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Comment Re:Asking? (Score 1) 158

If it's an actual generic, I always get the switch happening automatically. But there are things which are essentially generic, but which are different. There is also corruption, like the withdrawal of generic colchicine from the market so that only the trademarked version of the same drug can be purchased, at a vastly increased price. It *was* a generic, but not anymore.

This appears to be a case where each slightly different injector is considered a separate delivery system so it's not a generic equivalent. As such the drug+delivery system is not multiple source, and probably also not generic even though functionally it is equivalent. So you need a prescription for the precise brand, and if the pharmacy doesn't have that brand in stock, you don't get it.

IOW, it's not generic and it's not multiple source, even though there are arguments as to why it should be.

Comment Re:It's not innovative (Score 1) 158

It's not multiple source unless there are multiple sources. I'd go further and say it's not multiple source unless there are multiple sources that are covered by the same prescription/insurance plan.

If they want to not be considered single source, they need to be taking steps to ensure that there is actual competition.

Comment Re:It's not innovative (Score 1) 158

Well, when my doctor wanted me to carry something like that around, he filled a couple of disposable syringes with adrenaline, put them in a plastic case, and said "Use them if you need to. They should be good for a year if you keep them sealed and don't get them too hot." He also wrote out a prescription for Epipen if I felt more comfortable with that approach. As I happens I never had to use them.

Comment Re: It is worse than the article amits (Score 1) 95

Agree. I read 70% somewhere when it was in insider still!

What were they thinking? Does it really absolutely have to be released for a deadline?! No MS this is not XP here to say stop. MS is terrifyed that win 7 is going to be the XP but what they do not realize is they are causing this.

MS needs to unbranched fixes so they can take out one buggy thing and add code that works to fix the others .... Please for the love of God test internally again with real hardware and VMS

Comment Re: Problems (Score 1) 95

That's the problem.

What is odd is my support buddies who do small business get weird tickets for all pcs with same hardware and software stack every 3 weeks when an update hits. Stuff like 6 out of 25 pcs looped rebooting for 6 hours while others worked fine?!

The problem is they are losing customers and one wants to sue! Basically all the computers with XP worked fine before YOU came and cost us $5000 in lost business! They are now viewed as incompetent all thanks to Windows 10.

True XP doesn't have these problems.

Is MS going to change and rehire their QA? Windows 7 is old now and 2019 is coming fast! What does a company and IT shop do? This is going to be bad as the 7 holdouts like the XP brethren before can't stay forever in the business world who needs support ... but shit keep working

Comment Re: Why does anyone update? (Score 1) 95

Actually no. You still get updated 3 times a month. What deferred updates do is put your pc in the previous build channel. So you would an update too for build 1577 instead of anniversary. Same fixes. If you have deferred updates enabled and you already have anniversary edition you are screwed as you will get this update.

Basically it just means you stay on previous build for 3 to 4 months. You still get cumulative updates

Comment Re: Why does anyone update? (Score 1) 95

No I will use an OS that works for me and not the other way around thank you very much.

I am now back at 8.1 and will consider Linux or Freebsd again soon in the coming months. KVM/ qemu or unRAID maybe mature enough for me to run my few games and MS labs. In the meantime time I need something that works and going into airline mode or run non secure obsolete non patched operating systems is absurd.

Comment Re: Why does anyone update? (Score 1) 95

Ha nice try for the non enterprise edition crowd. I had defer updates turned on and still got it!

This is bullshit. Third buggy update since August 1st. Just removed it from my system but MS surface pro 3 I have won't run 8.1. Worse new Zen and Krabylake CPUs won't support anything but 10 either!!

Comment Just downgraded to 8.1. Linux? (Score 1) 95

I went from anti MS zealot in 1998 to pro Freebsd to then pro MS by the time of Windows 7 ... To maybe back around.

This is the first time in a long time that I am highly discouraging business use of MS. I know on slashdot this is a no duh moment, but for the rest of us used to MS Office, Active Directory, and things just working, this is big news.

I agree with Hairyfeet that Linux historically has broken more with updates than Windows due to shit never changing in Windows and a strong abi that Linux lacks which means drivers do not break and require a recompile. Looking at you Xorg and Nvidia! But with Ubuntu LTS I do not have that problem.

Freebsd also has an ABI too for stuff not breaking.

But man Windows 10 anniversary update is a cluster fuck and so is Office 2016. I LOVE both. On a tablet like my surface Windows 10 is decent. No it is. Outlook 2016 now has attachments available for a whole chain of emails which is nice in a thread. But ... BIG but Windows 10/Office 2016 is win32 Gentoo! Nothing ever stays just working. I do not have confidence that my systems will STAY working whether rebooting while I am working on something or Hyper-V all of the sudden not work.

The only reason I am still using Windows is because of steam games, virtualization with a real non buggy type 1 Hyper-V (VMware workstation sucks hairballs), and I make a living with Microsoft based technologies. So I am going back to 8.1 with start8 from object desktop.

However, with no QA what is to say some updates won't trash 8 or 7? While it is in legacy the risk is less but still exists.

Can KVM supported nested virtualization? How good is Wine today in 2016 compared to 2010 for games? How good is the KVM port to Freebsd (I don't like system D)?

Comment Well In Their Defence (Score 1) 21

To be fair to them, there really aren't that many companies that want to do business with the US government and all the companies that do are probably equally as incompetent. So whether you hire this incompetent company to manage what should be some of the most secure assets in the country or another incompetent company, the outcome will most likely still be the same. It's not like there are any sort of... "laws," dictating their security, quality control or processes. Well, I guess there are, but it seems like the most profitable thing to do is ignore them and hope you don't get caught.

Comment Re:Thin sucks (Score 2) 118

I'm 50 years old and have owned 3.5mm jack devices for about 40 of those years, starting with a Radio Shack pocket AM/FM radio, a good half dozen or more Walkman-style cassette players, most iPhone models, 3 iPods, and various PCs and laptops. Possibly 2 dozen devices added up.

I think I've had problems with 1-2 of the cassette Walkman devices and the headphone jacks getting static problems, but the others have been fine and never developed problems. The Walkmans mostly likely became problems because they just got used hard, jammed into pockets with stress on the jacks.

But I also wouldn't write off general improvements in construction of the jacks since then. We call it the 3.5mm jack like it hasn't changed, but over time everything about it has probably improved. Superior metallurgy means superior contacts with more durable spring force, more resistance to corrosion, engineering improvements in mounting such as tighter, closer tolerance mounting resulting in strain transferred to the housing and not the PCB.

IMHO, Bluetooth hasn't improved at all other than perhaps slightly on the audio quality side. Pairing is still a PITA, source devices are prone to wandering and shifting to other devices -- I've lost connections on my phone when the headphones in my car were still on, causing my phone to shift to my car headset despite me actively using a headset in the house.

Then there's Bluetooth's general limitations -- I've yet to see simultaneous pairing with a BT headset where you can get simultaneous mixed audio from two devices -- ie, why can't I pair my PC and phone at the same time and get audio from both in my headphones at the same time? Why do I have to fuck around disabling BT on one to shift the device to the other?

Submission + - Forced Windows 10 Anniversary update causes chaos (

Billly Gates writes: It was first reported on on that the patch was not thoroughly tested in the inside ring and was quickly released just 2 days into the production ring of Windows Update. Some hardware such as the HP Spectre and Microsoft's own Surface Book and Surface Pro 3 have reported endless reboots or freezes when attempting installation. However, not all of the hardware listed as problematic is impacted by this update so far for some users. In related news Microsoft has posted a new job open called a "Windows Update Manager" whose job description mentions the 'ability to reduce chaos, stress'.

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