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Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 2) 140

The power costs of running your own little PC is gravely overblown. On the other hand, this takes everything out of your control and makes it dependent on any number of 3rd parties. Any one of them could fail.

One of the whole points of local content is that you can completely ignore any external network issues, like it not even being there.

Otherwise, you could just use Netflix and not bother with your own media in the first place.

Comment Re: oh, yes (Score 1) 196

The polls say otherwise...

Hillary is supposed to be running against the anti-Christ but she seems to be barely scraping by. Perhaps she shouldn't say Trump's name so much. That's a pretty rookie mistake for politics.

DNC arrogance and incompetence is far more of an influence on this election than Putin.

Comment Re:Surprised I'm still alive! (Score 2) 527

Actually... it depends.

Different people do better with different fad diets.

On the other hand, the old school recommendations are the least harmful. That would be to eat a little of everything in moderation. While that was not optimal, it did not hit the achilles heel of 66% of the population like the food pyramid did.

Comment Re:Shocking! (Score 0) 527

> blame the uneducated for their poor decisions in life, people with no empathy

What "fellow men". Those aren't your fellow men. Those are poor downtrodden people somewhere else. They're something you can use to feel smug and better about yourself while totally patronizing them.

If they were actually your "fellow men", you would have no tolerance for their bullshit.

If so many people weren't willing to treat adults like children, perhaps more adults would actually act like adults.

Comment Re:Shocking! (Score 1) 527

So? People knew instinctively right away that it was a bad thing. Smoke is something that you usually RUN from lest you want to die immediately. The idea that you would use it for recreation is just bizzare.

It shouldn't take that much to resist obvious bullshit when you've got instinct and a million years of experience on your side.

Comment Re: Shocking! (Score 1) 527

On the other hand, the alternate conspiracy theory I heard that it was a political faction within the USDA trying to to their best to discourage the consumption of meat. Fat was just used as a surrogate for meat in order to make the ploy seem less obvious.

On the other hand, there was plenty of dissent in the scientific community. It just got stifled. The real problem isn't "evil big sugar", it's the fact that the system could be rigged so easily.

The wannabe dictators aren't the problem. The fact that the system is greased and ready for them to be abused is the problem.

Comment Re:Incitement in Hebrew (Score 1) 232

> the worlds largest open air prison for their entire lives

That's only a problem if you're trapped with criminals. Sure, if you're trapped inside with your average prison population then that's bound to suck. If you've got civilized people, then it would just be New Jersey.

That's the problem with you cute little metaphor. It's not the confinement, it's WHO you're confined with.

Comment Re:How about.... (Score 1) 232

Genocide? The Palestinian population is going up. That's not genocide regardless of how much you want to redefine things.

Aleppo is something that looks much more like genocide. Even that is simply war. That's the funny thing about war, people get killed and buildings get knocked down. Kids come home in body bags.

Comment Re:Taxes = theft (Score 0) 579

> Government provides health care. I need not risk debt because of it.

No, you just have to worry about dying or being crippled due to shortages and rationing. There's even a secondary market in diagnostic services for people that don't want to gamble with their lives and have the money to pay.

It's not quite so idyllic once you scratch the surface.

Socialists on both sides of the pond love to encourage hysterics about this subject and gloss over the problems of being at the mercy of civil servants.

People on both sides of the pond also don't appreciate how much more affluent Americans (of all classes) are.

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