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Comment Re:USA only and no vpns allowed (Score 1) 163

Example: If a company both streams and still wants to still sell dvds/blu-ray in Europe, they could be required to offer streaming according to whatever terms EU defines.

There are lots of ways to solve the problem, with various amounts of carrots and sticks.

Comment They just have an extraordinary bad battery. (Score 1) 527

Well the fuel cell can be refilled in a few minutes by simply add more chemicals, unlike current battery technology, which tends to have safety issues with fast charging causing battery packs to catch fire.

(the above doesn't mean that hydrogen fuel cells are good, just that this is some bullshit coming from Tarpenning)

Comment Re:That's not how they make a profit (Score 1) 316

Indeed. I swear all these futures contracts are a big scam. Everyone assumes the money in the spot price, because most people barely have the economic sense to operate a lemonade stand. But selling energy futures is extremely lucrative and as we known from multiple times in history, extremely vulnerable to fraud.

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