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Comment Re:66 cent compared to what? (Score 1) 481

You make some very good points. I do realize that per capita takes into account people who don't work and was merely trying to use it as a crude means of figuring out about how much money would be a decent amount for a person to live on, given that the original poster was wondering what $0.65 can buy you in China. It's of course very important that workers have the ability to make things better for themselves through collective bargaining, etc so that conditions improve. I've just become rather cautious in recent years about sweatshop allegations because in many cases the alternatives (eg subsistence agriculture, prostitution, etc) are even worse and very well-meaning people end up campaigning for something with dubious benefits at best.

I am, however, puzzled by the "fuck you" you decided to tack on. I was just doing some rough estimating given my limited knowledge and solicited people with a firmer grasp of economics to share their opinions. I conceded that the working conditions were really bad and I don't appreciate you taking me completely out of context on this matter. I was merely attempting to give context to the hourly wage.

Comment Re:Wow... a WHOLE DAY of testimony? (Score 1) 650 what do you say to the vast majority of climate scientists whose data and methods are valid?

Most of the ones that do their own research don't make it into the journals, because their conclusions do not jive with AGW.

How do you explain the 650+ climatologists who spoke out during the Copenhagen convention against the IPCC report, which was produced by 50 or so scientists (most of whom were not even climatologists) using mostly re-hashed studies?

Real climatologists are getting seriously pissed off about this stuff, and aren't holding their tongue any longer.

Comment Re:List of software powered cars (Score 1) 459

This doesn't really make sense to me as I used to drive cars with no power steering, and at freeway speed the force of resistance on the wheel in a car without power steering really won't be any different than any modern car with power steering.

I'd beg to differ on that. A few years back, I was borrowing one of my grandparents' cars (an '85 Olds 98, if it matters...first year that model was front-wheel drive) for a trip. While on the freeway, the serpentine belt broke. A short time earlier, I had left the lights on and run down the battery, and the battery hadn't had time to recover from that abuse. As the battery died, the fuel injectors quit doing their job and the engine conked out. Bye-bye power steering. The difference was definitely took a good bit more effort to steer off the road and onto the shoulder than it normally would've.

If I had to guess, it matters if the vehicle is front-wheel-drive or not. The driveaxles want to stay straight while they're spinning. It takes extra force to flex the outer CV joints off-axis. In a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, you don't have this issue to worry about, so you can more easily get away with manual steering (which I had in my first car: an '80 Chevette with manual steering and manual brakes).

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 1197

The other kid had a broken arm set in one of those fiberglass casts before we left the US. After we arrived in the UK and it was time to remove the cast, they didn't know how to deal with it. They started to get out a rotary saw and I told them that it could be removed safely with scissors. They sent us to several different hospitals and then made us come back after they consulted with some doctors in the US. Of course, they removed the cast with scissors...

Actually that rotary saw device you saw vibrates the blade, it doesn't spin it. It's a much better device/method for cutting fibreglass casts than scissors. I mean seriously you thought they were going to use a circular saw on your kid to remove a cast?! That you've never seen these doesn't speak well for the supposed better quality of your health care over there in US.

Comment Re:Floor mat, really? (Score 5, Interesting) 1146

I have owned many Prius's. I currently drive a 2010 one. Let's say that I'm in some place where the speed 85 mph is legal. I can nudge my cruise control speed lever and my speed barely goes up, say from 80 to 81.I nudge at again and again, up to 83. Then I nudge it again and the car takes off, no speed limit. Nudging the cruise speed control lever down has no effect until I've done it about 10 times or more. By then my Prius is doing 97. It's scary because it's so wrong and so out of your normal control. I tested this over and over the night I observed it.

It's scary because you don't think of things like putting the car in neutral when this happens. I am sure you can't turn the car off with the keyless power button, the only option on this model.

Braking does disable this scary cruise control effect. It is a natural response, so the problem is mitigated a great deal.

I have not seen this happen before so I think it's new to the 2010. I have the package which includes parallel parking assist and cruise control distance limiter.

Comment Re:It's not the console, it's the games (Score 1) 320

Two possibilities for the high cost:

- The Japanese games are written for NTSC and have to be converted to PAL's dimensions
- The games have to include voice-acting for multiple languages, not just one language
- Or both.

Not only would this explain the high cost, but also why the EU market is often the last to get the release.

Comment Sync With Other Commenting Apps (Score 2, Insightful) 221

When I first read about this (after reading this summary) it seemed somewhat intriguing. Who knows, perhaps it could allow some useful knowledge to be slapped on some of the webpages and articles on the internet that are scant on details or technical info. However, after looking at the download page of this little plugin, it appears that you can sync this service with " Blogger, Facebook, Twitter and Google profiles" which means, to me at least, that if I am reading an article regarding a new possible HIV vaccine, rather than have helpful comments with related studies and scientific journal entries attached to it, the article will instead hemorrhage a barrage of comments that have to do with people fearing getting AIDS from public restroom toilet seats and the "ZOMG 70ta11y @w3some HAWT girl the b@ng3d at a 9427y last night"....who had AIDS....

Sad and lame.

Comment Re:Idiots (Score 1) 475

The question is, does the irradiation have a less deleterious effect than, say, E.Coli being in your juice?

No, the question is is food crops grown with care and the processing of food done in hygienic conditions. That E Coli? The apples were not washed well enough, or were allowed to be contaminated afterwards. I garden and I always wash what I pick, with clean hands. Some things I'll also soak in a solution of water, castile soap, fruit and vegetable wash, and or hydrogen peroxide. I've shared some with a neighbor and even after washing the produce myself I tell them to wash what I gave them before they use it.


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