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Comment The Right drug (Score 1) 456

In the case of STI's you give the RIGHT antibiotic the first time (which is why it's useful to carry one of these in your pocket).

And usually in such hospital recommendation, the recommended drug is the one which (according to current research and statistics) is the least powerful, but still manages to kill all the bugs.

You don't jump immediately to the latest glycopeptidic atb (well, unless a PCR test result told you so).

That's what I was trying to refer to.

Comment Sounds like someone who's never traveled (Score 3, Informative) 727

I know there's this myth that Canada has this wonderful healthcare system where any and everything you need is given to you for free but it just isn't the case. In the case of Canada (since that's the nation I visit all the time and have a dual citizenship with) the stuff that is both free and good is general preventative care and critical care. Your normal doctors visits and such are no cost and pretty timely. Also, should you get in an accident, they'll save your life and all that for no charge.

The rest? Well different story. Eyeglasses for example, are simply not covered. Canadian insurance doesn't pay for them, (at least not in BC, could vary slightly per Provence). So it is all an out of pocket thing. But, without evil insurance companies it is much cheaper right? Wrong. Way more expensive, nearly double in some cases. Mom is planning on coming to my optician next time she's down to get her glasses because it costs so much less.

So no, sorry, just hopping over to another country doesn't magically fix everything. Canada's plan is different than the US's not necessarily better. It is better in some areas, but not in others. Quality of life type things, it is generally not better at.

Comment Try Hearing Help Express (Score 1) 4

I have poor hearing. Health insurance does not generally cover hearing aids. I have had several major plans over the years. None of them have ever covered hearing aids. I had to purchase a pair of inexpensive analog aids from Hearing Help Express. They work well if the environment doesn't have too much background noise or the sounds levels don't change from loud to soft or back too much. (No automatic level control). Unfortunately, I'm a school teacher so the above conditions are rarely met. :( Jeff

Comment Re:Yes, you are being a jackass (Score 1) 791

DDT is effective for controlling malaria when it is used properly. However, when the chemical is applied to the land like butter on toast, mosquitoes often become resistant to the chemical over time. This is in fact what happened in India and resulted in the use of Malethion for which the mosquitoes were largely not resistant. DDT continues to be used in a small number of countries for the express purpose of controlling malaria, Like antibiotics, DDT must be used intelligently to avoid resistance to the chemical in the target species.

Comment Re:Quis ipsos custodiet custodes? (Score 1) 697

>>>The very reason we HAVE a SCOTUS is to protect the individuals from majority abuse.

But the SCOTUS is part of the U.S. Government. It often acts like a rubberstamp for the Congress and the Executive branches, and when it doesn't rubberstamp, then the president sometimes threatens the court (see FDR and the Court-packing Scandal).

The U.S. Government should not be self-policing itself. That's why it's necessary to have an independent party, i.e. the States, be granted the ability to nullify unconstitutional laws. They created the Constitution - they ought to have at least some power to enforce it and nullify unconstitutional laws - just like any other binding contract.

Comment Re:Some quantitative perspective (Score 2, Informative) 383

The expected dose for their treatment was 50 rads, and they received 300-400. Trying to downplay their dose by comparing it to the therac-25 is a little bit like comparing virtue among whores. They were burned by their dose.

Comment Re:Why is OS/2 mentioned twice in the article? (Score 1) 875

I never understood why it was that XP had to be SO much heavier than NT, while still doing essentially the same stuff.

Because it didn't do essentially the same stuff as WinNT (or even WinNT's Win2K successor.) WinXP was designed to have essentially a superset of the functionality (including application compatibility) of the old Win9x line and the WinNT->2K line of operating systems.

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