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Comment Re:Could climate science be affected, too? (Score 1) 142

"Until proven otherwise, I think we'll have to take any and all academic research with a really big grain of salt."

Ah, yes, guilty until proven otherwise. We humans do seem to like working in that mode. (As a sidebar, I do appreciate that some govts make it illegal to do that, in some cases.)

I read on the internet that AC's rape their pets. Until proven otherwise, I think we'll have to assume that any and all AC's are screwing the pooch.

Comment Re:Just needs a $1000 solar panel (Score 1) 202

Great, all it needs is a $1000 solar panel and you are set

Solar powered does not imply solar panels. It runs off the heat differential between a sunlit top and a shaded, air cooled condenser.

Yeah, good catch. Half the numbnuts posting on this are chattering on about solar cell efficiency and cost, etc.

Not that this is bad. I come here for the tangents as much as for the articles.

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