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Comment Re:Translating for the rest of the world (Score 0, Offtopic) 114

Unless you're using Kelvin and metric time, you can STFU about metric.

It's worse for everyday use because shit is based on 10 which doesn't divide as evenly as things like 12, 36, 5280, etc.
For scientific use, no one with a brain gives a shit. Units are units. Measure and convert as necessary.

And don't fall for the "significant figures" bullshit, either. Most people get it wrong, including the "authorities" on the matter. The only things you should round due to significant figures are measurements beyond the known precision of the measuring tool. Yet everyone rounds out the results of calculations, and a lot of assclowns do stupid shit like treat gravity as 3.0 X10^1 f/s^2 or convert mm to inches by dividing by 25 despite 25.4 being the exact conversion.

Comment Re:Sheep. (Score 1) 114

Where do you come up with 2/3 of device sales being iPhones? How do those "devices" compare to the "1 billion active devices"? Did the numbers come out at the same time? Does "devices" mean the same thing in both stats? How are "active" devices determined?

Further, your assumption that 2/3 of the devices must be iPhones is erroneous. People keep iPods and iPads far longer than iPhones, many people still replace their iPhones annually.

The simplest math we have is 1 billion sold over 6 generations or so, and plummeting market share in recent years. iPhone historical sales are front loaded since Android has taken over, so the majority of iPhones are older models. Given the lifespan of a cell phone in western markets (where Apple has the bulk of their sales), it stands to reason that the vast majority have been sent out to pasture in some form or another.

Comment Re:Game changer (Score 1) 53

Every so often this innovative company just changes the game. Don't you wish you bough their stock when it hit $1.8?

I wish I hadn't sold my tens of thousands of shares, with an aggregate cost basis around $2, in December of 2015.
Feel free to look the chart up and laugh at me.

(I only sold it because I moved to a different platform and it required liquidating everything.)

Comment Re:They did the same thing for dual booting Linux (Score 1) 409

Just install onto separate physical drives.
If you want to share data between the two, use FAT or NTFS with no trickery on a third drive or, as you pointed out, you can use a network drive.

You could also do this on 2 drives in RAID 0. That's my standard config anyway. Just present two separate devices to the OSs.

Comment Horse Shit (Score 5, Insightful) 409

I hate Windows 10 more than most (look at my post history), but they're not fucking up Steam or any other general program and they're not going to.

What, specifically, is Windows 10 doing now that supports these claims? Steam (the client) is a buggy all on its own, and it has been since its inception. It's no longer worthy of the "Steaming piece of shit" nickname, but it's still pretty sloppy, ugly, and slow and if you ever have problems with the client not properly downloading/verifying game files, not properly syncing your library, crashing, or just not working, good fucking luck. Valve's "support" is 2 rounds of automatic responses from a robot and then silence.

Further, Tim Sweeney is an ass. Why should we listening to him? And why is he moaning about this shit now? Valve stopped crying about it years ago. They were afraid that Windows 8 would result in people using the MS store so they cried and whinged to anyone who would listen about MS is locking down the PC, how the Windows store will be the only store, etc. Oh, and Steam just so happened to have a half-baked plan to stop them - SteamOS with big picture mode! And Steam-branded PCs that make PC gaming as easy as console gaming, at triple the price!! And a half-baked controller was coming soon!!!

I don't know if Valve stopped crying about Windows because it's been years and no one left Steam to use the Windows Store, or if they are quietly giving up on the push for Steam OS after realizing how much work maintaining an OS is and how few games are going to use OpenGL or Vulkan, or if people stopped listening to their FUD after years of 8/8.1/10 with zero lockdown.

Comment Re:TFA is not terribly clear... (Score 1) 230

Not a Fifth Amendment violation. He's not being required to testify as to anything he knows, it's just a physical characteristic. Other example would be voice exemplars - it's Constitutional to require a defendant to say "hands up, give me the money," as part of a "voice lineup," since saying that doesn't require the defendant to testify to any content or knowledge. United States v. Dionisio

That's a clear 1st amendment violation.

Comment Re:They should fix their user schema first (Score 1) 57

You're adding a useless column that has no actual meaning.

It's simpler to use the actual user name and make it unique. Your PK index then also serves as an index on the user name for sorting/searching purposes against the user name.

The downsides are that the tables referencing the user name have to store the user name (but that's probably capped at 30 characters or so) and that equality comparisons for a string are worse than for an int (but only by a few cycles since you'll return a false 99.999% of the time and do it after a couple of characters).
These would be more than offset by the fact that you can completely avoid a join in many cases since you already have the user name directly in the table you're querying.

As long as you've got a sane length limit, properly set up your relationships, and make sure your collation makes sense (unicode/accents, capitalization), there's no real reason to introduce another column that's simply a proxy for the value you want. Even if you're encrypting the user name it doesn't matter.

Comment Re:They should fix their user schema first (Score 1) 57

Sony used the psn account name as a primary key; it's obviously a major fsck-up. Apparently their retarded developers do not know how to create proper databases, nor can they handle history changes [admitted by their CEO].

If you guarantee it's unique, what's the issue? You can even allow it to be changed. Your relationships will cascade the change to any other table referencing it.

What would you propose?
An unnecessarily long UUID that penalizes performance on every direct lookup, join, or LIKE query?
An integer with the IDENTITY flag set that auto increments and has no actual meaning?

Change tracking / historical retention can be achieved in many ways. Depending on what you want to preserve and how you expect to need to recover it, you can simply backup the transaction logs, regularly backup the database itself, or create a history table for each table you need historical data on and create a trigger that copies affected rows, along with a timestamp column with a default of SYSDATETIME() or similar, on UPDATE or DELETE.

What would you suggest? Polluting the main table with a timestamp / rowversion column and only selecting the latest one OVER (PARTITION BY {your dumbass UUID PK column})? Do you even care about performance or size? Yes, size matters, because we want to be able to keep the whole table, or at least the whole file for the commonly-accessed columns, in memory. (Let me guess - you've got wide tables and you're NOT splitting out the rarely-used columns off in a separate file.)

Comment Re:Got that, Microsoft shills? (Score 1) 159

There are no "low level tools". Nothing within the OS operates at a lower level than the OS. Windows 10 can and will intercept everything and lie about anything.

If you haven't stocked up on tinfoil hats for the past 15 years, you've got your head in the sand and your ass in the air.

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