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Comment Re:The magic algorithm (Score 2) 43

Which would be great, if it would actually show posts in chronological order by post. It doesn't. It shows things in chronological order by last comment or some other ridiculous measure, ignoring the fact that facebook notifies you about replies and comments already, and always has.

Comment Perl's place in the world... (Score 5, Insightful) 281

Perl used to be central to so many things (the 'glue' language for the internet), but seems to be slowly falling out of use in deference to javascript, java, python, vbscript/powershell, etc. It's the language I used in my first job as a system administrator (back around the time you gave your first interview), and I loved it.

With so many years between the announcement of Perl 6 and it's completion, many people moved on to other solutions or technologies. Perl 6 is here now, but why should I use it?

Comment Re:dampened? really? (Score 1) 117

That's an answer to my question that makes me very sad. Apparently, the misuse has become common enough in this context that it's now in the dictionary, so the answer to my question is "yes, we've given up".

The article was talking about acoustic vibrations (sound). Lessening vibration is called damping. Dampening has connotations related to emotion that do not apply in the same way, but the words are similar enough and dampen misused enough that now it doesn't matter, apparently.

Comparative graph for usage of "acoustic damping" and "acoustic dampening" since 1920

Discussion of this topic.

Comment The only problem that matters... (Score 2) 92

The only problem that matters is that it's too expensive. WAY too expensive. Would I love to have a speedy android phone with a narrow-format blackberry-style physical keyboard? Yep. For over $600? You have to be kidding me. Maybe at $300 ($150 subsidized), I'd bite. I do hate onscreen keyboards, but not *that* much.

Comment Re:Ok, why? (Score 4, Insightful) 311

Which is a great idea, if you can afford to employ enough people to do that. The rightsholders should be responsible for screening their takedown requests. The problem is that there's no limit placed on the supposed rightsholders to prevent them from abusing the system for automated takedowns without reviewing them first. Again, that was forced on YouTube by the rights agencies. Again, why blame YouTube?

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