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Comment Re: All of this has happened before... (Score 1) 281

Every time I hear people bitch about windows 8/8.1/10, I shake my head. Win7 was good. Heck, it was my favorite version of Windows until 8 came was better than Win2k Pro, but Win10 is better still. It's more stable, has less crufty old bits, less driver problems, less security problems, and generally causes me less headaches. Then again, I'm not most people.

Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 4, Insightful) 220

...or bands that we find via something like YouTube. That's the real reason the RIAA is trying to squeeze Google. They don't like the deal they got with Apple's iTunes, and don't want to be even *more* left behind. They failed to embrace online digital distribution when customers initially clamored for it, tried to sue their way out of it being possible, and now are scrambling to try and figure out how to claw their way back to the same type of margins they once had when they controlled distribution and marketing.

Comment Re:Friday (Score 2) 227

Off the top of my head:

  • Time Travelers: Strictly Cash
  • Callahan's Crosstime Saloon
  • Callahan's Place
  • Callahan's Con
  • Callahan's Key

And then Callahan's Lady and The Lady Slings The Blues (Booze?), which are about a different main cast of characters. I'm sure I missed a few, but there's a list here.

His collaborations with his wife are pretty good, too. He's probably my favorite sci-fi author, or at least in a 3-way tie with Heinlein and Asimov.

Comment Re:Friday (Score 2) 227

I'd vote for Number of The Beast, since they could essentially serialize it forever. For that matter, I'd be really happy to see Spider Robinson's Callahan novels (and/or the books about Lady Sally's place) brought to either the big or small screen.

Comment Re:Exploits in the wild (Score 1) 101

If there are attacks in the wild, then all attackers know (or *can* easily know). Now, all IT professionals can *also* know and decide what to do about it until there's a patch. Responsible disclosure isn't just about when not to say anything, it's also about when to say something.

Comment Re: Get over it (Score 2) 182

If it's fair use, then we're talking about re-implementing the API being fair use, not how it's used after the fact. How that re-implemented API is used is not part of the discussion of whether re-implementing the API is fair use. The copyrighted elements were solely the API method signatures, and not any source code. If this had been a court case over patents (which is a whole other level of ridiculous, when talking about software, so thankfully it wasn't), then how the APIs were used and what they did would be at issue. The fact that Chrome has the ability to execute android application bytecode doesn't impact that argument.

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