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Comment Re:Anti-Russian space program propoganda (Score 1) 93

Indeed, this piece is pretty blatantly selective. How about showing a comparison of failed projects, how about how much projects actually cost in their respective agencies. The summary is right out of the 1960s BS "we're #1!" after winning a single race after being beating in dozens of others.

Beavis: You won every race, Butthurt! You went to the Olympics! Heh, too bad you didn't win.
Butthurt: Shut up, Beavis! Winning the Olympics wasn't my goal. I wasn't racing. I had other plans. I sent a robot to run my race for me.

Comment Re:funny... (Score 1) 1424

So very funny. There were eight years of Obama rule during which all of these reforms could have been at least attempted. Funny how now that their favorite candidate lost everyone is coming out of the woodworks complaining about the system and asking for reforms.

I agree. Trump I believe said that the Electoral College "is a disaster". Perhaps he will work on this and other reforms.

I agree that the US political system is completely broken and needs wholesale replacement. I don't think this is the right way and the right time to do it.

No, for it to be completely broken, you'd have to look back to 1860. *That's* what a broken govt looks like.

Comment Re:So let me get this straight (Score 1) 1424

All right, all right, we'll get offa your lawn.

For anyone who argues Trump supporters would be doing the same thing were the situation reversed, I call out your bullshit and will say it's pure speculation on your part. Right now the only folks who are actively participating in the riots and general stupidity are those who claim to be the " more educated, intelligent and / or informed " than those " Deplorable " Trump Supporters ( Hillary's description of them I believe ).

Of course it's pure speculation for us, since that happens to be in a different universe-line. Pretty good educated guess though. A quick read through pre-election chatter shows that. Also, why shouldn't intelligent people be protesting (not rioting etc) if they wish? I call bullshit, it's pure speculation on your part that they are the ones rioting etc. Democrats have a very wide base, so tends to be more unwieldy and non-monolithic. Finally, it's "a basket of deplorables". That's what makes it such a cute quote.

Comment Re:The real sham (Score 1) 1424

Yes, somewhat less than the majority have voted and made their opinion known that "the liberal opinion and political agenda doesn't work". So, with a little math magic, we have the statement "a majority of the nation believes that the liberal opinion and political agenda works". Your turn.

Comment Re:Electoral college does reflect the popular vote (Score 1) 1424

I believe in democracy. I believe in limits to democracy. It's well known that "democracy" doesn't really scale well past the tribal level (150 or so peeps). I have various bloodlines in me that were/are oppressed in various places. And, go back far enough, all of us have slave blood in us from somewhere/somewhen. I believe in democracy but prefer to avoid or mitigate its failure modes.

Comment Re:Electoral college does reflect the popular vote (Score 1) 1424

AFAIK Ca. has always had serious financial problems. Reading through the PDF, it looks like Ca. has a lot of the same problems as other states regarding pensions and stuff. A low financial rating is not good. Still, with the 8th largest economy in the world (if it were a country), it has good possibilities.

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