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Comment Re:Two words: "Ford Pinto" (Score 1) 177

From your link: In the ensuing years, though, some doubt has been cast on the relative severity of the defect. Reports range from 27 to 180 deaths as a result of rear-impact-related fuel tank fires in the Pinto, but given the volume of more than 2.2 million vehicles sold, the death rate was not substantially different from that of vehicles by Ford's competitors. The far more damaging result for Ford was the PR disaster. The company long endured a reputation for putting profits ahead of build quality, which, ironically, drove even more customers to foreign and competing brands. The Pinto was a painful lesson for Ford, which now routinely builds some of the safest cars on the road.

Yeah, once the rep is shot, it's shot. I just ran into a simple version of this yesterday. Wifey and I went to a restaurant where, 20 years ago, she got a pie that was moldy. We haven't been back since until yesterday, thinking "whoever screwed up is long gone, let's try again".

The food, though not bad, was not what was expected. The waiter could see that we were thinking "well, we'll try again in 20 years" so didn't charge us for one of the meals. The food is no better than Denny's, so I don't really see us going back, though the waiter's effort was appreciated.


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