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Comment Re:But lets raise minimum wage! -'earn'? (Score 1) 440

Smog and pollution would exist only up to a threshold number of deaths due to pollution.

That's how it is now - there are thresholds mandated by law and regulation. That they are measurement thresholds for certain substances rather than death rate thresholds doesn't change that.

Tradeoffs exist, whether you imagine that you can outlaw them or not.

Comment women *are* objects of male desire ... (Score 1) 586

Women *are* objects of male desire ... objects in the sense of subject/object, not in the sense of "things to be used".

Most men are heterosexual, and they do like to see scantily clad women. That isn't going to change.

(whether that means you should pay scantily clad women to attend events is a different question. But if you shouldn't, it's not because men "shouldn't" like looking at women. Because they should, and do.)

Comment Re:An *elementary* school? (Score 1) 138

You could fit a typical student record on a 3x5 card ... suck it up and just tell the crooks to go pound sand.

Assuming that payroll wasn't handled by one of the servers affected...

Housed in the elementary school, instead of at the district level?

In any case, if they can't piece together what they were paying people ... sheesh.

Comment Re:Wasn't the C64 just a BASIC interpreter anyways (Score 1) 119

I'm probably missing out on something but couldn't most of the C64 code be run on most other BASIC interpreters as well? Especially if the code was intended to be child / introductory level?

Much of it probably could. Peek and poke graphics would get interesting though ...

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