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Comment Re:How durable? (Score 1) 160

It sounded to me like he was interested, but wasn't sure it would work for him. Since more than half the country deals with snow on our roofs either every year, or at least several times over the expected life of a solar panel, it is something that a lot of us are or should be wondering about.

We won't really know for sure until we see what they are making, and possibly until we gain a few years worth of experience on a few thousand homes in the upper midwest or New England.

Personally, I suspect, but don't know, that they will be better than shingles for two reasons. One, smoother easier sliding surface will allow snow to slide off easier. Two, metal and glass will allow better heat conduction, so any exposed area will cause more even melting in the area.

Also, I should point out that there are foam rubber snow rakes that are considered safe to use on cars without wrecking the paint finish. Those should be safe to use on solar panels as well.

(Note that several times here I make assumptions about what this product will be, which may not turn out to be correct. The linked articles are extremely light on details, so that is the best I can do. Sorry.)

Comment anti-DDOS is like real estate (Score 4, Insightful) 92

It is all about location, location, location...

My employer is on a state-wide network that connects, among other things, a ton of colleges and universities. After some recent BLM events, there were sympathy DDOS attacks from anonymous or whoever, so the state just spent millions on fancy new anti-DDOS gear on the external side of all of their POPs.

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to ask the state's Chief Information Security Officer what their plan was to handle internal attacks coming from the colleges, which are inside the perimeter, and typically have incredible switching and routing capacities (as part of I2), far in excess of anything our rural fiber rings could handle. It took him a few seconds to review the topology of the network in his head before he realized that we'd be screwed.

I have some sympathy for Australia. DDOS is a hard problem to solve, even if you've got millions to spend on the newest, shiniest gear.

Comment Re: Islam is the problem, not encryption (Score 1) 446

You'll notice that Paul isn't telling the church elders in Thessaly to go out and perform this everlasting destruction themselves. He is, in fact, reminding them to stay strong because God will eventually triumph over those that persecute them.

If you look to the old Testament, you'll see that God often gave the jews that were alive at the time direct orders, including things like genocide. If you read carefully, you'll notice that he doesn't ever say that those orders are permanent and binding on all believers in the future. Ever hear a Christian tell you to go forth and kill Amalekites? No?

By contrast, the Koran conveys many orders directly from God's mouth to the ears of all Muslims to come. For example, they are to take control of the entire planet by force and kill anyone that doesn't convert. And if that wasn't enough, all Muslims are instructed to view the prophet as the perfect man, and to live their own lives according to his example.

Comment Re:Life of a corporation is 25 years (Score 1) 122

I think you are misunderstanding. If a corporation is the author of the work, the term is a flat, fixed 25 years from date of first publishing. No trickery works to extend that. Selling it, or the rights, to a different corporation does not change the first date of publication.

But, of course no works are authored by corporations. Instead, corporations pay people to author things and transfer copyright rights to the corporation. That means that the individual terms apply to the work.

Comment Like a bad Dr. Who episode (Score 1) 517

The Doctor and Clara find themselves under attack by a robot/computer/whatever still fighting a war that was lost thousands of years ago.

Actually, I think I saw that on Gilligan's Island too, but with a Japanese submarine.

Anyhow, the Brexit vote is in the past, but parts of Project Fear were damaged in the fighting and are now unable to comprehend that the war is over. Meanwhile, reality is turning out to be the exact opposite of most of the doom and gloom predictions.

Comment Software Defined Radio (Score 5, Insightful) 150

Part of the cell phone security model was that it was expensive and difficult to build the radio gear necessary to spoof a cell tower. Fast forward to the last few years, and you can get an excellent board for SDR for like $500. The guidelines list steps you can take to reduce the risk of SS7 routing shenanigans, but there isn't much you can do about a highschool kid (or an organized crime outfit) playing MITM with a cheap radio, which is why it will be deprecated soon.

If you are in IT, and your environment demands security compliance, this will reach you eventually. It might take a few years if your structure is slow.

I'm not using secondary device auth anywhere because I believe that dedicated hardware is more secure, but many of my peers are.using this. They will be switching off the SMS option and pressing on with online OOB methods, at least until their next cycle. We suspect that online OOB will go away entirely soon as tablet/phone malware matures and starts emptying phone-2FA-protected bank accounts.

Comment Re:well well well (Score 1) 769

That case has absolutely zero bearing on this, but emails do appear to provide the basis for "actual malice" if he wanted to sue for the craigslist ads

We all knew the news media was biased, and to some extent we had all made peace with that. But, like a PAC, they were supposed to cover their shame by holding out the fig leaf of nominal independence.

Did you notice that every news organization on the left picked the same key word to describe Trump's speech? Given what you know now, do you think that the next volume of the email dump would show an email from the DNC describing how they want that speech spun? Still trust the news?

Comment Re:Always the same with Hillary... (Score 1) 769

You assigned yourself. You do know that your name is attached to your comments, right? And people can check your post history if they don't recall what you've said before?

You may live in a bubble where you can imagine yourself to be on the neutral ground between your socialist friends (your right) and your communist friends (your left), but that's not the middle of the scale.

P.S. It would be news to me if BLM actually protested a scenario like you described. Link it up if you know one.

Comment Re:Always the same with Hillary... (Score 1, Interesting) 769

You do know that everything in your post is a lie, right? Not necessarily your lie, if you are just a useful idiot.

The Republicans said things that you lefties have interpreted as admissions, but they were just statements of fact, and occasionally of fortuitous joy.

Pull some videos and read the actual words that were said, not the words that were reported.

Hillary ran obstruction on the investigation from day one. And now she's complaining that it took 5 years. Hmm. If only there had been some way to get this over with before the election year...

And you do know that the whole email thing came from this investigation, right? You may have heard the FBI director on TV recently where he described what a prosecutor needed to prove to secure convictions for several sections of US code relating to espionage and state secrets, and then he described that the FBI had found evidence sufficient to prove all of those elements. He also told Congress that she perjured herself, but since they hadn't specifically asked for that investigation, they are going to sit on it for another year.

That sounds like something new, and also something that incriminated Hillary.

You sound like Black Lives Matter, bitching that a conspiracy of cops is making the streets unsafe for criminals to ply their trades.

Comment Re:well well well (Score 5, Insightful) 769

You must be using the newfangled definition of corruption, popular with people that aren't familiar with the word graft, that only includes actual cash bribes for services or lenience.

Sorry to say that graft is only one type of corruption. Corruption is a broad thing. So broad that it is hard to pin down a concrete definition that includes everything and excludes nothing.that people consider to be corruption. The basic idea is that if a person is in an office or position of authority, and that authority is intended to be used for the benefit of some person or group, corruption is any time that person secretly uses their authority for their own benefit, or for the benefit of anyone other than the intended beneficiary, particularly when the intended is harmed or neglected in some way.

Seen in that light, it is hard to pretend that the DNC isn't riddled with corruption from top to bottom. They had a duty to the nation's democrats to run the primary process in a manner specified by the rules, which included neutrality, transparency, etc. What happened instead?

And it isn't enough that the DNC is corrupt, it is also corrupting. You read the exchanges with the press? Surprise, CNN and MSNBC see themselves are the propaganda wing of the democrat party. Is that what they told the FCC and the American people they were going to be doing?

Comment First, kill the messenger (Score 5, Insightful) 769

What is always step one when dealing with a whistleblower? Try to distract the press by yammering nonstop about the whistleblower, and deflect every question about the leaked documents back to the leaker's motivations, integrity, etc.

Of course, given the content of the emails, I suspect that DWS has already given the marching orders to CNN and MSNBC so that the party doesn't have to dirty their hands by acting all shifty and evasive on TV.

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