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Comment Re:Illegal Speech (Score 1) 554

Speaking of not being able to read; The DOJ did not say the videos were illegal. The DOJ ordered UC Berkeley to make them compliant with ADA standards.

The university decided to remove the media because it was not worth the trouble and cost of fighting a lawsuit over compliance, and the cost of compliance was too high.

There was - is - absolutely nothing wrong with the videos themselves. The word "illegal" does not apply to any part of this situation. Big fuckin' difference.

Comment Re:Google Glass (Score 1) 119

Electric cars are a rich person's toy. Is the price difference less than a lifetime's worth of gas yet?

Last I checked - admittedly over five years ago - the premium cost of an electric vehicle (cost above a comparable gasoline vehicle in the same size and class) was paid for by fuel savings if you went with a least option. That is, the monthly lease cost for an EV minus the fuel cost savings was favorable to the monthly cost of leasing a comparable gasoline car.

Whether or not it's economical, however, depends on the cost of gas and how much you drive. When (not if) the price of gas goes back up to where it was circa 2012 then the economics will very much be in favor of EVs again.

Have they solved the range/long charge time problem?

These seem to be problems for people who go out of their way to make them problems.

Comment Re:Lots of Sunshine there (Score 5, Insightful) 201

Except you can't scale solar production up or down to handle fluctuations in demand.

You can scale it down, absolutely.

Or produce solar at night.

You don't need nearly as much power at night, and if they go with solar thermal you get quite a bit of storage "for free."

Or control the weather.

It's Arizona. They basically have two types of weather; Sunny and Night.

Comment Re:Fastest growing share is easy when you start at (Score 1) 382

My math says 1250 A @ 480V to fully charge 100kWh pack in 10 minutes

722 Amps since, at 480V, it's probably going to be three phase.

However, in the scenario you're suggesting, it would be more prudent to do battery swapping.

Comment Re:Alternate Headline (Score 1) 364

The point being that unless one counts labor in nearly identical ways any talk of 'jobs created' is meaningless.

Right... and that's why gas stations are totally irrelevant, because that's inappropriately expanding the scope of the definition. If you're going to talk about jobs pertaining to a particular endeavor, you should keep your definition as narrow and relevant as possible to avoid the kind of bullshit you're digging up. If you're not careful you end up including the farmer who grows the wheat that the baker makes into bread so the guy at the deli can make the sandwich for the guy who drives the bus that transports the guy to work at the waterfront where he moors the oil tankers that supply the oil to the power plant. Fucking ridiculous.

It's fair to include things like shipping of solar panels, just as it would be fair to include things like shipping materials to construct any other type of power plant (Note: It's not actually been established, AFAIK, that the jobs numbers *actually* includes such things). Once you get into tertiary or higher abstractions of jobs it becomes meaningless.

Comment Re:Alternate Headline (Score 1) 364

Except a trucker delivering a load of solar panels is, in fact, relevant to the solar power industry. You can't produce electricity until the solar panels are installed, and to install them you need to transport them from the factory to the installation site. Therefore, the process of delivery is directly relevant.

A gas station is not even remotely relevant to electricity generation. None of the materials, processes or services a gas station provides are directly necessary for the generation of power; at best it's a tertiary contributor.

Comment Re:Whoosh... (Score 1) 333

The people who didn't vote decided that a Trump administration would be in their best interest.

Not even Kellyanne Conway could claim that with a straight face.

People who didn't vote decided that NONE of the options presented were in their best interest. Abstaining from voting is absolutely not the same as voting for the eventual winner.

Comment Re:Emergency response (Score 1) 140

Not true. A helicopter can't be moving horizontally when it lands. A flying car with wheels could potentially be moving at 70+ MPH horizontally when it lands.

1) Under what situation would such a maneuver be necessary, or even advantageous, and

2) Given the relative difficulty if making a "flying car" in the first place, it seems the last thing you'd want to do is add more weight and complexity with a second drivetrain (Indeed this has so far been a major failing in flying car concepts), and

3) Landing at 70+MPH is anything but safe, which is why it's typically only done on access-controlled runways under the supervision of air traffic controllers and ground crews.

Flying cars to not address and real problem. People are fixated on them for the same reason they're fixated on "hover boards" and personal jet packs - it's a cool fantasy concept that's been romanticized in film and TV, but has absolutely zero practicality or advantage outside of fiction.

You want a personal flying vehicle? They're called "ultralight aircraft" and you don't even need a license to fly them in most cases.

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