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Comment Re:Glad it's not just me... (Score 1) 131

I suspected my browser of being broken, but apparently these "designers" are broken instead. Next step is that we need a "font-conditioner" in addition to an ad-blocker to keep the web readable. And to think that font-design and appropriate usage has been a solved problem for quite a few decades... The world is dumbing down even more.

Comment Re:Incoming Fraud (Score 1) 19

and with paypal behind it you KNOW it will be bad. Irecall a time i sold something that took 2 days longer than expected to get there so the customer complained and got their moneyback. 2 days later when it showed up fine no problem got the money back on my acct. well minus the 10 dollars in paypal fees that never should have been applied in the first place. they would hear none of it. Id have better luck working with big banks than paypal trying to get my money back

Comment Why encourage them at all? (Score 1) 352

I am all for equal opportunity, and that means those women that _want_ to go into computing should not face greater hurdles than the men that want the same. But why aim for 50%? That strikes me as a "cargo cult" approach where not any potential issues are targeted, but merely statistical numbers. This will, rather obviously, not solve any issues and it will push women into a field where rather obviously most do not want to go. How that could be perceived as a good thing is beyond me.

Comment stop going techno-nerd on it.. they failed (Score 1) 221

Unless support wasn't part of the deal that was signed, then it clearly is Microsoft's fault. And the NFL's. They are the ones who agreed to the deal.
And these three words: User Acceptance Testing

I have a feeling this was technical people saying "it should work" and sales people saying "it's flawless" and the NFL saying "this will be great" and people getting bonuses and high-fiving each other.... and NOBODY actually trying it out in a real setting ahead of time.

Serves them right.

Comment Re:Sweet tears (Score 1) 72

A drone needs a camera to manually navigate the thing whilst out of line-of-sight.

And there is your problem. Operating it out of line-of-sight. Perhaps the Swedish ruling is based on the nature of constitutes acceptable use, and out of line-of-sight does not meet their criteria.

As to the argument about acceptable use versus unacceptable use, while the courts and legislatures often do side with if something has an acceptable use then it won't be banned for having an unacceptable use, there are exceptions, and those exceptions are often based on the nature of the unacceptable use, and how widespread that unacceptable use is compared to otherwise. Often that kind of consideration is based on how the unacceptable use affects other people.

Comment Re:Sweet tears (Score 1) 72

The user of Google Glass is immediately identifiable because he has to be present. The owner of an RC aircraft with a camera on it may not be identifiable because that person does not have to be in line-of-sight to the people being filmed by the RC aircraft in order to control that RC aircraft.

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 4, Insightful) 352

So if there were outside factors that biologically predisposed men and women towards different career paths or interests would you accept that those might result in something other than an even distribution of employment in certain vocations?

This doesn't make sense. The differences are either innate (biological) or the result of external factors. If they're the result of external factors (i.e. not biological) then they're likely to be amenable to change. The fact that the participation of women varies hugely between cultures (for example, in India, Korea, Israel, Iran, and Lithuania, Romania, it's a lot higher) implies strongly that external factors are far more of a reason why we have so few women than anything biological.

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