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Comment All of these are applicable (Score 0) 32

            n 1: one who works hard at boring tasks [syn: hack, drudge,
            3: a mediocre and disdained writer [syn: hack, hack writer,
                  literary hack]
            6: an old or over-worked horse [syn: hack, jade, nag,
            5: kick on the shins

Comment Re:microphone (Score 1) 289

I remember when you could send FM radio broadcasts with an old VGA monitor.

I used to work for a start-up that wanted to beam files and things to tablets and phones using audio. The amount of data packed into the short tone was similar to what you could fit into a QR code, enough for a base URL and UUID. Adding lots of redundancy for forward error correction made it less efficient in terms of bitrate, but you could deal with going through compression and filtering like during a phone conference.

All this makes me miss IrDA beaming. It was a lot easier to share stuff between PDAs than it has been between phones. Which is silly because the screen + front facing camera would potentially make a simple bi-directional ad hoc link between two phones that are physically near each other. Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi are definitely better for range and bandwidth, but it's so troublesome to setup temporary connections between two specific devices using those. (NFC is actually pretty good, but when I upgraded to the newer model of my phone the hardware was dropped)

Comment Re:What webcam (Score 1) 289

It probably costs more to special order a computer that doesn't include a common consumer grade peripheral. Not to mention there has to be different SKUs, and different plastics to deal with the hole, even if it is merely fitted with a plug.

your points #2 and #3 are spot on though. But I wasn't able to disable my microphone without pulling the laptop completely apart, which it resisted doing, the hinge gave me so much trouble that I gave up and put it back together.

Who uses a laptop microphone anyways? they sound horrible and pick up tons of background noise. Totally worthless to have on a laptop. I'd trade that webcam and microphone for a design with an extra USB port!

Comment A message to early adopters (Score 1) 59

[middle finger emoji] (slashdot is unable to display unicode)

Really, it seems many first versions of devices lose support rather quickly. My guess it that businesses don't find early adopters to be all that important, or perhaps the early adopters themselves are the problem and cease using devices after a while because they've jumped onto the next big thing.

P.S. - I'm not an early adopter type, I still use a PalmOS-based device on a regular basis.

Comment Re:Non-PHP CMS? (Score 1) 222

Mostly the Java ones are by for internal company projects, and you won't see much press outside of the web consultant community about them. But there are several, some of them associated with the apache or jakarta project.

Do you have any requirements?

Comment Re:Coding (Score 1) 342

Partly because popular toolkits or frameworks are a constantly moving target that have to be relearned every couple of years, particularly in the web world.

I'm in the C world, and tend to work on embedded devices, device drivers and operating systems. That stuff changes very slowly, the things I worked on 15 years ago when I left college are still relevant today in my narrow little industry.

I expect web development to one day reach some maturity where there is a common universal set of tools suitable and effective for most projects. I had hopes that Java/Spring would have been that, but it seems people have moved else where these days.

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