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Comment Re:Probably a flawed analysis (Score 1) 990

In a couple of years you won't even have to do that. You can drive to Vegas on a Tesla (or a Model 3 in two years) from pretty much anywhere in the US, by utilizing the supercharger network: . And in a couple of years it'll cover all of the major routes.

Comment Re:a maintenance nightmare (Score 1) 188

We are talking about natural gas, not hydrogen. You can burn natural gas in solid oxide cells but so far none exist that are practical (otherwise all those gas turbines would have switched). And the _real_ (not proposed theoretical) numbers are miserable. See here: - that's with cogeneration (i.e. waste heat is also reused).

This is nothing more than a window dressing to greenwash increasing dependency of Germany on natural gas.

Comment Re:a maintenance nightmare (Score 1) 188

I've been hearing this since 2000-s and the price for wind did come down. But the cost of offshore generation also is not coming down. There's a reason for this - sea is a hostile environment and turbines have to be built to withstand much more aggressive weather.

The main problem with renewables right now is lack of energy storage, so simply scaling variable sources doesn't work at all. It's looking to be a fundamental problem that can derail the whole transition.

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