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Comment Re:Read the first volume (Score 1) 246

It describes the very low level of a program and a computer.

No it doesn't. It describes the very low level of a program running on a computer from 30-50 years ago. The lessons that it teaches about algorithmic complexity are still valid, but the low-level stuff is not. Once you get to limits of the implementation, rather than of the algorithm, artefacts of caches in pipelines are far more important to performance. Not only will you not find, for example, Hopscotch Hash Tables in TAOCP, you also won't find an explanation of the underlying reasons for their performance.

Comment Re:Unclear (Score 1) 104

As a white male with a disability that makes it difficult to keep a job (companies don't follow anti-discrimination laws despite being able to do the work), I consider anyone saying white males have innate privileges for being white and male to be illegal hate speech against me. Please remove all content referencing male privileges and ban the related accounts.

Saying "You are privileged because you are white and male" isn't hate speech, no matter what you pretend.

Saying, "Cripples like you shouldn't be allowed to hold jobs that would be better off with able-bodied people and you shouldn't be allowed to procreate and should just be shoved into ovens which would save society a lot of money, plus you all smell bad and are whiny parasites on the rest of us." is probably hate speech.

Do you see the difference, or does your disability preclude you from having any discernment whatsoever?

Comment Re:Surprising? Not so much. - they're stupid (Score 1) 128

Exactly. Is there extra funding for ISPs to add extra security for politician's data? If not, then it might not be easy to get with a search warrant, but you can bet that some of it will be leaked. Do MPs have some special sign-on for all Internet access? If not, then you can bet that some hotspot or mobile provider won't know that they're MPs and so will hand over the data when someone goes fishing for data on a particular IP address. Do MPs have their own Internet accounts that they don't share with their family? If not, then you can bet that someone will request the data on their husbands or wives and get the results indirectly.

Comment No... (Score 1) 246

Interestingly, despite being in CS for now 30 years and doing some quite algorithm-intensive and complicated work even today, the only time I consulted them was for an exercise in CS 101 that referenced something in there. I have always found easier to read and better references, quite a few of them research papers. Don't get me wrong: I think it is good that they exist, but they are more a reference for fundamental research than a handbook for an engineer or applied scientist.

Comment Re:It's highly overrated (Score 1) 246

Arduino libraries themselves are rife with examples of such 'bad' programming, some operations unnecessarily take many more cycles than necessary while using a simple example in Knuth's books shows how to do it in one (such as bit shifts).

OP said other books have covered these needs better, in OP's opinion.

You do make a good point however, there will always be people cramming circuits into smaller and smaller things and some code has to run them.

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