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Comment sigh (Score 1) 129

The Fsck'n companies can't even expand manage and compete in their terrestrial areas, there is no way they should be allowed access to orbit. The lag associated with satellite internet access is awful. Why should we let them have access and compete with Hughes net when they won't compete with their land bound opposition. Screw AT&T, Spectrum, Rogers, and Shaw.

Comment Re:Was going to buy one (Score 1) 47

Nah I lucked into a wonderful women who had a great kid by a deadbeat loser Dad. I really enjoy having the kid around and I did not have to go through the terrible 2's with him. He's old enough that he appreciates me, and I can like him as a person. The best part is his mother likes Hockey and drinks beer as well. I met her at a Sharks game, we both have season tickets...

Comment personalize the trigger words/name ? (Score 1) 606

I would think the next step is to voice print yourself and train google/alexa to respond to only a specific voice or group of voices. It would seem to make sense to change the name google/alexa responded to, to something personalized as well, say Oscar, like the system developed by a character in the following books...


Comment Re:Was going to buy one (Score 1) 47

It is more an issue of dead pixels than of potential scratches or such in the future. I doubt that I would use the device as a portable much anyways, I was mainly looking to play the new Zelda game and would very likely use it most of the time hooked to my big screen. I do very little portable gaming even on my laptop. But I do enjoy a good session of FPS shooter, and I love old school RPG's, almost as much as I like table top pen and paper role playing. The GF's kid and I have a blast teaming up in Battlefield as pilot and gunner, he's a really good pilot and it is not unheard of us to go an entire game in one vehicle. I will probably still get one but more toward the end of the year for a Christmas present or for a birthday gift for him in November.


Comment Was going to buy one (Score 1) 47

I was going to buy one but after the bad press about screen quality I asked the store to allow me to see the screen before I purchased it and they (Best Buy) refused to allow me to open one prior to purchase, so I deferred. Not that it hurt their sales at all, some lady took the one I had from my hands and bought it.

Comment Of course (Score 1) 903

The point is we don't get much for our tax dollars, at least at the federal level. No health care, no say in the election process
I'd pay more federal taxes if I received tangible benefits for my contribution. What our federal taxes do go for is personal protection for the petrochemical industries overseas interests, travel benefits for national reps and senators.
My state/local taxes get me part of my health care benefits, pays for the roads in my area. /rant

Comment Re:More Amusing than that... (Score 1) 169

Actually I just used hoodie from the person I responded to. I wear a plush warm microfiber pull over. No zipper to lay on, and as a bonus I slide across the raised tiles like a curling stone on ice. The lab is a normal 68F(20C) regardless of outside temp so in the summer in California you run the real risk of getting sick from the drastic temperature change. I could wear a hoodie if I wanted to, but security would make me pull the hood down at the lobby, upon access to the equipment floor where the lab is located and at the lab access door, for some reason they object to letting the Unabomber in the secured areas :)

Comment What if... (Score 1) 202

What if there is no dealer in the area ? How the hell are you supposed to buy a particular brand if there is no dealer in the area. This isn't for the consumer benefit, but to preserve the manufacturer monopoly via exclusive dealership arrangements. I should be able to buy a car at Sam's/Walmart just like I buy any other product.

Comment Re:More Amusing than that... (Score 3, Insightful) 169

I am more a hardware and network support tech than a programmer or developer, but I wear a hoodie ALL the time at work because my lab is Fsck'n freezing. The temp is set for the equipment not me which is fine, and as a bonus it keeps most everyone else out. I keep a couple extra micro fiber pull overs for the CE's and other hardware folks that come and visit occasionally. I feel sorry for the female techs that have to endure the arctic support lab as folks commonly refer to it. Despite the stereotype I deal with quite a few female techs from RH and M$ to IBM and EMC.

Comment Standards only extend to those who adopt them (Score 2) 126

Just don't adopt or support the new web standards. It won't prevent large companies from doing what they want, the only thing it does provide is a guideline to interoperability. If no one enacts web sites to the new standard it has no effect, but having a published standard guides companies towards smooth interoperability and helps prevent wholesale fracturing of the web.
If everyone's DRM follows a standard, when that is cracked, and it will be, the whole market will fall apart. If every entity arrives at its' own method you will need a hodgepodge of solutions to just navigate and use resources, which leads to a huge effort to maintain and secure from the user side.

Comment Re: Only the beginning (Score 1) 114

I can't argue the multitude of reasons to hate M$, but the fact that a free service they are offering doesn't play well with their competitors products, and that they did not spend enough money to ensure that it did seems a bit over the top. That they bothered to even ensure/provide that it functioned at all seems sort of a good thing, let alone tuned it to run well. Do you think Chrome(google) or Apple is less invasive on the privacy side ?
As for "could not afford to buy a Linux computer", I've never seen one myself either. Plenty of intel/amd hardware running Linux, lots of Solaris, Tandem, DEC, IBM, CRAY, and even some RedHat branded hardware, but never a Linux computer.

Comment Re: Only the beginning (Score 1) 114

You are not a user, you are a developer. Users at the place I work for don't require Administrator to do anything, don't install anything, they just login answer email and use the programs that are installed and fully supported by the IT dept. Their machines reboot at night when it is scheduled by IT just like they always have. I've found that they don't even know what version of OS they are on as long as the stuff they need for day to day work functions, e.g. email, and the apps that are put there as part of the software push. Most of them are very happy with Windows 10 because they got shiny new hardware with it and it is faster than their old stuff was. The small slice of developers and QA folks that do require additional access have been less than happy in many cases, some even valid, though some of the grief is just M$ haters, who are gonna hate no matter what...

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