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Comment Re:Vote for Jill Stein and Gary. (Score 1) 507

>"Your philosophy is basically, "Even though the system sucks, I don't have the sack to try and change stuff. Voting for a winner is much more important." "

Actually, my philosophy is that the system does suck, very badly, and we need to focus our efforts on trying to fix the system because the spoiler effect is very real and won't go away.

When faced with the "lesser of two evils", voters can't vote for third parties because they rightfully know their vote will likely work AGAINST what they want. Voting for a third party will almost always mean a vote taken away from a major candidate that is closer to what you want, thus supporting someone you less want to win.

Comment It is not a single scale (Score 1) 179

>"Facebook knows a lot more about its users than they think. For instance, the New York Times reports, the company is categorizing its users as liberal, conservative, or moderate. "

First, it doesn't know more than I think... but, then, I am not a user.

In any case, the political spectrum is not a single scale of left and right. Never has been. That is a gross over-simplification of how things actually are. "Conservative" and "Liberal" mean absolutely nothing out of context. You can be conservative economically and liberal socially, for example.

See this for interesting information and a test: https://www.politicalcompass.o...

Comment Ludicrous (Score 1) 171

>"The P100D Ludicrous upgrade costs $10,000 for customers who have ordered a P90D Ludicrous but haven't taken delivery, or $20,000 for owners who already have that vehicle type."

What is ludicrous is not just the speed, but the price! :)

Oh, and do note, in that mode your range will be ludicrously low...

Comment Re:They shouldn't change much, just iterate. (Score 2) 224

>"- We'res the Firefox Ad or the Moz equivalent? ... Mozilla needs a presentation video of its own. Hero size, professionally done. People want Moooovieezzz! nowadays."

Um, please NO. Or if you absolutely MUST, then make DAMN sure it is separate, small (with ability to optionally make it larger), and doesn't autoplay.

Comment Re:Javascript (Score 1, Informative) 224

>"Maybe what we need is Javascript sandboxing that can pause scripts in tabs without focus, limit CPU usage, autokill pages, and so on."

BINGO..... +100

And while we are at it, how about something, ANYTHING, in the browser that will help us STOP sites from endless animation and tight loops when we are just trying to read a screen. And before someone mentions "Noscript" yet AGAIN, that is NOT a workable solution for "normal" users. It either totally breaks sites, or is a nightmare to config and deal with, or both.

Comment Re:Vote for Jill Stein and Gary. (Score 1) 507

>"Vote for the Libertarian and the Greens and get a proper debate going for once"

If only that would work..... But it won't. We can't ever elect a third party in a major race because of our broken system. To fix it would would at least need some type of instant runoff voting system

Even getting third parties into a debate is extremely difficult.

Comment Linux (Score 3, Insightful) 399

>"Ask Slashdot: How Will You Handle Microsoft's New 'Cumulative' Windows Updates?"

I run Linux and have for decades. That is how I handle dealing with Microsoft. Of course, that doesn't do most people much good...but people allow themselves to be slaves to Microsoft. The stunts Microsoft has pulled over the last several years shows they are just as controlling, unreasonable, and manipulative as ever.

There is never a better time to move away from MS-Windows.... Linux is just as robust as ever, it has a lot of great applications, lots of support structure, and more and more business software is finally moving to be cloud based and/or web-front ended so the clients can run whatever they like.

Change is never easy, though.

Comment Not 70 (Score 1) 93

>"Comcast Rolls Out $70-Per-Month Gigabit Internet Service In Chicago "

>"Initial users have the choice of a promotional contract price of $70 per month for 36 months, or $139.95 per month (plus tax and fees) with no contract."

So it is *NOT* $70/mo, which is only for new customers, only for a short time, and only with a contract. It is probably more like $150 to $160 per month after additional money for hidden fees and then more for taxes.

I am extremely sick and tired of these misleading and dishonest pricing structures of cable companies.

Comment Cute (Score -1, Troll) 38

>"Windows and Macs are not affected by the vulnerability."

Oh, cute comment in the summary. Here, let me fix/expand that for you...

"MS-Windows and MacOS are not affected by THIS vulnerability but are affected by many, many thousands of others, plus this obscure and unlikely-to-be-exploited security issue has already patched in Linux over a month ago."


Or you can fix it on any Linux system with a simple kernel variable change: 1) Open /etc/sysctl.conf, with an editor, such as vim. 2) Enter the line: net.ipv4.tcp_challenge_ack_limit = 999999999 3) Save the file. 4) Use the shell command "sysctl -p" to update the configuration.

Comment When your car is a spy (Score 1) 203

Sounds neat and could be useful.... but like so many advances...

Next up, car records state of all the lights and records what you are doing near every one of them (or uploads it to Audi or whatnot) and reports you to police or makes data available to police. Combine that with GPS data about where you went, how you were driving, where you were going/coming, how fast you were going, how many people were in the car, if you were touching the radio, etc, etc. Don't laugh... it is coming. And sooner than you think. And it is not tin-foil hat territory.

Comment Cell = no way (Score 3, Interesting) 37

Any "security" system that requires disclosing my cell/mobile phone number is an instant and total FAIL. And I am certainly not alone about protecting that which would become the single most annoying device ever (if/when compromised/harvested by marketers).

I find it fascinating how many business and sites now seem to think they have an absolute right to know our cell/mobile phone numbers. Not home, not work, but specifically cell/mobile. I usually have to lie to them and either put in my work number or make up a number. Obviously that won't work if they are trying to use it for text verification.

Comment Flash (Score 1) 225

>"It was quick, it was easy to use, and important for this day and age, it didn't have Flash."

Flash? I never minded Flash. It was easy to disable. And with extensions, it was easy to delay or remove objects too. Restrict animated GIF, and life was good for many years.

Now with all the Javascript animation, it is impossible to limit or stop useless and annoying animation that is incorporated into just about every website and all over it. And I am not talking ads.

Some of us desperately want browsers to add some type of animation limitation or control.... if it is even possible.

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