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Comment Re:London Too (Score 1) 422

(a) There never has been a very high rate of gun crime in the UK, ever. (b) Banning them doesn't magically make them no longer exist. (hint: there are plenty of handguns across the UK. Some of them are in the hands of criminals.) (c) It's a well established fact, criminals don't give a shit about your laws.

Comment Re:Overpriced (Score 1) 61

Super overpriced. I got 30 days of unlimited talk/text and 10 gb of data for less than 20 GBP from ASDA mobile when I was in the UK.

The only drawback I saw was that I didn't get LTE speeds, "only" 4G. I wasn't sure if that was a radio limitation of my US-bought iPhone 6 plus or a limitation of the plan. It also didn't allow for tethering.

The practical drawbacks of that were nil for me, speeds were just fine for maps, email, web and every other smartphone thing I wanted to do and the hotel had free and quite good wifi.

And using a local SIM is hardly novel, either, you about trip over people trying to sell SIM cards in the arrival area of the airport.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 422

It's a "side gig" and you f'ing know it from the get-go. If you choose to make it your full time job and sole source of income, then that's your choice. Don't come bitching to me or anyone else about your dumb ass poor decisions. It's these sort of idiots thats transformed "RIDE SHARING" ("I'm going across town, who needs a ride?") to an unlicensed taxi service (idiots circling the block waiting for someone to need a ride.)

Comment Re:So where are the criminal convictions? (Score 1) 107

Maybe explain it to me like I'm 5 how RICO doesn't cover an organized conspiracy to facilitate money laundering.

If these guys were named Juarez or Gambino they'd have so many bugs and wiretaps on them the fucking ISS could detect a warp in the Earth's magnetic field.

But because they're corporate executives they get to pay a fine and nobody goes to jail.

Comment Re:Which executive knew about which fraudulent tra (Score 1) 107

Isn't that the fucking FBI's job? To investigate all that shit, with their high-powered forensics and iPhone cracking, etc?

I mean, I can accept that nobody gets charged (in the same manner that a battered woman takes the next beating, because she's used to it), but at the same time the FTC announces a half-billion dollar fine for money laundering and we don't even HEAR about the ongoing FBI investigation into criminal culpability?

And spare me the "who committed what specific act" -- isn't the point of being an officer of a corporation accepting general liability for misbehavior?

Comment Re:Symptom of a larger problem (Score 1) 48

This is exactly the "sky is falling" bullshit around hashes. ALL HASHES HAVE COLLISIONS. (eg. one cannot uniquely represent more than 128bits with a 128bit value.) I have yet to see anyone offer proof of CREATING a collision, much less a method to modify a message without altering the hash -- at all, a meaningful modification is so remote as to be "impossible".

(I've only seen one "lab" example for MD5, where a file contains two documents and a block of padding such that altering a pointer controls which document is live and the padding allows correcting the hash. Such bullshit does not exist in the real world. And it too the researchers months to build that example.)

Comment Re:As a tech worker with kids... (Score 1) 359

Yeah, that comment is silliness. The park just up the road from where I live is 78 acres. Not far off, John McClaren Park is 313 acres. And those are nowhere near as well-known as Golden Gate Park, which is over 1,000 acres and includes a couple of world-class museums, a Japanese tea garden, a botanical garden and nature conservancy, a couple of lakes, amphitheater spaces, and so on.

Comment Re:AI does what AI is programmed to do (Score 1) 159

The "DANGER of AI" is that the AI will be somebody's bitch. Whose?

AI is "merely" another form of power, and adversaries-who-have-power are always a threat. Don't worry about AI; you should worry about $THEM getting AI, thereby causing $THEM to have an edge over you.

100.0% of techs are just like this. When you're pointing your nuclear missile at someone else, it's good. When someone else is pointing one at you, it's bad.

Comment Re:So where are the criminal convictions? (Score 4, Interesting) 107

It's a large fine, but my question is why weren't the senior executives charged under the RICO laws and given the 20 year jail sentences and $100k per incident personal fines?

Why is it that if you're running under a corporate charter that you're excluded from being defined as running an ongoing criminal enterprise?

Comment Re:BASIC (Score 3, Interesting) 67

That's a bit harsh, isn't it?

For 1987 HyperCard seemed like a pretty easy way for someone with casual knowledge to produce what amounted to something close to a GUI application without climbing the super steep learning curve involved in writing a native Mac application. I think Inside Macintosh was up to about 5 volumes by then and event-based programming was a bit of mind fuck for people who had come out of general programming creating menu-driven designs, not to mention the headaches of generating GUI interfaces.

I seem to remember running an NNTP reader on the Mac ~1999 that used Hypercard.

Comment Re:Gouge the middle class to make them poor (Score 1) 261

I think you undersell how people lived in the 1950s.

I live in a house built in 1954 and it was originally about 1800 finished square feet with 3 bedrooms. Switching counter tops to Formica was probably an upgrade over previous choices which probably had been wood or linoleum. I don't think automatic dishwashers were that widespread until the 1960s or later.

But I think they would have had a washing machine, possibly a dryer, almost certainly a TV and a couple of radios.

I think in many ways the lifestyle of a 1955 family probably felt extremely futuristic to them -- for a lot of them, I bet they had first hand experience with houses without central heating, wood cooking stoves, using an outhouse, no automatic hot water heater.

The other high tech stuff nobody had, either, so they weren't exactly missing it.

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