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Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 0) 74

No, you don't.

Really, you don't have to ask... in fact, it's probably better that you don't know.

Let's just say that calling "news" is not only stretching the definition of the word, it is mutating it into something else entirely, and any similarity it may have to something that is ordinarily called "news" is most likely coincidental and probably even unintentional.

Comment Unions are helpful (except when they aren't) (Score 5, Insightful) 239

Why do you need a union? As long as there isn't work coercion, if you don't like the pay rate, or the quality of the workplace, leave.

Unions are sometimes very good for society. Sometimes management is abusive or corrupt. Sometimes there aren't any good jobs available even if someone wants to leave. Sometimes the company is making excessive profits at the expense of workers. Sometimes unions can correct power imbalances. It's very trite to say "if you don't like the situation leave" but that's not realistic for many people. Many people cannot easily leave their job even if they want to. Unions can be very effective at correcting management abuses and protecting those who are likely to be taken advantage of. Many of the features of the modern working life exist thanks to unions including 40 hour work weeks, paid time off, worker safety laws, engineering standards, and much more.

Are unions always a good thing? Absolutely not. Sometimes unions forget about the health of the company and make excessive demands. Sometimes unions make the companies economically uncompetitive. Sometimes unions protect dead weight or problem workers who really shouldn't be protected. Sometimes unions engage in corrupt behavior.

Unions become a problem when they forget their purpose and get too greedy. Management gets unions when they forget about caring for their employees and get too greedy.

Apple should be negotiating the best rates it's from its suppliers. In fact, being publicly traded, it would be unethical not to.

Woah... hold on there. Just because a company can legally do something does not make it automatically ethical. Maximizing profit is routinely at odds with ethical and responsible behavior. The fact that Apple management has a fiduciary duty does NOT mean they have no other legal or ethical obligations. Fiduciary duty is merely one among many legal and ethical obligations of a company. In fact getting the best piece rate from a supplier often is actually counterproductive. Squeezing a supply chain for every penny actually results in unhealthy suppliers and is bad for the Apple in the long run.

Comment Re:Odd, this "free range" environment... (Score 1) 108

I've worked at both as well. I'll take the open any day of the week. People are more accessible, you feel less like interfering if you talk to someone. Frequently you'll overhear a discussion that your input on is important. I feel an individual might get more done in some circumstances of private offices, but the team gets more done in an open one. And that's what's important. Especially if you're a team lead I would never choose an office over an open desk.

Comment Re:AV only helps if you are bad (Score 1) 184

Sure, but that trust only extends as far as whoever implemented those security measures and signed those binaries. We live in an era when your own OS may well be spying on you, your new laptop may be shipped with vendor-installed spyware right out of the factory, your new PC's CPU almost certainly has secondary functionality built-in that you can't examine or control, any of those things potentially lead to not just privacy but also system control vulnerabilities, and that's just the threats your chosen commercial partners openly-ish advertise before you get into criminals or state security services physically modifying something between the manufacturer's facility and yours.

Comment Someone they hate. (Score 1) 280

I want a president who is hated by the press, and will therefore be kept accountable by the systems of checks and balances our government should be exercising. At this point, their particular views on *anything* mean little to me, if our system colludes with them to avoid any sort of accountability. I would literally pick the most vile child murderer currently on death row for president, before allowing someone aided and abetted by the press to get away with rampant corruption and felonious handling of classified material.

Trump 2016.

Submission + - Zeeman splitting and dynamical mass generation in Dirac semimetal ZrTe5 (nature.com)

NicknameUnavailable writes: Nature is reporting research showing dynamic mass generation in the novel material ZrTe5 under magnetic fields of 3T — 6T. This is also being reported here. Could this be used to create reactionless drives (a pair of discs arranged side-by-side made of ZrTe5 spinning in opposite directions with the inner or outer sides enclosed in a 6T magnetic field?)

Submission + - FBI warns of foreign hackers penertating state election sysems (yahoo.com)

mi writes: The low-information article, complete with the vague accusations against "Russians", claims, FBI is aware of foreign hackers' efforts to penetrate election systems of various states. In cases of two (unspecified) states, the hackers have, supposedly, already been successful.

The article's vagueness seems due to FBI being secretive about the highly-sensitive investigation.

"People, who vote, decide nothing. People counting votes decide everything."

— Joseph Stalin

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