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Comment Bad pet owners (Score 1) 200

Cats are not really pack animals but understand social hierarchy. If you let a cat rule the house they will, but if you are dominant (not to be confused with being an asshole) cats are fine. Dogs are pack animals who similarly need structure with you on top of the social structure. Social needs like playtime and grooming time have to accompany the normal duties of food, water, and litter/walks.

I see plenty of cat and dog owners that let their pets run the house. They tend to complain about how "bad" their pets are, in between excusing bouts of bad behavior.

Animal psychology is really not that difficult, but as with many subjects people don't educate themselves. A similar, if not same, type of person will often treat their kids like adults and want to be their friends instead of parents. Problems always tend to be directed at the external entity instead of themselves.

Comment By whom? For what exactly? (Score 3, Insightful) 95

Who will be filing the most complaints? The people with money to pay astroturfers and sockpuppets? That is what we have everywhere else, so why would Google's app be any different?

What will the complaints be about? Same thing we see everywhere else, which is anything not pro communist/extreme leftist?

This is a promotion of fascism, not freedom.

Comment Re:R&D (Score 1) 96

Apple spends serious coin on Research and Development; far more than their competition.

This is almost true, though the vast majority of Apple's R&D funding is firmly at the D end of the spectrum. IBM used to spend a lot more than Apple on research, though they've cut down a lot. Microsoft still does (around $5bn/year on MSR). These companies and Google (and Oracle, and so on) all throw grants at universities for research, which Apple doesn't. It wasn't until last the last few months that Apple even published any of their research.

Comment Re:AI Snippets... (Score 1) 198

In this respect, it's not really any different from stuff genetic algorithms have been doing for decades. If you have a set of executable tests that can tell if the algorithm is working correctly, then you can evolve something that will pass the tests. Of course, you have absolutely no idea how it will behave on inputs not covered by your tests.

Comment Re:sign of decline (Score 1) 96

Sometimes. Apple already has their 1 Infinite Loop building and then most of the office buildings nearby along De Anza and a few nearer the middle of town. They're pretty short on space. It makes sense for them to be building a new big building, and the cost difference between building a new boring building and a new shiny building is pretty small. This will let them move a bunch of people who need to collaborate into offices near each other, rather than having them spread across the various De Anza buildings.

From what people were saying when I was at Apple a couple of weeks ago, it's actually coming a bit too late. The company has grown faster than they expected when they started planning and so rather than being able to move everyone from De Anza into IL2, they're having to identify sets of people who need to collaborate and move them, leaving quite a few behind in De Anza. If your company is growing faster than your ability to build office space to house them, that's generally a good sign (though the insane planning permission situation in the Bay Area means that it happens there a lot more often than you'd expect).

Comment Re:Pluto: Kick me all you want, but ... I'll be ba (Score 1) 144

Oh, you actually want a real rule? Then how about any large body that directly orbits a sun? Now, define large: diameter, atmospheric pressure (Do we call it a planet if it doesn't have an atmosphere?) "weight", mass, temperature, internal composition, a definable surface or what-not AND remember to define exactly what a sun is and we're done.

All (non-accelerating) reference frames are equally valid. The sun orbits Earth just as much as Earth orbits the sun. Barycenters and whatnot.

Comment Re:And what are the other terms? (Score 0) 144

And what do you call things that orbit barycenters, like all things do?
This is what happens when eggheads aren't put to task building weapons for war and aren't bullied enough - they lose all discipline and just faff about willy-nilly.

As an egghead myself, FUCK YOU OTHER GUYS! Stop senselessly changing existing definitions and creating MORE ambiguity! You're ignoring basic principles of your field!

Comment Re:Maybe (Score 1) 144

Who said anything about dogma, you ass clown? Words have definitions and wantonly changing them means every written use of the word now needs to be dtae checked to determine which version of the definition was intended. It's the same with the "kibibyte" horseshit. STOP CHANGING THINGS FOR NO REASON.

The definition of "planet" was, is, and always will be arbitrary. They've been obsessed with "correcting" an arbitrary definition for about a decade now, and they show no fucking signs of stopping. Have we have always been at war with Eurasia?

Comment Not a conservative (Score 0) 101

Welcome to the darkness you've embraced. It will have consequences.

I'm actually an independent, not a conservative.

There's planks in the conservative platform that I don't agree with; for example, I think women should be able to choose abortion and we're probably wrecking the climate. A couple of other positions as well.

The problem is, coming out in favor of either of these puts me in the company of Liberals: People who leak classified information for political assassination, people who call for a military coup, people who riot to suppress free speech... I don't want to be associated with any of that.

I used to be a global warming believer, but I'm now having second thoughts. That "97 percent of scientists" figure people keep throwing around? It's fake. This whole thing about the left has caused me to reexamine my beliefs about global warming, and how I came by them. 'Turns out most of it was passively accepted without a critical thought, because I kept seeing it in the news.

This is troubling, and not in the false sense of the word that Liberals use. Global warming is conceivably the most important decision we'll face, and we need to get it right the first time.

And yet, debate on the issue is stifled by insult and threats. Scientists fear losing their livelihood if they question the dogma. Policies are "our way and nothing else", and always require reducing our standard of living while increasing economic disparity.

No where do I see proposals that would actually help the problem, such as calls to modernize our electrical grid, calls to change tax code to encourage telecommuting (section 1706), tax rebates for rooftop solar, or increased funding in helpful technology.

I'm having a tough time keeping my position about global warming, simply because it's the clarion call of the left.

There's an old saying among geeks: it's not enough to be right, you also have to be effective.

The left is so ineffective that it's tough to agree with them.

Even when they're right.

Comment President doesn't affect individual businesses (Score 1) 55

But that is likely because Trump is pro-business instead of a anti-business Democrat.

It's because Tesla inked a deal to start selling cars in the middle east, along with the support charging infrastructure.

I'm good with blaming the president for things, but the president really has very little effect on any individual business, and in particular has little effect on a specific business in his first 30 days.

I think the same can be said about Obama. Anything he did was more of a global long-term effect if it was any effect at all. Taking health care as an example, I don't see Obamacare as having curtailed or encouraged the medical industry or the insurance companies - the economics of health care would probably have evolved to the state we are in now with or without it. Military vendors were similarly unaffected over the last 8 years.

In economic terms, I don't see the president having much effect on business.

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