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Comment Re:I only want an operating system (Score 1) 177

Yes, I've been using Linux as my primary OS for over 20 years (really!). But Linux is not equivalent to Microsoft Windows.

I can get chicken sandwiches from Wendy's, McDonalds, etc. and I tend to frequent those establishments instead of Chick-Fil-A. But of course there is a huge amount of choice for fast food, and they are generally equivalent to each other ignoring basic taste preferences.

If I want to run a Windows application should I use anything except Microsoft Windows to run it? Could I use Wine? Perhaps in some cases, but I'd argue it's not production ready and it's not supported by the application vendor and the Wine team does not offer a support contract.

Microsoft is free to not offer the things I want, but at the same time they should not be permitted to use their dominate position in the market to exclude customer choice.

Comment I only want an operating system (Score 5, Insightful) 177

Is that too much to ask? I'd like to pay some money in exchange for software to abstract my hardware into a platform and allow application to run. That is of course the kernel and drivers as well as the libraries and services necessary for applications.

I don't want advertisements, data mining, or even a bundled web browser. I do want security updates and timezone updates, please don't stop updating timezones with the excuse that an older operating system version is "unsupported".

If this were a free market, we could pay money in exchange for the goods and services we want. Assuming we can agree on a price, but I doubt even a million dollars would could get Microsoft's attention.

Comment It's only been 7 years (Score 1) 480

7 years of time passing shouldn't exclude something from being part of the modern era.

Perhaps we, as consumers, should put our weight behind a platform that is designed from the ground up to be flexible, extensible and maintained. If Microsoft would provide that, then great, if not then we may want to consider alternatives.

Forcing a switch or operating systems every 5-10 years is pretty disruptive to developers, industry and IT.

PS - as a Linux developer I can say that Linux isn't a great choice as a long term platform either. The kernel changes based on pet projects of whichever person is most active on LKML. And binaries tend to break between distros and between distro versions as binary compatibility is rarely considered a desirable features among open source advocates.

PPS - I realize nobody will stop using Windows. Microsoft will have us under their thumb for the rest of our lives.

Comment In short ... (Score 1) 562

Yesterday I sold 1 lemonade. Today I sold 3, that's a 200% increase in sales!
If we follow the slope of the line we'll be selling trillions of lemonades by the end of the month. (205,891,132,094,649 if I've calculated that right)

And this has already been covered elsewhere.

Comment Re:Don't secure any system (Score 1) 172

Well there is some differences in the comparison. With violent crime much of it occurs in "the heat of the moment", by people who have very poor impulse control. Often people who commit violent crimes don't consider the possibility of getting caught, so the consequences are irrelevant. Those people need to get caught, if only to prove their assumptions wrong.
With non-violent crime, the is more calculation going on. People who break into homes while you are on vacation do so because they planned it out to minimize their risk. White collar criminal who embezzle or who do illegal stock trades always put some effort into avoiding getting caught, even if their efforts are ineffective.
I would classify hacking for profit as a white collar crime and hacking for entertainment as a misguided seeking of knowledge (I sympathize strongly with that type).

What I don't like about attempts by governments to increase the chances of catching hackers, is that my privacy and freedom is often sacrificed to reach that goal. I want it both ways, maximum freedom and minimum risk.

Comment t's been a long time since I did the stroll (Score 1) 132

technically not everything is stone. It depends on how rigorous your definition of stone is. With a sufficiently wide definition, you run the risk of all matter that we have access to on Earth being either from the atmosphere or from rocks, stones, minerals (in geology parlance, everything is a rock). And then we have to ask if carbon and oxygen found in the atmosphere were ever part of a rock, given that volcanoes send out huge amounts of CO2 the answer is yes. Is the argon in our atmosphere from decayed potassium?

You can make transistors without silicon. Most of us know of germanium transistors, but there are more exotic semiconductors such as AlGaAs (aluminium gallium arsenide). And carbon is an interesting semiconductor, although it's rarely considered one. But when carbon is doped properly and put into a crystalline structure it can operate as a diode (and possibly as a useful FET, as the bandgap is large).

/ It's been a long time since I rock and rolled /

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