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Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 115

This happened here in Australia, now we have a huge bat (and bat guano) problem. The bats a bigger problem than the insects ever were.

"The placental mammals made their reappearance in Australia in the Pleistocene, as Australia continued to move closer to Indonesia, both bats and rodents appearing reliably in the fossil record." - wiki

Damned Pleistocenians.

But I pedantisize. I read about Bateman's Bay. What a mess.

Truthfully, NY does need to take care as it can get out of control. But humans are getting better at that and I've read stories of farmers working with different species to control or solve various problems, etc. Still, as you say, good luck with that.

In SoCal, coyotes are showing up in urban areas, and cougars (mountain lions) in rural. The population is grumbling about lost pets, and the occasional attack on a human (a kid or two by a coyote, or an adult being killed...cougars are bad-assed), and the grumbling is getting louder.

Due to drought and encroachment, and logistics, of course, these critters can't be picked up and moved. In the past, humans had a solution for predators, as many extinctions attest to. It will be interesting to see how this problem will be handled in the "California" way.

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