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Comment Re:Not just Apple (Score 1) 57

Qualcomm was one of a bunch of companies that co-developed the technology behind LTE, but the question is, should companies who did that development work and own the patents on standards be allowed to hoard the standards-essential patents and refuse to licence them in a FRAND manner?

Nobody is arguing that Qualcomm shouldn't reap the rewards of their hard work, only that they shouldn't use those patents to enforce monopolistic control of the market.

Comment Re: Bullshit. (Score 2) 98

"Using a chat program to hide " doesn't even make logical sense.

It does if the chat program using public key encryption between the users. In that case even the mediating servers don't have access to message contents.

The scheme is flawless -- but then it almost always is unless it's devised by a total ignoramus. What they get you on is implementation.

Comment Re:that's what's supposed to happen (Score 2) 119

Your comment got rated funny, but that's exactly what happened to cotton and corn. Of course the machines started low tech, but now they've got GPS self driving harvesters that use computer vision systems to sort the product as it's picked.

Of course the machine will be heavily DRM w/o the right for farmers to repair (but that's another problem),

Out of one fire, into another. Gotta feel for those farmers. It's a tough line of work. Foreign price pressure constantly threatens offshoring, Global warming threatening their water supply. Agri-chemical companies creating sterile seeds and pesticide dependency...

Comment Re:Sadly? (Score 1) 380

So how about when I'm at home watching baseball on my time and they expect me to actually answer the phone if they call?

And if they want me to log in using my personal computer and internet connection, do I gain personal ownership of the project?Why not, a portion was developed on my time using my resources.

Comment Re:Trains (Score 1) 150

Their website ( says they got a new CEO recently, with Jerry Sanders staying on the board, and last I heard they were building a demo track in Tel Aviv but that was supposed to be done at least a year or two ago and apparently isn't yet. The WIkipedia page says Israel Aerospace Industries contracted with them (Unimodal) to build a 4-500 meter test track, and if successful IAI will build a commercial SkyTran network in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, and Netanya.

Comment rms explained why the W3C can't ditch DRM (Score 1) 46

Richard M. Stallman (rms, widely known as the founder of the GNU Project and frequent lecturer speaking for software freedom, the freedom to control one's computers by having the freedom to run, inspect, share, and modify the code they run) explained why the W3C can't get away from DRM ("digital handcuffs") starting around 11m40s into the interview. Around 15m16s rms pointed out why the W3 is structurally incapable of challenging DRM:

He [Tim Berners-Lee] should handle it by saying 'no' but he can't, really, and the reason is he set up an organization by the businesses that want to put in the most money. And that basically tells Hollywood, "Here's your opportunity! Turn us into your tool!". That's what the W3 has become: a tool for the businesses that will pay it the money."

Comment Re:No, the reason is laws. (Score 4, Interesting) 119

Meanwhile the illegals can't complain about working conditions - and will work for less than minimum wage in (those occupations where it applies.)

Well, pickers are often paid by the amount they pick, rather than simply an hourly wage. The reason your average young American can't make decent money is because these are SKILLED LABOR positions. It often takes a few years of picking a particular item of produce before you get enough experience to do it most efficiently. Many pickers specialize in certain fruits or vegetables; hence why many of them are "migrant," since they follow the harvest of what they're good at.

The problem isn't that one can't earn more than minimum wage doing picking -- it's that most Americans view picking as a temporary job or summer thing that they'll do until they find something better. But you have to do it for quite some time before it becomes profitable.

You might read up on what happened in some southern states that passed laws to make it more difficult to hire illegals. They still had migrant legal workers who were pros and could make money, but most of the Americans they'd try to train would quit in a week... It's hard work, and unskilled workers can't keep up enough to make decent money.

Comment Re:You were hired to work for THEM (Score 1) 380

There is a barrier between work and the rest of one's life. It may be impermeable or permeable. Ever have to work late, come in on a weekend, deal with work emails or calls after hours? It just got permeable. That permeability goes in both directions. That's not so complicated.

Comment Re:Americans no longer want to pick fruit. (Score 4, Interesting) 119

I'm in a "weird" part of the country without much in the way of migrant workers and Americans do all "the jobs Americans won't do".

A friend of mine has a teenage son who's worked at a nearby orchard for a couple years, after school and summers. I know, he can't exist according to labor economists who don't get that bottom-wage jobs are for kids with no experience. He's off to college next year, and I doubt a robot will be taking his job.

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