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Comment Re:womp rats (Score 2) 110

Kid, I've flown from one side of this galaxy to the other. I've seen a lot of strange stuff, but I've never seen anything to make me believe there's one all-powerful Force controlling everything. There's no mystical energy field that controls my destiny. It's all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense.

Comment I used to hate the theater (Score 1) 328

I used to hate watching movies in the theater.
First, the movie would be invariably out of focus - but the advert projector they play before the movie would be in perfect focus.
Secondly, the seating sucked - but that has improved in recent years. It isn't as comfy as home, but at least now I get more legroom than an airline seat.
Third, the sound systems used to totally suck. Now, they've gotten much, much better. I still much prefer my own sound system but theater sound is actually quite good now.
Lastly... the sticky floors and all the trash left behind by the fucking slobs who sat there previously. WTF, people! Clean up after yourselves - if not out of concern for others, but to prove that you don't completely lack all sense of class and self-respect.

Comment 220lbs/~100kilo of cannabis (Score 1) 128

"and also cited the case of an Oakland TSA officer who for two years helped smugglers slip more than 220 pounds of marijuana through airport security checkpoints, "

I see no problem with this, other than that they had to smuggle it. The DEA and FDA have already admitted that not only is cannabis harmless and nonaddictive, but has many health benefits and that the government has lied for decades. The guy who assisted the smugglers should be commended for doing what is right, not cited for wrongdoing.

Comment Re:unpasteurised milk is way better (Score 1) 258

> That's right. Raw, or unpasteurized milk, is much better. It builds a strong healthy body.

It tastes better, that's for sure, but whether it is actually better has not been substantiated. There are however major health risks associated with raw milk from cows in factory-style dairy farms.

I like raw milk but unless it's from a small farm verified to maintain proper health of each individual cow, I'd prefer to stick with pasteurized because without knowing the farmer's methodologies personally how can you verify the safety?

Comment Re:Too much luxury (Score 1) 129

I want the opposite - I have a Samsung Gear S2 Classic and am thinking about either buying the 3G version of it, or the nextgen version of it (I wish they would include a speaker as well as mic on the non-3G version). I want the built-in speaker and cell connection and added functionality. Its primary use for me is fitness tracking (I've owned a Vivofit and it sucked, and the Fitbit I tried was almost as inaccurate and limited) and I find it is very accurate in its tracking my workouts and steps throughout the day. For the first few weeks I wore both during the day and counted my steps and compared - the Gear was very close to my count but the vivo was way off - over 1,000 more than my count and the Gear S2's count.

Another thing that is great is the GPS tracking - I keep that turned on and when I go out skating, walking, jogging, the distance tracking is usually dead-on and I can view a map of where I went after the workout, with my highest speeds indicated on the map, as well as nice graphs with heart rate and pace. Also, I easily get 24 hours on my watch, although since it has lithium cells I top it off as often as I can to avoid deep cycling the battery when it is not necessary.

However I do agree it would be nice to have low-end devices for folks who don't care about those capabilities. But, at the low end you're unlikely to get a large screen + good interface + sound + mic + bt + water resistance + good battery life; you're more likely to get just a couple of those features with the rest sucking or omitted entirely.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 129

> what are the killer features of a smart watch?

For me, fitness training. It tracks distance, heart rate, and calculates calories burned based on the workout, heartrate, age, and weight. I previously tried a vivofit but it sucked. It tracked only steps throughout the day, and was highly inaccurate.

I also use my smartwatch for sleep tracking, because I tend to be a night owl and am trying to correct that. The vivofit did track sleep very well but my primary goal is tracking fitness and for that the vivofit sucks.

Comment Nonsense (Score 1) 284

It was the biting of an apple that gave man free will, and it is all the fault of a woman and a talking snake. It was all planned by the lizard people who run the illuminati and put Obama in office.

Also, the earth is flat, and even if global warming is real, jeebus is gonna come riding in on a winged unicorn to save us from a sky dragon!

Trump 2016!!!

(I'm kidding. Obviously. As evidenced by the "Trump 2016" - no sane person would vote Trump)

Comment Re:A "miniscule" problem will not get resolved. (Score 1) 159

> At the time, well-regulated meant in proper working order.

Their writings also indicate that they meant not only that the weapons are in good working order, but that The People knew how to use their firearms effectively and responsibly, and knew how to use their arms to kill tyrants and enemies. Our founding fathers were progressive liberals, not pussies like today's moonbats.

Comment Re:Not good for all driving conditions. (Score 1) 290

I have a Saab 9-3 and use the night mode regularly. However it still will prevent your eyes to fully adjusting for night vision. When driving at night you're looking at 1,800 to 6,000 lumens being sprayed out in front of your car, and even with "night mode" enabled on the Saab, you're still looking at, at minimum, 2/3 of an illuminated speedo cluster and your infotainment and HVAC buttons (although those can also be turned off if you turn your headlight switch off - pretty much the headlight switch's only function in US models that haven't been reprogrammed for ROW functionality).

You still will not have night vision unless you are driving with NO gauge illumination AND your headlamps are turned off.

Comment Re:Unless you have a BC (before computers) vehicle (Score 1) 159

> If I park it in an area that does not seem safe I attach a club to the steering wheel. This is old school but no one is going to hack it with a laptop.


Even the hardest steels might take a minute to get through. A hacksaw will also eat through it, although more slowly.
From what I've read, the hardened steel used in The Club takes a max of 15 seconds for a cordless angle grinder to take out.
No laptop required.

Then, your "old school" Dodge Ram likely requires simple manipulation of the switches on the column, which avoids the need to cut wires. The "ignition switch" key in many modern vehicles isn't a switch but operates levers which in turn manipulate the switches mounted lower on the steering column. This makes hotwiring easier as there is no guessing as to which wires turn on the pump and ECU, which turns on the starter relay, etc. - just break or remove the dashboard cover, pry up the levers the keyswitch drive, and play with the switch positions.

Having multi-factor authentication in the chain (chip in key, ICM, ECU/ECM all having the correct tokens, key code knowledge, etc.) is far better security. As this article points out it isn't perfect, but it a good deal better than your old school truck's shitty idea of security.

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