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Comment Re: A bad way to start (Score 1) 735

No, you're wrong.

Harassment is a pattern of unwanted behavior. For it to be harassment it has to happen more than once and the harasser generally has to be told it's unwanted or it's against policy, or it has so flagrant that no "reasonable person" would invite such behavior.

Being a superior doesn't change that. HR may think otherwise, but they can't stop people from fucking whomever they want. At worst, you just have to inform HR of your relationship and they reassign managers/supervisors/whatever to avoid issues.

Comment Re:Not about the free market (Score -1, Flamebait) 908

Don't bother. Today's "liberals" are fascists and want free speech destroyed so they can continue living in their echo chambers. They'll suck at the teat of any corporation that creates a safe space and defend it with tired shit about it not being censorship if it's not the government (which is completely incorrect). Yet if the corporation ends up doing something they don't like (but completely legal) the go running to the government to get them shut down.

Comment Re:scripting is incompatible with security (Score 5, Insightful) 154

Don't run code you don't trust.
Javascript is code, no matter how much your browser tries to sandbox it or put shackles on it, it's going to be flying around in your CPU if you let it run.
If you don't trust the Javascript, don't run it.

There are 3 points to this problem:

Shitty fucking developers write shitty fucking websites that NEED Javascript to function.
Shitty fucking users like shiny, stupid shit and encourage that behavior.
Shitty fucking browsers let it all run by default and focus on speed, not security to please the shitty fucking users.
(And this loops back to shitty fucking developers seeing that they can bloat up their site even more because Chrome v8247 tweaked Javascript regex performance to be 2.8% faster.)

Comment Re:CPUs, not CPU architecture (Score 4, Insightful) 154

You're confusing CPU architecture with instruction set architecture. They used to be the same (and in some cases still are) but most processors have a physical architecture that implements an ISA via microcode translation. With memory controllers (and a whole lot of other shit) on the same package. the term "architecture" has drifted even further from ISA and more toward the entire SoC.

Comment Bubble (Score 5, Insightful) 490

We're waiting for the bubble to burst again. Hopefully this time they don't bail out the banks and and the idiots who bought mcmansions. The bailouts (including "Keep Your Home California") prevented me, a responsible, financially stable adult, from owning a home. Prices are over double what they should be in my area.
People don't have roommates, they have roomfamilies.

Comment Re:Put a captcha on (Score 5, Informative) 120

My hunch is that at least some of the bots are their's.

Most are. In fact, TicketMaster skips the bots entirely.

TicketMaster owns and operates TicketsNow, which is ticket scalping site.
TicketMaster pinches off a chunk (often the bulk) of tickets and gives them to TicketsNow BEFORE they go on sale.
If they don't sell on TicketsNow, TicketMaster takes some back and releases them on TicketMaster. This is why TicketMaster has the option to be alerted in case more tickets become available.

TicketsNow (and they probably have other sites that are the same damned thing) is their primary business because it lets them get out of any pricing contracts. TicketMaster "sells" the tickets to TicketsNow in advance (or at T 0), and TicketsNow resells them at a much higher price.

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