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Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 456

Social/cultural constructs are real, and we don't have to listen to your silly definitions.

Exactly. We don't have to listen to yours either. And can you quote back to me exactly where I said they were not real in the first place?

I find as long as a person isn't engaging in sex with a minor, I'm fine with wherever they want to dip their wick. I'm fine if they want to enter the state of marriage, and enjoy the rights and responsibilities of that state. Awesome. Finding love is better than finding hatred.

Facebook's 51 genders?http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/02/15/the-complete-glossary-of-facebook-s-51-gender-options.html Oops maybe its 58....

Agender Androgyne Androgynous Bigender Cis Cisgender Cis Female Cis Male Cis Man Cis Woman Cisgender Female Cisgender Male Cisgender Man Cisgender Woman Female to Male FTM Gender Fluid Gender Nonconforming Gender Questioning Gender Variant Genderqueer Intersex Male to Female MTF Neither Neutrois Non-binary Other Pangender Trans Trans* Trans Female Trans* Female Trans Male Trans* Male Trans Man Trans* Man Trans Person Trans* Person Trans Woman Trans* Woman Transfeminine Transgender Transgender Female Transgender Male Transgender Man Transgender Person Transgender Woman Transmasculine Transsexual Transsexual Female Transsexual Male Transsexual Man Transsexual Person Transsexual Woman Two-Spirit

Which is exactly why I say it is pointless. Explain if you will, the difference between a Transsexual male and a transsexual man. And is it worth getting offended if you identify as a trans male and someone assumes your gender is transgender male? Must be if there is an official separate designation.

The list shows that whatever you feel like calling yourself is an acceptable gender, therefore, it follows that the term gender has no meaning. The likewise silly term some people use as identifying as a " Blackhawk Helicopter". Well how would you deny that?

You have male, female, and indeterminate, if you feel the need. And the hijacking of gender into sexual or non-sexual preference needs shelved under "none of your damn business."

Now on to Social/Cultural. My background is Hungarian/Ukrainian/Italian/Scotch-Irish. My Mother was Italian, and My Father was Hungarian in the latest generation, with the Ukrainian one generation back.

So am I blessed to have so many cultures to pick and choose from, or do I have to pick one and stay within it so I am not guilty of cultural appropriation? I can tell you that you would have been mortally offended, because we enjoyed aspects of every culture that was part of our past. Except Scotch Irish - I'm not certain how that was neglected.

All of these things exist - I'll thank you for not putting words into what I write - that's rather offensive, you know.

We know that by the scientific definition of race the human species has no races, but we also know the historical context of what groups the word "race" in the human context has defined and what physical characteristics went into that, and we can use it.

And you could line up people by skin pigmentation/race from lightest to darkest, and no one, not even the most discriminating racist could tell the dividing line. I seldom use the "race descriptive anyhow, because you and your ilk spend a lot of time changing the word and getting offended if someone uses the wrong term, It doesn't turn you into a racist to use the term African-American. Yet everyone knows what you are talking about.

Even then, it can be an issue. On NPR I was listening to a newswoman interviewing a woman from Germany that also happened to be from an African nation, and also happened to have skin pigmentation typical of a person from that nation. So the interviewer asked her at one point "How do you feel about this as an African-American woman?"

Long pause.

But I'm not African American - I'm German."

But unlike the perpetually offended, she just chuckled - I suspect because the reporter was mortified.

So if you like, you can tidy up your little corner, be outraged when people don't conform to your demands, then wonder why some folks get elected when the rest of the country gets tired of your perpetualy offended nature.

Comment Re:git was written when SHA-1 attacks were publish (Score 1) 91

Linus really has no sense of security. He'll use whatever is expedient over what's wise. It's a shame really.

How about describing the attack vector?

The attack vector is straight out of OP's fuzzy behind.

It's like its possible, for the most unlikely possible way you'd ever want to infect a computer. I'm more worried about getting hit by a meteor. Which is to say, not at all.

Comment Re:git was written when SHA-1 attacks were publish (Score 1) 91

This attack required over 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 SHA1 computations. This took the equivalent processing power as 6,500 years of single-CPU computations and 110 years of single-GPU computations.

So, Step 1: Get a super-computer ... or rent a fuck-tonne of capacity at Amazon EC2 ...

Yeah, and don't forget that the (millions) of different hashed programs with the malevolent code will also need to replace the good copy. And compil And install

Oy, such a lot of effort. And yup, there is a non-zero chance of this happening to me. Don't think I'll worry much though.

Comment Re:Now he should be shot by a native American (Score 1) 456

Most native american were nomadic, nomads don't have countries nor immigration laws.





Though I guess you are trying to say that the amerinds who were not nomadic actually are the rightful settlers. Odd.

I don't blame anyone but the kook who did this. Anyone defending or blaming is gravitating toward kookdom themselves.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 456

Only if your definition of race comes from the 19th century, which in itself is a little racist. These days race is a social or cultural construct, in which case this is quite clearly racism.

And as we increasingly expand simple concepts like race or gender, it merely dilutes them to the point of pointlessness.

It means that members of a club are a race. Members of a political party are a race. Rednecks are a race Fraternity members are a race. Liberals are a race. Conservatives are a race.

I use ethnicity for the most part just because of the silly destruction of the term race. But I harbor no illusions that the wordsmits won't screw that up as well.

And I identify my gender as a Lamborghini Countach. Which makes my race as Gearhead.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 456

a class or kind of people unified by shared interests, habits, or characteristics

So WoW players, cat fanciers and gun enthusiasts are races now? Not sure that will fly with the UNHRC...

So now along with 5000 Genders, we got a million races based on beer preference.

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