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Comment Re:Let me help translate here. (Score 1) 52

Because, well, what's in it for them? They can now create facts and take the market if they so please. They are the only ones that have a huge software library behind them that is heavily loaded with indie developers (i.e. the only ones that are willing and able to take a risk with a rather tiny market).

Yes Sony has the Playstation and its market share behind it, but the PS market depends heavily on large studios, and so far they have been wary to invest into the VR market because it is still very small, no play ground for AAA titles.

Comment Re:What a joke (Score 1) 52

I don't know yet, I have seen a few very intelligent attempts at it and I would say we're still way too early in the game to tell whether there is a solution.

Yes, there are VR games that make even me sick (and I'm a roller coaster junkie, with dark rides being very much on top of my "wannahave" list), but these are invariably games that don't take the specific needs of that new medium into account. Other games had better ideas, and yes, there are ways to move about without making the player feel like he is about to hurl.

Developing something like this takes time. There is a good reason why you see a fair lot of low/no cost games right now, people and companies are pretty much trying to find out what's going to work and what isn't.

Comment Here's how you do it (Score 1) 37

1. Develop exploit.
2. Sell exploit kit to people who want to pirate soft but can't develop exploit.
3. Wait for about as long as it takes to reverse engineer your exploit.
4. Report exploit to Nintendo and collect the 20k. It's just pocket change, all right, but someone's going to report it anyway.
5. Start over at 1.

Comment Re:and Eve fucked her son in Christian Bible. WYP? (Score 1) 414

I guessed you are a Muslim. That accounts for your disgusting anti-Semitism before.

Wow, the shell finally fell off the nut. Nobody's said anything about Jews in this thread, slick - you drunk? Not just drunk, but black-out drunk?

But you have shown exactly how crazy Muslims get when their mythological founder 'Mohammed' (the guy who raped Abu Bakr's 6 year old daughter Aisha, as well as raping his adopted son's wife because he liked incest - read the hadith) is exposed using your own scriptures that you don't think the rest of us know nor understand.

Annnnnd we're right back to Christians - and now I'm guess we can include Jews - being heartfelt believers in mother-son fucking, because Genesis says that's what Eve did. And hey, about all that genocide committed by the ancient Hebrews, eh? How about all those towns and cities murdered to the last man, woman and child to pave the way for "gods chosen people"?

Hypocritical religious fanatic, heal thyself.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 770

You're onto something. Castro is exactly in line with Chavez (as you say 360 degrees, one full turn).

No, I didn't say 360 degrees, as the AC pointed out. Was reading comprehension an elective at Ayn Rand Elementary?

Which is, again, pretty much right on top of Castro, 'authoritarian asshole with a justification', going further left of that takes you back into right wing.

If Chavez was an authoritarian asshole, he would have thrown the various fascists and bourgeois motherfuckers trying to sabotage the country into a gulag, not *gasp* merely refuse to renew broadcast licenses. For stations that participated in a coup attempt.

Comment Re:I.e. Samsung acted recklessly for profit (Score 1) 283

The people who's phone's caught fire are already lawyered up.

Uh huh. And all of them did so 100% on their own dime, without a single one agreeing to take the case in exchange for part of the settlement. Sure.

How much do you think someone deserves for being put at risk? For a couple of weeks?

How much if it was your family at risk? As the AC points out above, Randian Wackjobs are so, so quick to say we don't need government regulations because negligence and incompetence may be handled through lawsuits in court. Until there's actually a suit, at which point you drag out the fainting couches at the prospect of a business being held accountable for their actions.

Comment Re: I.e. Samsung acted recklessly for profit (Score 1) 283

Pretty much. Back in 2004, the right-wing was going all in on ratfucking John Edwards for bringing "jacuzzi suits" in court, and winning millions from a jury. Except the case involved a girl who had her guts hydraulically sucked out of her body by a faulty pool drain, one the manufacturer knew was dangerous but DGAF because fixing it would have cause a few bucks.

Do wingers think the parents gave two shits of a flying fuck that Edwards got a good chunk of money in the process? Hell no, they would have sooner taken that companies money and burned it in the street rather than let them have it.

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