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Comment Re:Human brain is NOT a computer (Score 1) 140

Interestingly both spellings, computer and computor, mean either an electronic computational device, or a human who does computations.

I was taught in CS that for most algorithms it is useful to picture the pseudocode being implemented by humans passing around slips of paper and doing the computations by hand, because it helps to visualize scale, organization, communication, etc. So if humans were implementing the same predictive algorithm by hand, would it still be accused of being artificial, or intelligent?

Comment Re:Uh, can I apply now? (Score -1, Troll) 144

I hope that was intended as a joke, but that stereotype was pretty crass.

You SJWs are always looking for a safe space. Well, buckle up, buttercup, because in two days you liberal snowflakes won't be able to tell us not to use racial stereotypes any more. He won, she lost. Get over it.

[did I fit in all the alt-right cliches? if I missed any, let me know and I'll try again.]

Comment Scorpio (Score 1) 31

Scorpio isn't an upgraded Xbox One. The Xbox One S is. Just like the PS4 Pro is the upgraded PS4.

Scorpio is a new generation, though it'll likely be backward compatible, feature a similar UI/OS (Windows 10 everywhere...), tie into the same backend services, etc.

Outside of Nintendo, the days of console generations being completely new shit are likely dead. Development costs are too high, and established libraries (especially digital) are a huge consideration. Both Sony and MS are using AMD's shit for CPU and GPU. Staying on x86 (and AMD) makes perfect sense because it lowers cost, lets them maintain compatibility with older titles so people can keep their existing games as they upgrade to later versions of the console, and makes development easier. It also helps make maintaining the back end services (PSN and Xbox Live) simpler if you don't radically change things every few years.

Scorpio will almost certainly have games that ONLY play on Scorpio, but the PS4 Pro games are (for now, at least) all guaranteed to run on the PS4. This is what demarcates a generational divide. MS is trying hard to get marketshare back, and they had a great opportunity when Sony fucked up with the PS4 Pro (no 4K BluRay support), but they can't seem to get any traction. This is why they're making the first move with Scorpio.

Nintendo, as always, does its own thing on its own time.

Comment Racist or not (Score 1) 67

This is what racists actually believe.

We have to get back into the mode where we can make verifiable statements without the other side calling "racist" all the time.

At this point, I think it's a knee-jerk reaction that the left "just always does". Always call "racist"! If it shuts down the conversation, great! If not, you've lost nothing and can try something else.

It's historically clear that local Democratic rule of minority areas has failed. Areas like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Ferguson, Watts, Memphis, Flint, and so on.

Saying this is not being racist.

Detroit, as an example, is well known for graft and corruption. Democratic policies at the national level encouraged manufacturing jobs to leave the area, resulting in massive unemployment and a long drift into squalor.

Saying this is also not being racist.

The situation can realistically be described as an experiment that failed, and perhaps the reverse experiment should be tried: hold local governments responsible for their actions with stiff penalties and jail time, and reversing the national trend to bring back local jobs.

Saying this is also not being racist.

This is what racists actually believe.

Racists actually believe that blacks are inferior to whites.

Actually believing that we have political problems, failed policies with suggested improvements, and pathos for the state of our inner cities, is most definitely not something that racists believe.

Comment Re:A little too late. (Score 1) 150

IME the Chinese parts suppliers are very happy to update firmware and push out an update in just a few hours with little or no testing, and the only reason westerners have trouble getting the updates is that we don't read Chinese.

Japanese can read the Chinese well enough to send the right email to get the updates.

Plus, they might really be able to get them standardized in the main tourist areas for the sporting events. They don't have to update the whole country to get a noticeable improvement.

Comment Re:That Quarter (Score 1) 150

Here in the US all sinks have labeled handles, and they might be backwards because we have a lot of Homers and a blue collar work culture of just pointing the new guy at a task and saying, "figure it out." Even chances the labels are wrong, or the hot and cold are really swapped.

If you stay in the cattle sections you only get one temperature anyways so no problem.

Comment I did (Score 5, Insightful) 144

The response is correct: "The complaint is politically motivated, based on false allegations, and wholly without merit."

Merit is the biggest modifier in people's pay, and has been for decades. Equal opportunity has been the law several decades now. More women graduate college than men, and have been superior in terms of years of education for quite some time now. The Gender pay gap has been debunked so often that I honestly question the sanity of people who continue to argue that it exists. US Department of Labor data shows that women make more than men with the same qualifications and work habits, not less.

Simple questions answer the issue easily. If women work for less than men, why does any company run by a man hire a man? I'm really tired of this leftist religion being crammed down everyone's throats. Yes, it has become a religion.

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