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Submission + - What issues do you have with Slashdot functionality?

hackwrench writes: We know about Slashdot's Unicode, nonspecific issues with features around what was Slashdot beta, Slashdot launching you some arbitrary distance down the page, the mobile site missing features and hiding posts without the option to turn it off and apparently I and others have been banned from moderating. What features do you find problematic with the Slashdot interface and what would you like to have added?

Comment Microsoft's Malware Operating System? (Score 1) 146

I'm trying really hard to understand the difference between Malware and Windows 10 and..... so far I... well honestly... have not the faintest idea.

1. Malware tricks people into installing it.

2. Once installed it spies on users
Check and Check...

3. Malware monetizes its victims with ads and shit

4. Malware bundles other malware to financially reward the original malware author. ... and Check..

What is the difference? I'm not trying to be a smart alec, or bash Microsoft. This is an honest to god serious question.

What is the daylight between what Microsoft's doing and your average malware vendors business models?

Much of the malware I see these days will actually uninstall itself from add-remove programs... Both Microsoft and Malware vendors generally seem to be trying to walk a tight rope of not acting in a blatantly illegal manner.

What's the difference? Why isn't Windows malware? Why isn't Microsoft a malware vendor?

Comment Re:Thank you Donald! (Score 4, Interesting) 166

I vote for Trump because I believed there was about a 30% chance he would actually deliver on his promises to stand up to the corporations in favor of the working class. The odds were, and still are, in favor of him being full of shit on those promises. But that 30% chance is still better than the 0% chance that Hillary would have ever stood up for the working class.

Comment Re:Thank you, Pres. Trump, for putting America fir (Score 1, Insightful) 166

"Disagreeing" is one thing. Imprisoning your opposition, threatening them with violence, getting them fired from their jobs, banning them from speaking engagements, harassing them, calling them racists and sexists, etc.--well that's something else entirely. The left stopped merely "disagreeing" some time ago.

Comment Re:Thank you, Pres. Trump, for putting America fir (Score 1, Insightful) 166

The sad thing is that patriotism and nationalism have become dirty words on the left. It's even worse in Europe, though. Members of the "Britain First" movement are being arrested and persecuted pretty heavily. Shit, you can get into serious trouble there just for selling stuff with the British flag on it. Such is the insane world we live in.

Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 2) 166

Since the bill supposedly "explicitly prohibits the replacement of American workers by visa holders" this would presumably not be necessary. If Americans are able and willing to do the job, companies shouldn't even be allowed to hire H1B visa holders. Of course, that has never stopped companies from finding a million loopholes and tricks to get around this in the past.

It all comes down to how strictly and consistently the law is actually enforced. Send a few execs to prison for trying to cheat the system and the rest would quickly fall in line. But, campaign promises aside, the odds of THAT happening are slim to none.

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