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Comment Re:What is the format of the original pictures? (Score 1) 358

Your number sucks badly. I have had flash media fail in as little as 6 months form discharge and that was after 2-3 overwrites.

Incidentally, your claim reminds me a lot of what many people defending DVDs as backup claim. It is straight in the region of wishful thinking. Sure, it may work, but it also may leave you without that critically needed backup without warning and it may do so with pretty high probability.

Comment Re:RAID is NOT backup! (Score 1) 358

"mdadm" is very well behaved for this scenario and in general. For mdadm this is indeed relatively easy to do.

I had the misfortune to work with some commercial hardware-RAID cards where I am not even sure it can be done without major effort. Personally, I have stopped using any kind of hardware-RAID, because monitoring, management, reliability and performance typically all suck badly.

Comment Re:RAID is NOT backup! (Score 1) 358

And where did you miss that a backup needs to be followed by a compare? After that works, it really does not matter what your obviously "trash" quality SATA-to-USB converter messes up. I never had this problem despite using a _lot_ of USB disks. Maybe you should not buy the very cheapest ones?

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