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Comment Re:Behold... the Power of the Internet (Score 1) 139

With a lot of money you will generally:
live healthier
have better lawyers
have better food
have better doctors
have a better education
be able to get away with things that those poorer than you cannot ...
This is the way it is.
This is the way it always was.

As long as there's money in the equation, that's the way it will be.

Comment Re:"Strong" (Score 1) 330

Crack times based on a password composed of 70 possible base characters:

based on: 6 character,10 character,16 character passwords

MD5-180 billion attempts per second
0.65 seconds,182 days,117 Eons

SHA1-63 billion attempts per second
1.67 seconds,519 days,335 Eons

LM-20 billion attempts per second
5.88 seconds,1635 days,1053 Eons

sha512-364 thousand attempts per second
89 hr 47 min,246 077 years,57901611 Eons

bcrypt05-71 thousand attempts per second
19 days 4 hr,1.26 million years,...A really long time.

1Eon is 500million years

Times are based on how long it would take to go through all the possibilities.
If the password is composed of random characters the average time would be halved.

Dear slashdot, I had a very nice table laid out with all this information, it was a table using only spaces, no html - and you said "Too many Junk Characters".

Comment Re:x86 (Score 1) 258

Contrary to Linux zealots belief, Windows is not the only proprietary software on the planet.

I don't really use Linux, although that's going to change soon as I will be working with it daily.
I haven't used Windows in almost a decade.

But what other proprietary code do you have in mind?
How many proprietary operating systems are there?

Windows - already mentioned.
RTOS - if you need this - stay with i386.
OS X - license does not allow you to run on anything but Apple hardware - why would you care.
If you are amongst the remaining 0.1% using a niche proprietary OS then I guess x86 compatibility might be nice.

Any code optimized for x86 will run slower compared to an actual x86 processor, hell back in the early 90's Apple used to have an x86 processor add-on card.

If you are using proprietary code on an open source OS (eg. Flash on Linux) then x86 code execution would be nice, but in the long run - the ability (and documentation) to create an open source flash version has been available for years now. If anything - having a x86 proprietary Linux flash player has hampered development of FOSS flash implementations as there is less of a perceived need for it.

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