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Comment Re:Subtraction... (Score 0) 49

Significant digits (figures)? Fuck that shit - everyone does it incorrectly, and it's fucking retarded when done "correctly". Seriously, why the FUCK would you consider a reading of "20" to be less valid than a reading of "21" when all else (measurement device, environment, methodology, etc.) is the same? Yet "2.0x10^1" is more significant than 20? It's absurd.

Further, 26.3 / 25.6 is a calculation, not a measurement, and you can't apply significant figures to raw calculations like that without fucking everything up. Significant figures are meant to handle the inaccuracy/imprecision of measurements. Only a few classes of calculations are imprecise (essentially because they are based on measurements or approximations, like trig functions on shitty, not cool angles).

What if I asked you to convert 1 meter to inches? 1 meter is exactly 5000/127 inches. Using 1 significant figure, to match 1 meter, we need to do 5000/100! 1 meter is not 50 fucking inches.

For 26.3/25.6 You get exactly 1.02734375.

Now, IF you know the significant figures of the measurements (and you don't necessarily just by seeing the number there), then you can do the following:

Assume 26.3 means a value in the range of [26.25, 26.35) and 25.6 means a value in the range of [25.55, 25.65).
We can take the extremes, 26.25/25.65 and 26.35/25.55 and get 1.0233918128654970760233918128655 to 1.0313111545988258317025440313112. The mean of which is 1.0273514837321614538629679220883, if you want to take a statistical stab at it. Remember our calculated value of 1.02734375? How does that compare?

If we used "significant figures" we'd get 1.03 for a 3% increase. But wait, it gets more retarded. Because if we calculate the percentage increase instead of the ratio, we get a different result even though they're giving us the same fucking information!
(26.3-25.6)/25.6 = 0.02734375, rounded to 3 significant figures gets us 2.73x10^-2, or 2.73% (as leading zeroes are never significant).


Comment why? (Score 1) 217

Why do companies, particularly Google in this case, remove basic options and features in software as if it is costing them money.

Google particular seems to shut down small-mid size projects that can be incredibly useful and profitable.

Two examples:

1. Google Movie Showtimes...this was great, it was a nationwide very accurate movie showtime page that was a feature on didn't require much maintenance once it was already built. Also, they still have to have staff working on movie results...except they now use a Netflix-like side scroller that requires a user to click to get more info.

2. Google could have been Slack. Slack is exactly Google Wave only with a polished interface. How much is Slack valued at right now again?

Comment Re:This! (Score 1) 71

I should also have provided my solution. I have Mac, Linux and Windows versions of Keepass and KeepassX on a thumb drive. I clone the drive and maintain a backup in a safe. My thumb drive contains the keepass DBs as well as the binaries. It's portable and self contained so I don't worry about someone snagging my data. The master password is a beyatch for my master DB containing other passwords. Other keepass DBs which actually contain connection data have a 32 character random "strong" password stored in the master.

Comment Re:This! (Score 1) 71

if you don't control the Git server you suffer from the same problem. Once someone obtains your files, the cracking can begin. I'm not saying that cracking would be easybut the amount of resources available to hackers is insane. There are millions of compromised hosts being used constantly for these purposes, as well as sending spam, serving malware, etc... The old days of simply being concerned with State Actors is no longer valid.

Comment This! (Score 2) 71

I know of companies (perhaps even my current) which recommends people use LastPass over KeePass/KeePassX. The fact that they recommend a person use a password generator is good, but anything in the Cloud means that you _DO_NOT_ have physical control of the system storing passwords. The First rule of security is that you must have physical control of everything. All other Security rules come after that one.

The Company problem is a symptom of promoting "marketing geniuses" and "number crunchers" to be in charge of Security, instead of promoting Security geniuses to be in charge of Security. As a security expert I have some great horror stories about bad decisions, and can tell you that stock options are constantly ready to be sold.

Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 371

Occam's Razor is not a valid proof technique and involves a subjective judgment call. It is a way to move forward under uncertain conditions that has a pretty good track record though. One if it main strengths is that usually simpler constructs survive better and hence are more prevalent. In science and technology, it matches well with the golden rule of constructing anything, namely KISS.

There are some areas where it seems to fail catastrophically though. For example, in Physics, both Quantum Mechanics and Relativity are not consistent with it, or it is unclear what it would advocate. (To make matters worse, Quantum Mechanics and Relativity are also not consistent with each other, i.e. they cannot both be true unless Physics is even more fundamentally wrong.) Now, Occam's Razor would probably suggest here that somebody is messing with us and that makes the simulation scenario or the presence of a god that does it a likely scenario. On the other hand, there is really no good other evidence for those models.

In reality, Occam's Razor probably works best when amended to say "Prefer the most simple explanation, unless you have good indications it is way off, and move to more complex explanations when validation of the most simple one fails. Also make very sure you understand complexity and do that validation carefully."

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 0) 292

That's just nonsense that is part of a real estate agent's spiel.

Look at the numbers, the seasonal variation is real but small, and the time on the market doesn't vary that much.

And no, look up "fractional cost" on the interwebs if you want to know what it actually means when people say "a fraction of..." I'll give you a hint, it doesn't mean "awww, shucks, I had to sell at the 43rd percentile price when I thought I should get the 85th percentile price because I'm awesome!"

The reality is that people stories are always bullshit, not that it is hard to sell a house, or that houses don't have prices, or complete hogwash like "houses are unique snowflakes and not commodities."

Comment Re:Nintendo is done (Score 0) 64

I knew you would come back with this shit. The window includes not just reading the post but the you landing on the story after it was posted, browsing at 0 or -1 to even see it, reading other posts attached to the story before getting to it, finally getting to it, reading it, deciding to reply, and ultimately typing out a response and hitting submit.

I simply don't believe that's gonna happen in less than 5 minutes or before 31 other Slashdot posts are created, especially since you're replying to a bad troll with a pointless post about how it's a good troll. No one takes the effort to praise shitty trolls unless they're the same shitty troll who loves the smell of their own shit.

I caught you, fucking deal with it.

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