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Comment Re:I'll document it tomorrow (Score 1) 548

That old code of mine is unintelligible rubbish. Thankfully I'm a much better programmer now, so this new code will be a monument of pure, self-evident brilliance.

I'm legitimately surprised whenever I try to rewrite something I've done previously, and fall short of my past efforts. There have been cases where I thought source code went missing, so I reprogrammed something, and eventually rediscovered the original source code and found it to be far superior.

What, is solving technical problems actually making me more stupid?

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 235

JavaScript is an absolutely terrible language

Oh my gosh, yes! JavaScript is HORRIBLE. I can't tell you how many times I've seen competent developers fired and replaced with new-fangled JavaScript developers who could code a dynamic website in one day. Websites *aren't meant* to be coded in one day! They should be thoughtfully meditated upon, as some sort of holy semantic grail, fueled by the document-driven knowledge net powered by pure Tim-Berners-Lee thought magic.

And don't even get me started on the lack of typing. Typing! How can you program something with a guaranteed, mathematically-proven execution model without strong types? I mean, the last time NASA tried to use JavaScript to send a rocket to the moon, it ended up flying directly into the sun! Dynamic typing should be outlawed!

And is JavaScript procedural, functional, or object-oriented? We ALL know that object-oriented is absolutely the worst idea to come out of computer science in a long time. EVERYTHING should be purely functional! How can you have mathematically proofs that certify the correctness of your programming, if you have things like event handling built in? It's outrageous!

In fact, JavaScript is SO dangerous that we should outlaw web browsers too! The Internet should really just be a network of connected PDF files!

Comment Re:For the US, not for a political party (Score 1) 895

I don't know if this is the joke or not, but in your sig you say: const int one = 65536; That is in fact wrong. In integer rollover: 65535 +1 = 0 So I'm not sure what you are getting at. If there is a joke there other than integer rollover then I don't get it.

It's probably an example of the infamous programmer "off-by-one" error. The source code he quoted actually exists in a project.

Comment Re:Prototypes are ALWAYS huge & klunky (Score 1) 62

Prototypes should be designed based on the goals they're supposed to achieve: performance and functionality that approaches the final manufactured unit, but with the flexibility to easily troubleshoot, modify, and reproduce the prototype without requiring several lengthy and expensive manufacturing cycles.

Believe me, once the finalized design undergoes its first manufacturing cycle, there will be several kinks that need to be debugged and resolved. It's really best to not conjoin those manufacturing issues with other fundamental usability issues that may arise earlier during product development cycles.

Comment Oh well... (Score 2) 90

I bet the layer of product managers at Atlassian became top-heavy, with number of managers outpacing the number of sub-par software products they release (like JIRA.) So, the natural next step in the evolution of the company is to buy a non-sub-par software product company, and let the product managers have their way with turning the purchased software products into sub-par products. That way, every product manager gets a fair share of practice at screwing up perfectly fine software that probably doesn't really need to be modified in the ways they are intending.

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