's climate change and not the culture they're embracing that causes them to murder, torture, and rape! Whew, dodged a bullet there - wouldn't want to ever judge anybody, because every world view is equally valid, unless you're from a western democracy, in which case you're evil because climate change. Except that very dismissal judges them as too mentally inferior to resist murdering and raping, because ... climate change.

Which "smooth talk" is it that you think is somehow more persuasive in the context of climate change that makes someone who would otherwise not murder a girl's family in front of her eyes before assigning her to a rape camp ... suddenly change their world view and decide that's the right way to be? What would it take YOU to be convinced that's the way to gain political power? Or are you saying you, personally, could not be convinced to think that's OK, but those people in Africa are somehow by disposition more easily persuaded to take up that way of life, especially because Climate Change?

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