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Comment: Re:Memes (Score 1) 38

by treeves (#46895091) Attached to: Algorithm Distinguishes Memes From Ordinary Information

Well, when I go to, there are three font choices: Impact, Arial , and Comic Sans. At it looks like Impact is the only option. Being the default choice at these sites, I suspect Impact gets used the most by far. I think I have never seen Comic Sans used.

Comment: Re:Bush (Score 1) 248

by treeves (#46837705) Attached to: New White House Petition For Net Neutrality

it seems like whenever someone says "Here comes the modding down and a wreaking of my karma, in three.... two..... One...." they get modded *up*.
  Anyone else notice that? Maybe it's just confirmation bias on my part, but I don't think so. Well, just in case, I'm prepared to be modded down in three, two, one....

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