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Comment Re:A little perspective (Score 1) 435

He's not hiding behind anything. Things were setup to avoid "mob rule", "tyranny of the majority"; to get the little states to agree to a union with larger states. And, yes, if we decide to change it, we need to "take it up with the Founding Fathers", as they argued that shit out 200 years ago. We'd best be very careful changing something that has brought us to superpower status.

Comment Re:News for (N|T)(e|u)rds? (Score 1) 16

...or Bigfoot.

So many articles have posting talking about "why is this on /.?" Then we get something like this nano-article, and...12 comments, 2/3's of them a waste of a parsing. I quote this guy in the Bigfoot posting:

" Slashdot By vadim_t 2016-Oct-6 13:01 Score: 5, Insightful Thread I remember back when it was "Slashdot: News for Nerds, Stuff That Matters" Now it seems it's ever trending towards "Slashdot: News for Morons, Inane Bullshit" "

So, as a business, what is /. to do? When is the last time somebody referred to a site being slashdotted? How would one turn it around? Clickbait works, unfortunately. See the bigfoot article. Lots of postings, lots of bitching, lots of political crap; a few good zingers but nothing worth posting about. And /. made money off of that article.

This article? 12 postings? Not so much. In fact they probably lost money on this one.

Comment Re:Make a decent addon keyboard. (Score 1) 90

Old BB user here. The lack of physical kybd was my biggest worry with the new stuff. Once I got used to it, which didn't take too long, the soft kybd worked pretty well. I can type faster.

Let's say I go to type the word "project". I start pr, and if I use "project" a lot, over the "o" will be "project", which I just swipe up and there it is. I'm quick, so often I'll have already typed the "o". In that case, "project" floats over the "j", ready for me to swipe up. And, if "protect" is a common word of mine, I'll also see "protect" floating over the "t", also. Fat-fingering *maybe* happens a little more often, but I'm not sure.

This does mean, though, that one has to look at the keyboard, so ymmv. Generally, I find the soft kybd responds well to my thumbs, and it didn't take very long to get used to it. Maybe after a month(?) I was typing faster than on a phys kybd.

Comment Re:What about English? (Score 1) 401

...Humans have understood how to interpret human language, it is high time we taught our machines to do the same.

I agree. This language is already written. COmmon Business Oriented Language, by the grace of Admiral Grace

I was waiting for someone to bring up this UTTER FALLACY.

COBOL is chatty/wordy, and resembles english, but it is not at all structured like english. It has very precise structural rules. You tell it "ADD X TO Y GIVING ANS", but you can't (productively) tell it "ANS IS X ADDED TO Y" or "ADD X AND Y TOGETHER TO GIVE ANS".

I'm am pleased to to be able to bring joy to your life. Yes, it was the first (and last?) attempt. We pro's have gone far beyond, and prefer to write code that looks like line noise.

Comment Re: What about English? (Score 1) 401

You do have a point, even if the computer didn't get it perfect everytime it would be nice to get some things done as easily as you could asking a human. Use google to search for the first 100 gas stations in our city, put the names and addresses in a spreadsheet. Thanks.

I agree. What Siri and others can do is still limited. I've often wanted the ability to do this.

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