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Comment Seems Google gets publicity better than Akamai (Score 2) 113

I mean, what better opportunity to demonstrate the power of your solution and with free reporting on it as well? Nobody likes the DDoS terrorists (and yes, that is what they are for all practical purposes, because they are attacking critical infrastructure), so this can only go well.

Comment Re:Commercial "education" generally fails (Score 2) 255

Which is another drawback of education for commercial gain: The providers of this sort of "education" have strong motivation to allow anybody in that can pay. This is not a good idea, as it waters down skill levels and degrades grade quality. A society dependent on technology cannot afford that in the long run.

Comment Re:Commercial "education" generally fails (Score 1) 255

I take it you have never actually taught anything, because your "ideas" have no relation to this world. Education beyond rote memorization (which barely qualifies as "education", if at all) cannot be provided cheaply, and, unless we get AI that is both as capable as a good human teacher and willing to work for free, this is not going to change.

Comment Commercial "education" generally fails (Score 3, Insightful) 255

Education is one of the things that if done well requires a high level of skill and dedication from those doing the education. Hence if done well commercially, it becomes too expensive for almost all people.

The solution is to have the state do it and to draw the teachers from qualified idealists and let them do it how they see fit. Sure, this has its own set of problems, but it is vastly better than the capitalist way of doing it, because that does not work at all. The authoritarian way (curricula specified in detail by the state) universally fails nicely as well.

Incidentally, this is that standard situation in Europe and it works reasonably well. It does require a large enough supply of smart, capable, idealistic and non-greedy people though, and that may be hard to come by in the US, especially the "non-greedy" part as US society is pathologically focused on money. With a candidate that ran his own scam of this type (Trump "University") having a realistic chance of becoming the next president, I do not think the future is bright for US academic education.

Comment Re:Who decides that (Score 4, Interesting) 108

I doubt that. Massive screw-ups like these are usually a team effort. You know, "engineers" that cannot explain the feature well or do not really understand it themselves, "managers" that make decisions without a clue about what they decide on, and so on. I have seen this numerous times in action. It is really quite fascinating to watch how dysfunctional most/all corporate decision-making processes are in large corporations.

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