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Comment Re:Not strictly Excel's fault (Score 1) 92

Select top left cell, format as table, make sure "my data has headers" is checked.
Click just below the header row to select and entire column of data (excluding the header row). Format as you please, validate as you please. You can even right click, insert a new column, then create a formula that verifies the data and outputs nothing when it's good and "OHSHIT" when it fails verification. Then you can non-destructively filter your table on "OHSHIT".

If you're using Excel at least learn to use it. This shit is up there with people who hit Enter/Return twice to generate a blank line in Word.

Comment Re:Mobile Web (Score 1) 46

No, that's not "responsive design". That's just a minimal design, which is great if you have minimal content. Responsive design means fucking shit up all over the place on different devices (based on resolution, browser strings, etc.). Sane navigation on a desktop site? It better be a javascript-enabled, overlaying shitshow behind a "swipe" action or a "hamburger" button on the mobile site!

Comment Re: Mobile Web (Score 1) 46

"Responsive" design is a wasp's nest of complicated, half-working, hacky CSS with javascripty shit on top . Unless your layout and content are brain dead simple.

Not all content works that way, and not all web sites can focus on style or presentation. Many websites need to get shit done and need to present a lot of content cleanly. And yes, sometimes we have to use tables!!

Comment Re:Woz knows best (Score 1) 300

But in a heavily-stylized font such that the u is symmetrical, the l and t are nearly identical, and the B and H are very similar as well.
Then you can do it up so the second half is angled off of the first a bit, such that one half appears to be a reflection of the other half.
Make the left half of the logo one color and the right half another color. We'll probably go with a dark or grey-blue on the left, and then a desaturated version on the right. For plaintext use we'll prescribe black for the left half and grey, italics for the right. For monotone use it'll be black on the left and white (or grey) on the right.

Somebody get on this shit now. I need vector illustrations.

Comment Re:There's a simpler answer to this (Score 1) 168

I disagree about the "openness being a disadvantage." Seriously, name one thing that the carriers/OEMs do, in terms of software, that adds any significant value. I throw down the gauntlet.

Samsung added multi-window support years and years ago and gave us the stylus and all its features.

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