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Comment Re:Not ready for "Prime" time (Score 1) 22

From the management page, I had to click into each one and then delete it, I believe. I made sure to click on the left portion of the image and not the circle on the right. The circle on the right is for buying the thing and the left portion is for getting info about the thing. I don't know if clicking on the circle from the management page would have triggered a purchase or not, but I didn't want to risk it.

Comment Re:Not ready for "Prime" time (Score 2, Interesting) 22

What's worse is there's no way to disable it. I had 9 buttons and I had to manually remove each of them. I can't stop it from adding more, I can't stop them from showing up on the main page, and I can't bulk delete them.


The directory ( is much more useful than the homepage. I would recommend people bookmark it, but the fact is they recently made it worse. It used to be a simple, usable list of all "departments" on Amazon. Now they're adding graphics and recommendations to this page too.

Comment Re:lots of luck (Score 1) 1294

It seems there is ***only*** two kinds of people, those that agree with Trump and those who do not.

Well, if you can treat "agree" as binary, sure. For any binary X there is only X and !X (or ~X if you prefer).

What about me? I don't like Trump but I don't hate him blindly and stupidly like a lot of people do. I don't believe he's going to magically "Make America Great Again" and I don't believe he's into water sports or whatever other cockamamie shit the media will trot out next. (Or will the media do an abrupt 180 to get more access?)

Comment Re: Just a few weeks from being sworn back out. (Score 1) 1294

What emolument is he receiving from a foreign state? Note that business holdings in a foreign state, and profits from them, are not an emolument given by the foreign state. Please provide some actual evidence or specific details. This emolument clause impeachment bullshit has been circling the drain around liberal blogs and rags for the past couple of weeks. Every serious discussion of the matter has stated that it doesn't fucking apply to Trump for the exact reasons I've pointed out. He's not receiving gifts from foreign states. He's not some fuck boy for Putin, despite what Wolf Blitzer wants you to believe.

This emolument clause means the US doesn't have nobility and the US can't have people in office that are being bribed/controlled/puppeted by foreign entities. (And most people say this doesn't apply to elected positions, but only to offices of appointment.) There are other emolument clauses (such as the one saying the President can't get paid by the US beyond the pay for being President), but none of those are relevant either.

Presidents receive gifts from foreign states all the time. If the emolument clause meant what you want it to mean, Obama would have been in violation for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. The way it works is gifts given to the President are given to the President, and not the person. When the person leaves office, the gifts stay with the Office. They're typically stored and periodically displayed for tourists. "And here we have the stack of porno mags gifted to President Clinton in the third year of his first term by an unnamed dignitary of an undisclosed nation." If gifts are a more personal nature, Congress can simply decide the person can keep them.

Evidence and specifics that actually relate to the emolument clause or shut the fuck up.

Keep in mind that even if an attempt is made to use the emolument clause against Trump, and somehow the Supreme Court is retarded enough to find him in violation of it, the Republicans control Congress and can just approve every imagined "violation".

These Trump haters are desperate, but they should THINK before they start spouting this kind of shit. It reveals how fucking dumb they are and highlights exactly why Trump won. If they actually want to prevent Trump from having a second term, they need to learn and think, not bitch and moan and cling to ridiculous schemes to try to invalidate Trump's election. This is dumber than the circus about Obama's birth certificate. Do you really want to hitch your wagon to this horse?

Comment Re: Just a few weeks from being sworn back out. (Score 1) 1294

Wrong as usual, MightyMartian.

No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or foreign State.

Commander in Chief, President of the United States of America, etc. are not titles of nobility, nor does Trump hold any other such titles granted by the United States of America.
Trump has not accepted any present, emolument, office, or title of any kind whatever from any king, prince, or foreign state since being sworn in.

Unless you have actual evidence to the contrary, shut the fuck up.

Even if Putin wanted to send him a gift basket to wish him well, it would go to the President, not to Trump himself. If it was a personal gift, Congress could declare it to be the property of Trump and not of the office.

Comment Re:Not impulsive at all (Score 0, Flamebait) 1294

SNL is shit. It's been shit for decades. Even when it wasn't shit, it was rarely good. There are a handful of funny bits from the entire history of the show, and a god chunk of those are spoiled Fallon laughing so much that Will Ferrell has to wait and repeat his line.

Meryl Streep is overrated. About as overrated as Tom Hanks. (He's terrible, he just either shouts or mumbles. Good movies are built around him like a frosting is layered on top of a turd. I'm glad he's confined to that DaVinci Code crap now.)

Of course, those are OPINIONS (even though it's a hard fucking fact that SNL sucks ass).

I don't know what shows he talked about, but if he claimed a publication was failing he was right again. Print is dead, and it took journalism and ethics along with it. He was right about Macy's, as well.

I don't care for Trump but when people bitch and moan about him, and spread lies about him, they reveal how much of a petulant child they are. They are every bit as hateful, bigoted, violent, etc. as they claim Trump to be.

Comment Re:Batching Means Delay (Score 1) 57

Not only does it mean they're holding onto it, it means they're paying for a full season upfront without knowing what the response will be. Of course, this cost gets passed on to the subscribers. If something is a flop, congrats - you bought 9+ episodes no one will ever watch because the first was such a fucking turd a regular network would have preferred to run a damned commemorative coin infomercial in that slot.

Who can seriously sit through the first episode of The OA or Pacific Heat and say they want more?

Comment Meh (Score 2) 57

Binging new content is one of the worst things about Netflix.

Shows become a chore to get through. You have to get through them soon or you risk getting spoiled and can't talk about it with other people.
Once you get through it, you've got nothing for a year or more. There are a finite number of shows any one person gives a shit about, so this quickly becomes a problem.

Those are personal problems, however. Dumping an entire season at once results in major problems that hurt all users.

Look at Netflix's original content - their own series mostly suck but still get 4-5 star reviews out the ass simply because there are people who feel the need latch onto SOMETHING to binge on, and Netflix keeps churning them out. On the other end of the spectrum, you get people who spend 2 minutes watching 1 episode giving the whole series a 1 star review. I don't know if they're sock puppeting, but the reviews for Netflix Originals are worse than useless.

Netflix seems to be going after quantity instead of quality. They let a few hits get to their head and now churn out mostly crap they gets overrated because it's from Netflix. (HBO had a similar thing going on 15 years ago or so - everything they put out got hyped and praised regardless of how shitty it was.)

Seriously, go look at House of Cards Season 1 and compare it to House of Cards Season Who Gives a Shit?. Compare Archer to Netflix's pathetic copy Pacific Heat. Everyone was masturbating loudly about Stranger Things, so I watched it. It's pretty poor substitute for The Goonies. Black Mirror Season 3 is incredibly worse than Seasons 1 and 2 (not made by Netflix) - and that says a lot because Seasons 1 and 2 were pretty bad themselves. People compared it to The Twilight Zone! How the FUCK are you going to do that and then expect me to believe you're sane and not being paid by Netflix to say such shit?

Even their non-fiction shit is pure crap. From The Grand Tour (which is somehow even more wooden and scripted than that other show) to The White Rabbit Project, Netflix has awful, awful shit with a few gems. Their good shit is usually their animated shit - from Bojack to F is for Family to Voltron. (Of course, we can't forget Pacific Heat.) Hell, Netflix even managed to fuck up Arrested Development!

Look at their films as well - ARQ, Coin Heist, The Ridiculous 6. It's a shithouse!

This all matters because Netflix is becoming more and more like another network/studio that churns out shit that I end up paying for. Dumping/Binging means they have more gaps to fill in the calendar and makes them run into the same problems as traditional networks/studios.

If I could pay for Netflix without funding production of a full season of Fuller House, or whatever failure gets 10 episodes up front but would've been shitcanned after 1 (PACIFIC HEAT) I would. And I say this as someone who has repeatedly said I would gladly give up Amazon Video / Amazon Pantry / Amazon Buttwiper / whatever to get a free shipping only, yet has turned to Amazon Video instead of Netflix because Netflix's library is 95% shit.

Comment Re:Uh... (Score 1) 62

Tell that to MS who has to offer up a randomized list of browsers to choose from, can't bundle in a media player, etc.

Google is more guilty of antitrust shit than MS ever was, even if you include MS's tactics for bundling their OS in retail PCs (compare that to licensing Android and Google Play Services and Google's Apps).

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