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Comment Re: Only the beginning (Score 1) 107

I can't argue the multitude of reasons to hate M$, but the fact that a free service they are offering doesn't play well with their competitors products, and that they did not spend enough money to ensure that it did seems a bit over the top. That they bothered to even ensure/provide that it functioned at all seems sort of a good thing, let alone tuned it to run well. Do you think Chrome(google) or Apple is less invasive on the privacy side ?
As for "could not afford to buy a Linux computer", I've never seen one myself either. Plenty of intel/amd hardware running Linux, lots of Solaris, Tandem, DEC, IBM, CRAY, and even some RedHat branded hardware, but never a Linux computer.

Comment Re: Only the beginning (Score 1) 107

You are not a user, you are a developer. Users at the place I work for don't require Administrator to do anything, don't install anything, they just login answer email and use the programs that are installed and fully supported by the IT dept. Their machines reboot at night when it is scheduled by IT just like they always have. I've found that they don't even know what version of OS they are on as long as the stuff they need for day to day work functions, e.g. email, and the apps that are put there as part of the software push. Most of them are very happy with Windows 10 because they got shiny new hardware with it and it is faster than their old stuff was. The small slice of developers and QA folks that do require additional access have been less than happy in many cases, some even valid, though some of the grief is just M$ haters, who are gonna hate no matter what...

Comment A standard (Score 2) 217

A standard is only as good as it is implemented in the wild. W3C can recommend all it wants but if web masters refuse to implement it or adopt it, it is just so much wasted documentation. This will likely result in a huge fragmentation of the web not seen since the AOL, Prodigy days of the past.

Comment Re: Which is more important? (Score 1) 244

That is my experience as well. As a sysadmin I had root access to my devices while the programmers who actually knew what to do with them and how the code worked had to seek access from info security. Check and balance. When I worked at a bank the security modules made by tandem had 3 keys, one in Ops hands, one in a locked double access key cabinet and one in info security possession. It often took longer to get access to the devices than it did to update or repair them.

Comment Proper tools (Score 1) 160

The idea of having a shop was to house all the proper tools. Hard to bring a car lift to my driveway, or a tire balancer or any number of other bulky and expensive tools a shop has to expedite repairs, and I sure as heck aren't paying more for them to then have to haul my car back to the shop to continue repairs...

Comment Odd (Score 4, Interesting) 244

Should the FBI have the ability to not prosecute in a child porn case ? In California there are several types of cases that failure to pursue result in criminal liabilities for the prosecutor's, among them spousal abuse, child abuse, child porn. It is one thing to lack the evidence or documentation to pursue, or to continue to investigate but to dismiss with jeopardy attached should be a crime in itself.

Comment Re:Shop mentality vs office mentality (Score 1) 360

I was told by a lawyer, that it was not the intention, but the listener or viewers interpretation. Thus the difference between urinating in public, and indecent exposure lies in who if any views it. I and my coworker thought the jokes were all in good fun, but the women who overheard them felt they were sexually discriminating and insulting. I was told by the boss that had she not complained there would have been no issue. Of course if the woman had not overheard no one else would have ever have known the event even took place...

Comment Re:Shop mentality vs office mentality (Score 5, Informative) 360

I was working in a print shop many years ago, and as far as I was aware there were only 2 of us in the area, both guys, and we were telling blond jokes. An hour or so later my companion and I were summoned to the department directors office and told that we had been the subject of a sexual harassment complaint for telling inappropriate joke at work. A women had let herself in the back door and was literally stealing special forms paper and had overheard us telling the jokes and complained to management. We, both guys were forced to take a sexual harassment education class and issue a formal apology to a woman who was then fired for stealing supplies. The bottom line is it is not how you intend the joke or to whom you are directing it to, but how anyone who hears it interprets it, whether you intended them to hear it or not.

Comment Re:making thinner and more apple only service take (Score 0) 86

Yeah, a long time ago in a galaxy far away when their hardware was actually different and performed graphic design rendering functions better and more efficiently than competing hardware. It is now the same, both chip and screen, making Apple just a style and price point difference.

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