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Comment Re:Who's Responsibility? (Score 1) 246

Sure. If the USA decides a particular corporate activity is in the national interest then the CIA can freely back it. We had a lot more crony capitalism 1930s-1970s and it showed across all areas of government, including the first 3 decades of the CIA. My point is that this is not a blanket guarantee. They can also act against corporate interests freely when they deem it appropriate.

Comment Re:Pray I don't change it again (Score 0) 149

The reason to develop for them is that Apple has a huge share of the 400m consumers who spend the most on applications.

As an aside, vertical applications don't have this problem. They aren't easy to clone as the developer often has to have business partnership relations with desktop / server / SaaS companies. You often don't have to give up a percentage as the app is included (free).

Comment Re:Shocking! (Score 0) 1001

That a radius is 1/2 a circumference and you can move the 2. And yes people miss those sorts of things all the time in interviews. I was also thinking about derivation formulas 4*(1 - 1/3 + 1/5 - 1/7...)

As for why transcendental matters mainly I was trying to pick something that's only doable with fairly advanced knowledge. Basically this tests the person understands graduate level Galois theory.

Comment Re:CS Fundamentals are important (Score 0) 1001

AWS is just a bucket for storing my website assets over the Internet.

No it vastly more than just a big hard drive. There are 3 main computational theory about parallelism and AWS introduces specific complexities. This is not an easy topic.

I don't use sort algorithms for 99% of the code I write at work (IT stuff) and home (web development). I know how to implement binary and bubble sorts. If those don't do the job, I'll look for something else in the "Mastering Algorithms with C" book. ;)

The point isn't if you can read the book. The point is how much you already know. I can read French with a dictionary I can read English without one.

Comment Re:Now hi-tech are companies the "old grognards" (Score 1) 1001

The companies have to respond to what you aren't testing. Project based testing does a good job of testing things like collaboration skills and research skills that individual tests don't. Individual testing with no access to outside information tests depth of knowledge on hand.

Comment Re:CS Fundamentals are important (Score 1) 1001

Of course. But do you know which sort algorithms are required when? What the tradeoffs are? Since we are talking AWS how various algorithms decompose with out of order execution or on various configurations of network speed, disk speed and memory? Etc..

You can look all that up. But if you need to look it up then you don't know algorithm theory.

Comment Re:Shocking! (Score 1) 1001

If I'm hiring someone to program mathematical algorithms I'd want them to be able to prove the circumference of a circle is 2*pi*r because that means they understand what pi is. I would want them to be able to give several derivations of pi, and if the job were hard enough how to prove pi is transcendental.

Comment Re:Perhaps a better method... (Score 1) 1001

Yep same page. I hire much the same way.

1) Questions to determine depth in fields of expertise.
2) White board. Can the developer think algorithmically?How knowledgeable are they about computer science? And finally how fast are they.

Does a good job of getting the developers I want. Everyone can google.

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