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Comment Re:Pathological brainstorming doesn't work (Score 1) 72

Outside facilitators are often brought in for a number of reasons. One is that management has already selected a course of action and the 'brainstorming' session is just a way to generate consensus among the workers. Everyone gets an equal chance to speak, including the plant who parrots the boss' idea. Another is that management wants to pick the brains of the people with domain knowledge and then run off and implement the ideas somewhere else. It could be the boss' idiot son-in-law who gets to lead the dev team with 'his' idea. Or maybe they'll just bundle it all off to a consulting firm in India (been there). Or the boss will spin off his own company and sell back to your firm (been there also).

Facilitators can be good in the case of poor group dynamics. I've seen more than a few occasions where one with some psychology/group dynamics knowledge ran a meeting with what appeared to be a very light, hands off approach. But afterwards, she handed the boss a list of people that really needed to be given walking papers for the team to proceed constructively.

Comment Re:Whatever they feel like (Score 1, Troll) 305

Then let them quit. OP has over a thousand devels and giving everyone admin access and the ability to select their own tools will turn into a nightmare. There will be a thousand different environments. One person quits, gets sick or goes on vacation and his cow-orkers will have to reverse engineer all of his shit to keep production running. Nobody in a shop that size is that good.

If you want free reign to select your own tools, work for yourself in your basement.

or surreptitiously, as necessary.

You're fired.

Comment Professional Engineering (Score 2) 157

Where are the various state licensing boards when people or companies offer their services without the requisite PE license? It's time to plug the "industrial exemption" loophole and see to it that those who offer themselves as 'engineers' actually meet some minimal educational and professional standards.

Comment It's just not fair ... (Score 1) 286

... say the traditional studios.

We spent all that time and money monopolizing the production and distribution channels. We paid good money to lawmakers (or occasionally left a horse's head in their bed) to get legislation written to protect these shady business practices. And now some upstart finds a way to bypass us. And without even giving us a piece of da action. I mean its all ones and zeros floating around in the ether. There isn't even a warehouse or movie theater to burn down.

Comment Yeah, this was tried. (Score 4, Interesting) 275

On a Somali flight (Daallo Airlines Flight 159). A laptop full of explosives was smuggled aboard a flight and detonated against the airplane's hull, blowing a hole in it. The only fatality was the bomber, who was sucked out the hole.

The issue was that, in order to get this laptop around checked bag security in Mogadishu (which isn't too good, but enough so that the terrorists didn't risk carrying it through), they had to have an airport employee carry it in and hand it to the passenger. Now if this is what the USA and GB are worried about, we have a really big problem. If an airport employee can sneak in a laptop, they can sneak in anything up to the allowed carry-on size. It doesn't have to be electronics. It could be a hollowed out bible or koran. The only way to protect against this kind of threat would be to shut down all flights originating at or passing through an airport suspected of being compromised.

Comment Re:Yeah, right. (Score 1) 344

If you don't have cash you don't buy it, well what if you needed it?

Well then you budget your available money. And develop some financial discipline. And if your debit card/account doesn't allow overdrafts, you could easily spend your money on crap and then be broke when you need to buy those groceries or whatever. And that can sneak up on you quickly when you can't look in your wallet to see how much is left.

The German situation can't change soon enough IMO.

Why? Unless you are in Germany, why should you care? They have some of the best financial discipline in the EU (Greece BTFO). And their system works well for them. You can learn by example or not.

Comment Re:Mwahahaha! (Score 1) 339

Sorry but bullshit. I had half a dozen boxes at the shop I had to do a wipe and reinstall on because they had Nvidia NForce boards and Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor happily claims it is compatible...if you consider no video drivers, no sound, and no networking "compatible"? Then I have some swampland in FLA you might be interested in.

Oh BTW, if you try to do a rollback on a system with Nvidia NForce board? Welcome to endless reboot, it totally trashes the original OS. Luckily they were just boxes for sale and had nothing I gave a shit about on them but wasn't really thrilled about having to do OS reinstalls on what was perfectly working Win 7 boxes before MSFT got a hold of 'em.

And yes software can damage hardware, or did you not hear that both AMD and Nvidia have had bad drivers come out within the past year and Windows 10 has the nasty habit of forcing driver updates? In case you missed it here is a report on the Nvidia driver and here is the one for AMD. Nvidia is claiming theirs doesn't do actual hardware damage but that isn't what the users are reporting and after Bumpgate we all know how well we can trust Nvidia to be honest about hardware issues.

Comment Re:A bad hard drive isn't MS's fault (Score 1) 339

You've obviously never dealt with a Windows 10 reboot loop, I can tell you it makes ANY drive get seriously HOT.

I of course couldn't tell you exactly what was going on (since the OS is boned its not like you are gonna get any logs) but from the way it was grinding I'd say Windows 10 seriously shotguns its files all over the place during the upgrade so when it goes to access it the drive has to do a shitload of seeking.

So if she went to bed and Windows decided to do the upgrade in the middle of the night and got caught in the reboot loop, especially if its one of those thin laptops without great cooling or even worse was in its carrying bag because she wasn't expecting MSFT to upgrade her system? Yeah I could easily see her getting up to find a fried HDD no matter the age or quality of the drive.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 3, Interesting) 339

1.- Wow...I can tell you haven't had much experience with NTFS, have you? really isn't hard to corrupt the MFT and index on NTFS, especially if you don't do a SFC before doing major operations...wanna guess what Windows 10 did NOT do before upgrading?

2.- Damaged their computers? I can assure you that is a YES because if you computer is rendered unusable, as were many PCs that were caught in the endless reboot bug? Then it might as well be bricked for all Joe and Sally Average are gonna be able to do about it. Oh and lets not forget MSFT forced driver upgrades and both AMD and Nvidia have had driver releases in the past year that could damage hardware, if MSFT forced those drivers on to her system? yeah it could cook hardware.

3.- Damaged her hard drive? See #1. MSFT frankly made the most piss poor upgrade compatibility checker I have EVAR seen with Win 10, in fact I had several systems at the shop where their upgrade checker said "Oh sure its totally compatible!" only to find MSFT's idea of "compatible" meant no graphics, no sound, and no networking. If she had damaged sectors on her drive Windows 10 wouldn't bother to even run SFC or even check SMART before slamming the drive so yeah it could easily kill it.

4.- Having to replace her PC? Well there is the fact MSFT hasn't forced OEMs to provide discs since WinXP which means she had no media to install from even if she had the skill to do a HDD replacement (most wouldn't have a clue how to) and if the only repair shop in her area was something like Geek Squad? Well the cost of a HDD replacement and OS install would probably cost her more than the system was worth, if hers is anything like the local GS she'd be looking at over $200.

So I'm sorry but everything listed checks, and moreover I can back up her claims as I too had several systems lose files because of Win 10 not bothering to do any checks before upgrading (oh and in the case of 2 boxes never even asking me before they started upgrading as they were 2 of them affected by MSFT changing the red X from meaning no to meaning yes) and lucky for me they were just shop boxes and didn't have any files I gave a shit about but with their shitty upgrade installer? I could have easily lost crucial documents or pictures so I really do not doubt she got screwed by Win 10, its Vista levels of bad.

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