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Comment Not Selling stolen stuff (Score 4, Insightful) 14

This guy was selling stuff stolen from US companies, and he doesn't think he should have to answer charges in the US?

Was he selling stolen things? Or did he make illegal copies and sell those?

Did he actually copy and sell things? Or was it the users who sold the illegal copies?

Did the users actually sell stolen copies? Or did they just give them away to others?

Did he have a DMCA-style takedown process?

What did he do different from DropBox and other online storage sites?

Was he a US citizen, or ever been to the US? Did his company operate in the US?

Were his crimes violent and criminal in nature, which would warrant extradition, or is this essentially a civil case?

Comment varmint (Score 2, Funny) 279

Jennifer Youngman, a 65-year-old woman living in rural northern Virginia shot down a drone flying over her property with a single shotgun blast.

She was later quoted as saying, "And I boilt that dern thing for nearly two hours and it never did get tender none. My husband, Cousin Carl, damn near broke a tooth."

Comment Re:No...just, no. (Score 2, Informative) 136

Citation required. No, neither of your links talks about armed observers, and nothing about acting "menacing".

No offense, but when you've promoted "Second Amendment solutions" to prevent a president from appointing judges, and you're promoting a civilian "Deportation Force", and you're ginning up the notion that if you lose the election, it's because it was "rigged", what the fuck do you think he's talking about? You can't be that stupid.

And you'll have to explain why asking people to keep an eye on the process is worse than the New Black Panther party

The New Black Panther party was two guys standing outside of a Philadelphia polling place. And they were not responding to a public call for a show of force by candidate Barack Obama. So, you dumb fuck, the "worse" part is that it's Donald Fucking Trump who's the one asking for thugs to stand in front of polling places.

If no local fraud could swing the results of a national election, then what all the crying about the state of Florida results when Bush was elected over Gore?

Jesus wept. It wasn't "local fraud" that caused 2000 to be seen as a crooked election. It was the fact that it was decided by the Supreme Court along partisan lines.

Comment Re:RAID is NOT backup! (Score 1) 338

And where did you miss that a backup needs to be followed by a compare? After that works, it really does not matter what your obviously "trash" quality SATA-to-USB converter messes up. I never had this problem despite using a _lot_ of USB disks. Maybe you should not buy the very cheapest ones?

Comment Re:So if it happens when then? (Score 1) 136

Not even Trump supporters would believe it

I don't think we want to test the extremes of what Trump supporters would believe. From all appearances, they are a rather credulous lot when it comes to their Dear Leader.

"69% of Trump voters believe that if their candidate loses, it will be because the election was rigged. A mere 16% of Trump supporters think that a Clinton victory would come about because she won more votes.

Perhaps even odder, 40% of Trump voters believe that the long-extinct ACORN will be responsible for the election fraud. ACORN has not existed since 2010. "

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