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Comment Re:Third party standards (Score 2, Insightful) 434

To answer your question the political agenda of the SPLC is simple,it is to promote themselves so they can get more money.

After all if they don't have a new "bogeyman of the day" to shill for the press, why the press won't write about them anymore, and gasp! They might not be able to get those big fat donation checks anymore! You see the flaw in your logic is assuming its automatically a black/white issue and that one has to be beholden to a single political party, when looking at your typical SPLC list its pretty obvious they hate all religions and religious groups equally but their biggest goal is to label damned near every assembly of more than 4 people as a "hate group" so they have someone new to shill to the press because in the end? Their biggest desire isn't the favor of a political party, its good old fashioned money money money.

Comment Re:No principles. (Score 4, Insightful) 600

What is wrong with Bannon? So far the only argument I've seen is the left wing media classic "he is an "ist" and a bad bad man!" in this case an anti-semite over of all things an article 1.- He didn't write, 2.- That was written by a pro Israel Jew, 3.- Which called a Jewish man on the left a "renegade Jew" (the writer of the article says if he had it do over again he would have used traitor) for supporting policies that helped Iran and Hamas, both sworn enemies of Israel.

So I'm sorry but if that is the best they can come up with? Its just more SJW shit, instead of debating the policies just call someone an "ist" and think you can silence them with name calling. We saw this all through the election with the MSM quick to call anybody who didn't support HRC an "ist" and called Trump an "ist" multiple times while completely ignoring how HRC said black teens were "super predators" who should be "brought to heel" like dogs and pushed through 3 strike laws that were specifically targeted at blacks, for example how you'd get a strike for crack but not for powder coke. Anybody wanna bet if it was someone on the right who had said and done those things we'd have heard a dozen times a day how much of an "ist" they were?

Comment Re:I still want short distance & long distance (Score 1) 395

About your sig? Sorry but sadly SJWs are very very real and while its true the world would be MUCH better off if we could just line them up and have them all shot (which would probably please them as most are beta whites and thus you would have less "white privilege" in the world) we can at least take comfort in the fact that being betas most of them will not get the opportunity to breed and thus will die out.

Comment Re:I still want short distance & long distance (Score 5, Informative) 395

Uhhh the US taxpayers paid to the tune of 200 billion for a nationwide upgrade to our intertubes during Clinton and all we got for that money was a low res Goatse from the big corps.

This is why we should give them 90 days to either provide what we paid for, give us back every cent with interest, or we nationalize the whole thing and open it up to competition like we did when we first broke up Ma Bell. If they want exclusives in an area? Let them run 100mbps FIOS to the door and we'll be happy to give them a 15 years exclusivity deal but as it is now? They owe us a shitload of money and we should demand we get what we paid for!

Comment Re:Loved the pros and cons in the comments (Score 1) 191

It especially makes no sense with Windows 10. After all with previous versions it cost $100 minimum for a copy but now you can get Windows 10 insider for free so this OS actually costs more than the cheapest version of Windows....I really don't see who the target audience is for this. If a user likes Windows 10 they aren't gonna suddenly want to pay $15 for a Linux look alike and if they like Windows 10 but don't have the money for a copy they can just take the free Insider version, and Linux users certainly aren't gonna pay $15 just to have their Linux look like an OS they don't like so who are they selling this to?

At least with Xandros you could see what market they were targeting as not only did it have a Windows look alike desktop as one of the three choices on install (the others were KDE 3 and OSX) but they paid MSFT for access to the Exchange and Windows Server code so they offered one click support for Exchange and Windows Domain log in,so at least you could see what they were charging for, but this? It looks like the same ho hum programs every other distro on the planet offers, just with a Windows skin on the desktop.

Comment Re:Black holes of pure evil merge (Score 3, Interesting) 93

MSFT quit trying to poorly ape Apple when they got rid of the sweaty monkey and instead are trying to poorly ape Google, complete with all their spying, under Nutella?

Ever since Nutella took over MSFT has been opening up their software and tools because now you are the product just as you are with Google. This means if Google or Torvalds or anybody else wants to use .NET go right ahead, no nasty contracts anymore because their money isn't coming from software but from your data instead. Whether you consider this an improvement or not is up to you but with the majority of Americans happy to hand their data and every detail of their personal lives to companies like FB? It appears like it or not that is the future of software.

Comment Re:Under the gop system 30 min to get black listed (Score 1) 52

So you are against the free market then? Because from what I can tell the GOP position is that you shouldn't be forced to pay for things you do not support or which is against your religion. After all if this test is as cheap and effective as they say? Plenty of charities supporting that part of the world, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is just one that comes to mind.

Comment Re:Dear Kaspersky, and other upset antivirus maker (Score 1) 100

Yeah uhhh...there is a problem with your rant and its the simple fact that Windows Defender doesn't work worth a shit at least not in the real world with real bugs.

Allow me to introduce myself...Hi! I'm the resident PC shop guy, its my job to clean up the messes that Joe and Sally Average get themselves into. I'm popular enough I don't advertise anymore and just get customers by word of mouth so I must be doing something right and Windows Defender? Yeah its a POS. I've had customers come to me with just about every free and paid AV there is out there and WD? Those PCs are always the worst infected by a country mile. Sure it uses less resources, I'd argue because it doesn't do much of anything it really doesn't need lots of resources in the first place. Sure its better than nothing but that ain't saying much.

From what I've seen at the shop? The best paid are Eset and Bitdefender, the best free are Avast, Comodo, and Adaware. With those AVs you hardly find anything and what you do find is usually pretty benign stuff like PUPs whereas with WD? Those are the ones I see the "This PC is locked by the FBI" bug, the Security Tool 201x bug, all the real nasty shit just seems to blow right through it. Makes me think its like Norton was back in the day, remember that? In case you don't back when Norton was hot shit all the bug writers tested against Norton because they knew it was included by default with a lot of OEMs so if your bug could bypass Norton? That opened up a LOT of systems you could infect. I bet the same is true for WD, bug writers test against WD because they know its the default on Win 10 and lazy users won't change defaults so there ya go, lots of targets.

So I really wouldn't use WD or MSE on anything that you actually worried about getting infected. Sure it has its uses, I have it on my gamer rig but that is really nothing more than a box that plays Steam games so its really there just for peace of mind more than anything, the quad beside it I actually use for surfing? That has Comodo IS on it.

Comment Re: The year of the Linux Laptop? (Score 1) 255

Sorry about the lateness, I was on vacation...well no shit its buggy, its fucking Linux, what do you expect? damned near EVERY driver in Linux is buggy, they have buggy wifi, buggy sound, buggy networking, that is why you should buy a laptop specifically made for Linux if you want to run Linux because anything else? Is hit or miss.

The moral of the story? If you buy a Windows laptop then RUN WINDOWS ON IT which I have zero doubt Windows 7 will run just fine on that laptop, which by the time its EOL in 2020 that laptop will be too damned old to do shit with anyway, or even better just get one of those $199 Windows 10 2-in-1 laptops which will curbstomp a system that old by a country mile, hell I pick up $50 laptops off of CL that beat the snot out of that thing, let it go already and get something this century.

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 1) 48

I can back this up, one of the things everyone asks me to do at the shop is "can you get rid of that Chrome thing? IDK what happened but now it keeps launching instead of (insert FF, Opera, Comodo, etc) and IDK how to make it go away" because every piece of "freeware" is shoving chrome even when those freeware programs are updated.

And I'm sorry Chrome fanboys but I shat on MSFT when they tried shoving IE everywhere, I shat on Sun/Oracle when they were shoving Java everywhere, and now I think Google is slimy for using the exact same tactics as the spyware companies by shoving their product into third party programs that have shit to do with browsing.

Comment Re:When automation is cheaper than people... (Score 1) 231

To steal a line from Mel Brooks "bullshit bullshit aaaannnnnddddd bullshit!"

If you wanna know why the jobs left and will never come back? here ya go. The Ayn Rand bullshit has NEVER worked and we have proof because we already tried it it was called "the age of the robber barons" and is why we have superfund sites now.

If I can dump my toxins out the backdoor and you have to pay to dispose of yours? I win, simple as that. The incredible greed of the corps have reached a point that even THAT is not enough as they are now automating factories even in China where they pay joke wages and take a couple decades off their lives with toxins because Wong Fong actually wants a dollar a day and that dollar could help pay for another Rolls for the CEO.

So nobody gives a rat's ass about tax BS and regs but the little guy, the corps have been dodging them for years, see Apple who pays less in taxes than the guy that sweeps their floors or how Halliburton was able to just walk away from 2 superfund sites simply by cutting a couple checks to Bush's CREP. If YOU wanna live in a cancer city? Go right ahead, I'm sure we can set up a Patreon to buy you and your family a one way ticket to a nice toxic waste dump in China, but those "omegerd regs" you are bitching about are there PRECISELY because we saw what happened without them, thousands of acres of places that will kill your ass very dead that will take trillions of dollars (that of course the corps aren't paying) to clean up, if they can be cleaned at all. Most of them will simply be fenced off and allowed to rot, our own little Chernobyls leaking toxic garbage.

BTW have you ever seen what happens to one of these places, or how much it costs? I have as a local factory was declared toxic after they abandoned it in the 80s (and of course they had it owned by a shell corp so they didn't have to pay the cleanup natch), it required guys in moonsuits to take it apart and ship even the dirt it sat on to be carried off in sealed trucks to a desert toxic burial site at an insane cost to the state thanks to it being saturated with 4 different cancer causing chemicals and covered in asbestos, not to mention the incredible healthcare costs of all those that got sick and died because they worked in there including my grandmother. I figure the feds and the state probably ended up on the hook for a good 50-60 million minimum for just that one little factory but luckily thanks to the lack of "ehmygerd regs" at the time the corp of course was able to take the profits they made from it and not give back a cent to clean their mess which I'm sure gives you a warm fuzzy feeling.

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