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Comment Re:On the upside though... (Score 1) 401

So the first info about the Courier I can find is dated September 22 2009.

But OLPC already showed off a concept XO-2 back in May 2008.

Funny that earlier - Steve Jobs offered to put OS-X on OLPC for free, but they "declined because it's not open source".
Now, after "a deal with Microsoft" Both XP and Linux will be options.

Makes me wish I hadn't gotten those two OLPC's. when I heard that.
But if the XO-2 ever materializes (and it probably wont) I think I'll just wait for the Mac iPad duo.

Comment Re:bcache (Score 1) 297

Heck, that would be friggin' amazing if people really wanted to do that :) I've been working full time and then some for near a month and a half now, and I'm certainly not getting paid for it yet... Email address in the profile is my paypal account :)

Comment Re:Post-it Note passwords (Score 2, Funny) 497

uhh... an exponential curve keeps going up. there's no maximum, no dropping down to zero. Perhaps you're thinking of a bell curve? Feel free to mod this comment down because it provides no useful content and is just kind of snarky. In fact, I should just hit the cancel button instead of the preview/submit buttons. oops...

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