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Comment Re:Were it not for Apple, (Score 1) 277

Nope. Apple trying to turn back the clock to the 80s is not right for most people in the end.

It would be nice if they were only turning it back to the 1980s. MS-DOS was an open, documented OS that anyone could write and publish applications for.

Apple is going back to the pre-Microsoft days of the 1960s and 1970s, when your System 360 mainframe could run any software you wanted as long as you licensed it from IBM.

Who will play Ross Perot to Jobs's Thomas J. Watson?

Comment Re:anyone ever see that seinfeld episode (Score 1) 418

the job of the IT admin is to do whatever the hell the OWNERS of a network decide to do with it. if the owners of a network want to give out all the user names and passwords, then that's their call. in what position do you believe the it admin is in to question that?

As long as my job description says "do what the boss wants" and nothing about "maintain the security of the system and the integrity of the data", I'm fine with that. So I'll just sit here and wait for my moron PHB boss to tell me what to do.

Back in a previous life, working along side unionized crew, they used to refer to this as "working to rules", which was a kind of work slowdown used during times of labor-management conflict.

Comment Re:what has replaced the floppy? (Score 1) 472

Tick tick tick tick whir whir (30% done) tick tick tick tick tick tick whir whir (56% done) Tick tick tick tick whir-whir whir-whir whir-whir whir-whir (99%) whir-whir whir-whir whir-whir whir-whir whir-whir whir-whir Not ready reading drive A:. Abort, Retry, Ignore

Die floppies so I can piss on your grave.

Comment Re:RTFA ? (Score 1) 145

It depends which side is "evil" this week. Last week it was Apple - where Apple is "evil" for not accepting Mark Fiore's cartoon app. They are somehow obliged to sell his cartoons via their store or they're censoring him (somehow).

This week it's Google, who are (somehow) obliged to offer their turn-by-turn on all platforms, and are breaking their "do no evil" promise by not guaranteeing it on the iPhone.

It's hard to keep track of who to hate each week!

Comment Re:For non-Canadians (Score 1, Flamebait) 641

The worst part about this manipulation of language is that you cannot have a debate with these people because their bias is tightly ingrained into their language. E.g
me: The evidence for human-influenced climate change looks interesting.
other: It probably came from a liberal source. Where do you get your 'facts'; here subscribe to my sources.
The insidiousness of this, is that the manipulation of language has shut down their cognitive thought process. The argument is over before it began because it doesn't coincide with their pre-established views. Climate analysis is no longer a science, but a politically charged war for natural resources and the large sums of money that are involved.

Comment Re:idiot police (Score 3, Interesting) 172

Actually, it never says he made the report. The illegal part wasn’t his “sketchy sense of humour”, it was posting a prank ad that would’ve been highly illegal if it was real.

“They were in no danger of being sold at any time,” O’Donnell said. “We made sure they were safe, and they are.”

Blum said the boys continue to live with Stagnitto and their mother, his fiancé, in Brockport.

Although Stagnitto claimed the ad was a joke, O’Donnell said it was not funny.

“What he did caused public alarm,” he said. “We hope he understands the seriousness of his actions.”

It’s no different from calling in a fake bomb threat. The police have to take action because they don’t know it’s a prank until they investigate. And you WILL get in trouble for it, even though you didn’t really plant a bomb. You’ll get in less trouble than if you had really planted the bomb, but you WILL be in trouble.

Comment It is not unethical if it solves the problem! (Score 1) 204

Speaking as someone who was sexually assaulted, yes, tracking the person responsible down is unethical. In my case, they filed it under miscellany and never interviewed him, and less than a month later, three more cases turned up and the guy skipped state. The police never followed up, and so he's very likely still out there. I did the responsible thing and contacted the authorities once I got out of the hospital. Granted, I did it while staring at the floor, stuttering, and being held by a friend, but I did do it.

Can I say I'd do it the same way if it happened again? No, not really. It was a traumatic experience and I won't sit here and say if given half a chance I wouldn't have returned the favor at the time. But I don't think two wrongs make a right, and feeding this guy to a woodchipper because the police wouldn't do their job, while maybe emotionally fulfilling, isn't right.

If there is a such thing as right and wrong in a scientific context it must be based on the result of the act and not the emotion or nature of it. If reporting the rape to the police results in the rapist going to jail then that was right. If the police can't catch the rapist then you have a responsibility as a victim to do everything in your power to track the guy if you have the resources to do it. As long as you don't break any laws or hurt any innocent people in the process, it's ethical for the victims of crime to track down the individuals who victimized them. If the guy commits another rape then you got him, if he doesn't then you can blacklist him but the point is he must be stopped one way or the other if it is to be an ethical result.

So I have to stand by what I said -- vigilantism is not a public service. A public service would be my day in court, along with the others who that son of a bitch hurt. So I do understand the motivations behind such behavior on a very personal level. I don't agree with it.

If the rapist does not respect your civil or human rights, why respect his privacy? It all depends on what the law says, what you can get away with, the resources you have, the whether the police are corrupt or not. You cannot always depend on the police is what I'm saying. And no being a vigilante is not the answer but neither is depending entirely on the police. At some point you have to protect yourself.

Comment OLED may be the reason... (Score 1) 952

This has nothing to do with HDTV. Manufacturers saw the introduction of OLED over 5 years ago and knew right away that it was the end of life for LCD. They feared OLED because it’s introduction strongly indicated that all the research that went into LCD was a waste of money. They had very little incentive to put real research dollars into LCD from this point on, because they already knew, and had talked publically, about OLED being it’s replacement.

Given how well the manufacturing process for OLED has evolved in the past year, I’m pretty sure the end of life of LCD displays as an entire technology is less than a few years away. I’m sure it’ll have the same painful drawn out period where it costs more than LCD for no good reason other than to recapture research dollars before it becomes mainstream and completely kills LCD.

Lets just all hope that OLED becomes affordable in much less time than LCD did.

Comment Re:Is it me or is he sounding more desperate? (Score 1) 733

The fact that people even argue about this says much about the human psyche...

You are assuming too much. Maybe I'm a bot.

In any case, it's not that I'm the world's greatest games fan, I just despise movies. They have neither the plot depth and character development of a book, nor the rich interactive experience of even the most primitive arcade game.

Movie directors have it easy. You just take a book written by an actual artist, make a very short summary by removing all the thought and development and compress the entire plot into a 90 minute series of highlights. Then add some boobies and an explosion or two.

The director of a game has to create an interactive experience, in which an element will be placed that he cannot control or predict: the player. Consider the number of possibilities in Pacman: you can go up, down, left and right. You can eat a dot or a cherry, you can be eaten by a ghost, or after you've eaten another thingie you can eat a ghost. Now consider the number of possibilities in Citizen Cane: you sit on your butt and watch.

Movies have been completely superseded by TV and games. It's time we stop wasting time and money on this creatively long dead passive mass entertainment of the previous century.

Comment Sure OhBlahBlah. Fly before you can crawl! (Score 1, Insightful) 455

No going back to The Moon.

Never mind that The Moon is our stepping stone to missions further out in our solar system.

What? He think's the ISS is an appropriate waypoint on our way out?




This is what happens when you put someone who understands nothing more than fundraisers and Chicago Cronyism (aka Chicago Politics) in a position to affect the financing of people several orders of magnitude more intelligent and important to our world than he is.

Comment Re:Religion Studies (Score 2) 311

LOL re STS-75 "incident". Those are not UFOs. Think about what the illumination was when this stuff was being filmed. Assuming it was filmed through the front windows, they likely had side light through the side windows, and this would be classical dark field visualization of dust. Large-enough dust particles will behave exactly like this in weightless environment. Small ones will do Brownian motion, larger ones will move in apparently straight lines. Besides, this video suffers from bad overexposure and is focused for infinity (or so one hopes) -- anything that's nearby will be big and blurry. Exactly like the dust, ekhm, UFOs, seen floating around.

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