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Comment Re:Honored (Score 1) 463

Putting a dullard in the White House is exactly 100 % backwards in that regard.

I agree. It was a disaster. But he'll be gone in 7 weeks.

We have before us a strong proof that capitalism is not a system that is fit to survive.

Indeed. It is time to return to free market economics. For the life of me, I can't imagine why we've been arguing between Karl Marx's two systems (communism and capitalism). The good news is that the world seems to have suffered under his ideas for long enough now, and we may finally be ready to flush his memory down the toilet.

For example, the idea that people have a duty to support themselves is backwards.

And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: "If you don't work you die."

Comment Re:One little problem (Score 1) 586

Nice switch. "incite hatred" is not the same as "incite violence". Anything negative, even true things, can be said to "incite hatred".

Geert Wilders is currently on trial for allegedly violating a similar law. If that hasn't come to Canada yet, give it time.

Comment Re: Good to see mocking the President back in fash (Score 0) 524

Your own fault really, for letting them prosper. If you wanted to be taken seriously, you should have cleaned your own house. Did you ever even try?

I burst out laughing when I got here. I'm sure we can get the Republicans to purge the people who say mean things right after the Democrats purge their cop killers, their terrorists and sympathizers, and the KKK.

Comment Alternative hypothesis (Score 1) 145

Perhaps Putin is doing well in the polls not because his mythical hackers are doing it, but because we are still in the middle of an 18-month, 10+ billion dollar propaganda campaign that hoped first to prevent a Trump win, and, that having failed, is now spreading the idea that his win was not because of his populist/nationalist message, but the result of Russian hackers.

If half of the country genuinely believes that Trump's victory was the result of Russian interference, is it surprising really that Putin would do well in a poll of the most influential person of the year?

Comment Re:alt-white (Score 1) 434

Here's the thing... alt-right is not a formal organization with dues and ID cards. The phrase doesn't even have a clearly defined meaning. There are lively debates going on about that right now. As far as I can tell, it refers to everyone willing to entertain right-leaning ideas that Bill Buckley condemned.

Here is one discussion on reddit's /r/The_Donald:

Basically, whenever the media doesn't like someone, they associate that person with David Duke. Not because anyone knows or cares what David Duke thinks, but because he's the go-to monster. But he's getting old, losing his smear value. Enter Richard Spencer... tomorrow's media boogey man.

A good fraction of Trump's voters are not ordinary conservatives, they are alt-right. That's hundreds of thousands of people at the least, and probably into the tens of millions. Compare that to the dozens of people at that conference.

So, while virtually everyone at that conference was alt-right, 99.99% of the alt-right was not there, and has no idea who Richard Spencer is.

I consider myself to be alt-right and have been for years, and if it wasn't for people condemning the actions at this conference, I probably never would have heard of this guy.

But as long as we are tarring whole groups with the brush of the craziest members contained in that group, we should probably have a chat about how the all Democrats are cop killers. Right? Right?

Comment Re:Tell them what to think! (Score 0) 667

You run a newspaper in Imaginationland? That must be pretty cool.

The good news (for us) is that your buddies are going to have to learn how to falsify data without taxpayer funding. And figure out how to go to conferences in tropical luxury resorts without my tax dollars paying the bill.

(Did you catch that earlier? I said "cool" to a guy who lost his home to global warming.)

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