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Comment Re:Great news! (Score 3, Insightful) 267

He is a politician now but before the election he most certainly was not. Are you that thick to not understand this basic concept? Let me help you out: What political office did he hold before November 8th? Idiot.

He became a politician when he threw his hat in the ring in 2015. He became a successful politician in 2016. Do you not understand this basic concept?

His training ground on how to lie effectively and influence people was as a CEO.

Comment Re:Anti-Phishing Training (Score 2) 44

My company HR sent notice of required anti-phishing email training.

- The email came from someone I never heard of.

- It contained a link to an external website.

- And the external website required we log in with our domain credentials.

I ignored the notices for weeks until my boss came to my desk and made me do it. Just unbelievable.

Been there, done that. As you say, just unbelievable.

Comment Re:Self-Driving? (Score 1) 90

Why does the title and article call it a "self-driving" beer tap rather than simply "automated"? I thought this was going to be like that sequel to the Heineken walk-in fridge commercial where the guy misunderstands the request and makes a mini-fridge that walks into the living room on robot legs when summoned.

Hilarious. I would have loved seeing that.

Update: So I asked the Font of All Knowlege, and eventually got the reply: "5 Funniest Heineken Adverts of All Time [HD] " https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Trigger warning: disturbing images at 1:16. Not for the weak-hearted.

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