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Comment Re:Can it really be that bad? (Score 1, Insightful) 56

Don't forget the modern flops, Apple laptops with bumpgate GPUs anyone? or how about Apple maps guiding people onto active airfields and into lakes? And unless they can find some killer app for it the Apple watch looks like it'll be going into the fail column as well.

They had failures with and without jobs, but Jobs was such a salesman frankly he could spin a failure into a triumph, the man really was a genius when it came to marketing.

Comment Re:Way off-topic; probably feeding a troll... but. (Score 1) 239

Uhhh you haven't been keeping up with my posting history as every post is automatically downmodded by SJWs since I pointed out that BLM and several of their other sacred cows were racist.

so before you label a use as inappropriate? Maybe you ought to think there is more going on than you know about. I can write "This is a good article" on a front page story and automatically get a -2, usually followed by one or two anons calling me filthy names or saying I should die. Sorry but its SJWs, only happened after I pointed out they were full of shit, and stalking and threats to those that disagree is a classic SJW tactic.

Comment Re:yeah...yeah.. flash was safe... (Score 1, Flamebait) 103

Well lets see about that...you replaced one format that was 1.- Allowed to be installed anywhere, 2.- Was owned by a company that had no problem not only allowing it to be bundled with anything but ALSO allowed for FOSS alternatives, and 3.- Not only did video but animation and gaming.

What did you get in return? A format that 1.- Had mandatory DRM baked in, 2.- Requires a codec that is not only owned by one of the biggest patent trolls around but is openly hostile to FOSS, 3.- MPEG-LA has made it clear they will sue FOSS companies which is why all work on supporting that format has to be done outside Berne convention countries. Oh and 4.- Doesn't support half the features of the supposedly "inferior" format its replacing, because certain corps don't want any competition with their walled garden appstores.

Yeah you are better off...if you are Google, Apple, or MSFT...everybody else? Not so much.

Comment Re:Autocomplete blacklist? Oh, your aching fingers (Score 2, Informative) 239

ROFL keep drinking that koolaid SJWs, but I can provide citations showing the manipulation, the fact google's own trends does NOT support what their autocomplete is coming up with, oh and the fact that the CEO is getting paid by HRC, specifically he is owner of "the groundwork" which is a company whose goal is to put HRC in the white house.

Gee search results aren't backed up by their own trending data AND the CEO is part of a company to elect the person the results are being skewed for? Nope don't see nothing fishy here, please ignore that man behind the curtain.

Comment Re:Autocomplete blacklist? Oh, your aching fingers (Score 4, Informative) 239

Its more the fact that if you type "Hillary In" you get "Hillary India" which google's own trends show NOBODY is actually looking for whereas you type the same phrase into yahoo or Bing? You get Hillary Indictment which actually IS trending according to Google's own trends, which is what the autocomplete is SUPPOSEDLY based on..

Oh and just FYI the former CEO of Google is on the advisory committee of HRC and making something like half a million a quarter for his services. If you think a guy whose political views are well known and who is actually working for one side isn't gonna tilt things in his favor? I have a bridge you might be interested in.

Comment Re:Have to give it to Apple..... (Score 1) 767

BLU phones also uses stock android, all mine had OOTB was gapps and that was it, no extra OEM horseshit or shit I couldn't uninstall, just plain jane stock android. I have recommended them to several customers who have bought various models (they are built like tanks and take a LOT of abuse and I have many customers in streets and construction) and they always hand them to me to set up and in those half a dozen models? Nothing but good old plain stock android goodness.

But TFA is the exact reason why I won't touch Apple, I'm not paying a premium just to pay another premium because you have locked yourself into a walled garden. With android i can choose plenty of models from plenty of companies, at the price point and with the features I care about like MicroSD and user replaceable battery, and I can use any phones I want.

Comment Re:Fuck ALL those assholes! (Score 2) 655

Why are you for a Soviet system that was designed to ignore reality if that reality didn't match political goals? You DO know that is the origin of political correctness, yes? It was a phrase that was come up with by the Marxists to give a name to Stalinists warping reality to fit with the whims of their dear leader that day.

Just remember political correctness equals lie because if it wasn't a lie? It wouldn't be politically correct, it would just be correct.

Comment Re:Edge on Linux and OS X could kill Firefox. (Score 1) 252

Uhhh non issue? Is that why its usage numbers are now a bad joke with the numbers like the browser spiraling ever downward?

The great thing about having so many choices is that when a browser company says "You will do it our way, take it or leave it?" we can and obviously have just left it.

Comment Re:But it runs on Windows! (Score 3, Insightful) 252

The newest tests I can find compare Linux (Ubuntu) versus Windows 8.1 but the numbers don't back up your statement. I quote "Laptop users can expect significantly less battery life using Ubuntu compared to Windows" and I found these results were the same on multiple systems according to the pages I perused.

If you truly believe your particular flavor of Linux will get better battery life than Windows 10? Feel free to run your own tests and post video of the results. After all Windows 10 Insider is free for anybody to download, so is Linux, so it will cost you nothing but a bit of time to back up your assertion with hard data.

I personally can't stand Windows 10 but I have to give credit where credit is due and MSFT has gotten much better on battery life with their last couple of releases.

Comment Re:So is this a manufactured clickbait story? (Score 1) 245

I'm sorry but that article is at least partially FUD, and since part of it is FUD that makes the entire article suspect. it claims, and I quote "The Platform Security Processor (PSP) is built in on all Family 16h + systems (basically anything post-2013), and controls the main x86 core startup." "The PSP is an ARM core with TrustZone technology, built onto the main CPU die."...this is a lie.

The ONLY chips AMD manufactures that have the ARM Trustzone chip is the 4, count 'em, 4, chips built on the Jaguar architecture. If you go to AMD's own website and look up trustzone you'll find the page hasn't even been updated since 2013 and you cannot find a single bit of software in the wild even able to make use of the AMD Trustzone core, its essentially dead silicon. The reason why AMD bought and used trustzone for that particular chip and that chip only is it was a requirement by the console OEMs for the hardware DRM for the Xbone and PS4. The four chips AMD sells to the public with trustzone? Are the Jaguar chips that for one reason or another didn't pass muster for being used in the MCMs they manufacture for the consoles, therefor they sell them as cheap HTPC chips which for that limited role they work quite well.

So I'm sorry but if they can't even get that simple fact right, despite AMD having opened their docs a couple years ago and the die layouts for both the FM2+ and AM3+ chips being available for nearly 4 years? Then I'm afraid their data on Intel is equally suspect.

Comment Re:Just as well (Score 1) 368

FUD the ONLY chips that have the ARM core are the 4 that were based on the consoles, even the AMD page on the subject hasn't been updated since 2013, why? Because they only bought the ARM DRM for the consoles that demanded it and never bothered to do anything else with it.

So its only there if you buy one of the 4 ULV chips based on Jaguar, and even then there is no known software in the wild that can even access it. Its a leftover from their deal with the consoles and the only chips you can buy with it are ones that didn't pass muster to be included in the consoles.

Now that said I've built a couple HTPCs using the Jag and they run just fine, one is running Win 8 (the only place Metro makes sense, a 10 foot UI) and the other is running OpenELEC Linux and both run great, if all you are needing is an ULV HTPC for 1080P video or a media server you can stuff in a closet? Works good for that purpose, but the ARM chip isn't an issue.

Comment Re:Just as well (Score 4, Interesting) 368

There is actually quite a lot of us because if you were to do a blind A/B test with an FX-8 versus an i5? You wouldn't be able to tell which is which....but your wallet would know the difference.

My FX-8320E when paired with an R9 280 and 16GB of RAM plays all my games with so much bling that I have gotten killed on several occasions because I was too busy gawking at the pretty to notice the enemy coming up behind me, runs very very cool (on air the highest I have ever hit is 122F with all 8 cores slammed doing A/V work) and the whole system, with an SSD and 3TB HDD? Less than $550 after MIR.

When you add to this the fact that AMD has been opening their docs, just as the FOSS community asked them to do, giving massive amounts of code to the community with Vulkan being just one of many, no DRM chips like TPM, oh and you can get their chips for often less than a third an equivalent Intel chip? Its really not a hard choice to make.

Comment Re:The ego... (Score 4, Insightful) 428

With me it would probably be 10k to 1, and the few I do watch are fan recordings of live music. Bosnian Bill is great, I also love Techmoan and his vids on cool old tech, LGR's vids on old PC games and hardware, and listening to Bo Time Gaming scream like a girl in War Thunder when some BF109 throws some cannon shells his way.

As for Trent, Lars, and all their ilk? Sorry but its not 1975 anymore, you can't write a single song and sit on ass getting royalties for the next 20 years thinking you have it made while the record company leeches are in actuality skimming 90%+ off the top. Now songs are merely the carrot to get butts in seats for live performances as it should be, and as it was for the better part of history. You know what REALLY scares the piss out of you Trent, and why you and your buddies will mouth off but not do shit about YouTube? Its because if you wiped ALL big label music off of YouTube tomorrow the majority would not give a shit as a billion artists who AREN'T bitches would be more than happy to take those fans as they know what songs are for today and value the free advertising. It must also cause you to lose sleep at night to know that any kid can do what you do now thanks to digital recording gear being so cheap and computers being so powerful. Hell when I first started playing music the BEST you could get if you wanted to go DIY and your daddy wasn't a lawyer was a 4 track cassette that sounded only slightly better than recording on a boombox and now I have a digital 8-track that fits in my bass case and with a couple condensers hooked to it frankly gets better sounding recordings than a lot of the live albums of the 70s...cost me $126.

Just as we've seen the rise of indie gaming and indie filmmaking going DIY is becoming the better deal for more and more artists and you can whine and bitch and moan all you want but at the end of the day? If you removed every note you ever played from the web nobody would really care as there are a hell of a lot more where you came from, a lot less douchey as well.

Comment Re:Me too, much? (Score 1) 144

The problem with your theory is this....All the game devs on YouTube have been making it clear if they have to support both (which both MSFT and Sony have said is a requirement) then the original is gonna be "shit mode" with crap graphics and little to no optimization. The reason why is simple...money.

Its not financially feasible to sink half the budget on the weak version and half on the good, if they are doing this they might as well stick to the PC, so the easiest and cheapest way to support both is spend all the money on the new version (as that is what everybody is gonna see in the commercials and on the back of the box) and then just lock the weak version on the lowest settings they can that will still get "kinda sorta" 30 FPS but mark my words within 6 months the framerate will take a dump on any heavy action scenes as they crank things up for the good version.

So all they have really done is kill the main reason to buy a console, the fact that you get 5 years worth of games for a single console purchase. Now you will have decent game play for a couple years at most and then either buy the new version or get screwed and have the system in the "gaming ghetto" with crap graphics and slowdowns.

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