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Comment Irelevant outside of a DC (Score 1, Offtopic) 133

This is cool, but ultimately irrelevant until someone forces the ISP's to admit there is no bandwidth shortage and do some high tier interchange upgrades. The current venal ISP's have spent millions convincing the FCC and customers there is a shortage of bandwidth so they can vastly overcharge for the 'available' bandwidth. As long as the cable companies won't compete and aren't interested in resolving the situation, most of us are stuck in a hell where 25 mbps is the best we can get on a good day.

Comment Odd (Score 4, Interesting) 302

I was under the impression that Birth, Death, and marriage information was publically available in California.


It would seem that this law is in violation of the existing laws, but IANAL, nor am I a rich 'celebrity'. Hollywood folks seem generally above most laws, or at least shielded from them.

Comment Re:Internet of (some) Things (Score 1) 114

Or you could say, just give the kid a key to the front door like everyone has for years and years. My car is connected to the internet, and I get an email report monthly regarding fuel and engine performance, tire air pressure and other generally simplistic things that anyone who maintains a car should know how to do. I have numerous automated things in the house, lights, auto watering systems, a proximity opening pet door and the only one that really needs or benefits from internet connectivity are the cameras on my alarm system, and I can never be sure it is really secure, though I've checked it out thoroughly and monitor the firewall closely. When I am home I disable the cameras and leave the exterior sensors on.

Comment They are right (Score 5, Insightful) 278

Snowden did do our government a disservice when he posted those documents online. What the report didn't state was that our government did the US people a HUGE disservice when they acted as they did to force his hand. Torture of POW's ? The violation of US laws to support US interests. The means does not justify the end and just because they chose to take the acts out of the US doesn't absolve them of the guilt.

Comment Re:Do want jitter, latency, or stuttering bandwidt (Score 1) 199

None of the above ? I'd like a steady stream with low latency at the bandwidth I was advertised, instead of the bait and switch the low down dirty scoundrels generally offer. During mid day and primetime TWC(Spectrum) fails to even resolve addresses reliably. Their DNS is configured on sequential IP's on the same subnet, forcing me to configure alternate DNS solutions e.g. Opendns, and Google DNS. My Amazon delivers a nice throughput but DirecTV on demand is jittery and pauses often.

Comment Does this really mean prioritze (Score 1) 199

This could be really cool if I could flag ads as a low or zero priority while retaining the other content as high or desired priority. On the other hand what if I don't want to flag any content as lower priority but 'want it all' delivered at the highest rate or the advertised rate. It seems that this could be interpreted as what stuff can we slow down, not what do we prioritize.

Comment Re:I read a lot (Score 1) 140

I do feel bad that the authors are getting screwed by the eBook process, but not enough to pay $9.00 for an eBook vs $4.00 for the used paperback. ($1 +2.99 shipping). I WISH that the authors got the difference in production cost from an EBook vs a new paperback though. If I could get a DRM free eBook for $5.00 I'd go that route, knowing the authors got their deserved share of a new purchase vs my used repurchase, knowing I could share the EBook with my cousin and niece. The amount I get from selling back to the half-priced book store is trivial, and I often donate to a local school library or to the Yuma library for their used book sale.

Comment Re:Empty threat (Score 2) 302

From what I read the UE is not threatening to levy penalties, but is saying you should have collect X, if you choose to take less so be it, but we are going to base subsidies on what you should have collected, not on what you choose to collect, so if you want to let money walk away go for it, but don't expect us to provide anything to bridge the gap. I could of course be mistaken I am neither a lawyer nor an accountant, and I certainly am not a soothsayer able to see the mysterious future.

Comment I read a lot (Score 1) 140

I read a lot, both on the kindle E-reader, the paper white is nice, and paperbacks, but I have several family members that read paperbacks only and we share them about freely. While on Amazon I can get a used paperback for $.01 regularly plus 3.99 shipping the kindle versions are almost always the same or more expensive as a new paperback. The kindle version doesn't smell right and in the end I can't donate it to charity or sell it back to the half priced book house in town. Just like the promise of digital music downloads, the much hyped cost savings never really materialized for the end users, just a cut in production cost for the publishers resulting in more profit. I doubt if the author's even see any of it.

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