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Comment Taxis moving goalposts (Score 1) 50

with a human backup driver and co-pilot on board for the time being

Here we that it's clear (as it has always been if you look) that "self-driving cars" are mostly hype we will start to see companies moving goalposts to claim they have done it.

Uber is doing this in Pittsburg.

This tech has amazing capabilities but it's not ever going to be able to do what they are claiming.

Comment No...the answer is 'no' (Score 1) 264

Can We Avoid Government Surveillance By Leaving The Grid?

No. Refusing to send emails, use credit cards, or social media doesn't mean your personal information isn't still in databases.

Take it further and you're crossing into a 'lifestyle' of infosec where staying 'off the grid' will basically consume all the time in your day and becomes your life. Maybe *comparatively* to others a dedicated infosec lifer could say "I am 'off the grid'"...from a functional perspective they are as far as a person can get, but no one is entirely 'off the grid' unless they were born without a birth record...born 'off the grid'

This is waaay older than Prism or Snowden or even the NSA itself, and it is inherent to any situation where information is being mediated by a 3rd party.

It's part of existence in the modern world for large entities to have information about what you do...whether you are a serf in Europe in the 1500s or today.

Comment Theil via Hogan (for racist tape not sextape) (Score 2) 138

you can't just post sex tapes

This is all about Peter Theil, who is bankrupting Hogan's case.

That's not why Hogan sued at all, but more importantly Peter Theil is funding the whole thing in retrobution for Gawker outing him as gay around 2008 (while he was funding GOP which has anti-gay policies).

Gawker outed Theil because he was a hypocrite.

Hogan sued about another video.

Here's an explanation:

Hogan filed the claim because he was terrified that one of the other tapes, which memorialized his rant about his daughter dating “f*cking n*gg*rs,” might emerge. As I have come to learn, Hogan himself put it in a text message to his best friend, the radio shock-jock Bubba Clem, days after we published our story: “We know there’s more than one tape out there and a one that has several racist slurs were told. I have a [pay-per-view special] and I am not waiting for anymore surprises.”

Comment ink vs pixels is still a thing (Score 3, Informative) 117

/EVERY/ printer I've gone to prints in CYMK. They can convert RGB to CYMK, but the colors won't match 100%

IAA(part-time)SP and I can confirm.

Saying 'CMYK is not needed' goes too far.

Yes, plenty has changed but making color on an opaque surface is still completely different than rendering it in pixels on a screen.

Comment Surprising # of Trump Supporters & My Predicti (Score 1) 993

I expected Trump's numbers on a site like /. to be in the single digits. He's at 23% as of this post.

I will let others debate voting 3rd party vs 'the lesser of two evils''s not as bad this year as 2000. 3rd party voters really could have swung counties in Florida for Gore giving him the election back in 2000, but this year will not be nearly that close. Vote for your 3rd party I say, even though I'm a Bernie supporter voting Hillary in the general.

Prediction: Hillary wins with the same states Obama won in 2012, maybe picks up a few.

Comment Re:Music Videos (Score 1) 193

> the world needs a proper replacement of human curated music video content, 24/7 always streaming, no ads. Youtube is not that

well said

MTV had genre-mixed, live curated music's next-level can watch or just listen...

there's got to be a way to do it proper and official and not get overwhelmed by paying rights fees

one thing people forget is back in 1994 you could see a Dr. Dre video then a Nirvana video then a Fugees video then a Tool video...all in a really felt futuristic in that sense

Comment A: Keep dominating. (Score 1) 193

What you, Slashdot readers, think Netflix's next move will be? Or do you think the company will soon become just another name in its respective category?

Keep making billions.

TFA exaggerates the level of competition for Netflix.

HBO Go and Amazon's service are not replacements for Netflix...they are technically 'competitors' but only in the most abstract, finance-major sense of the term.

From a consumer perspective, it's not rational to get rid of Netflix to get HBO Go. They are cheap enough that even low-income people can have both.

So to me this question is a false dichotomy based on the fallacious assumption that over-estimates the threat of 'competitors' in the streaming market.

Comment Wasting time on solipsisms (Score 1) 98

Chatbots are as close as this singularity-thumper is going to get to his 'post-human' delusion.

I'm sick of this shit. It's a waste of R&D. It's a waste of computing cycles.

Let's make a robot that can sew like the human hand and innovate sweatshops in Asia out of existence.

Let's solve *practical problems now* not waste our time on a solipsism.

Comment Factor out M$ employees... (Score 1) 288

I'm wondering about users who are *not* employed by Microsoft and obliged to use it for some reason.

Factor those out, then factor out any work-only phones running Windows because they were part of an 'enterprise' purchase and cannot change without messing up the whole 'enterprise solution'....

I doubt you'd have even .01%

Comment Manuel Rodriguez Delgado (Score 1) 90

By what magic of DSP voodoo do they propose to shrink a machine which makes a Microwave Oven look like an LED flashlight by comparison down to a "wearable" size/price?

So, miniaturization...this is where I think the core concept of the (fallacious) 'Moore's Law' actually can be seen in effect.

What I mean is, though it is not any kind of formula or 'law', we can see a very idetifiable trend towards making our tech smaller. It's so clear and consistent it's about as close to 'certain' as these kinds of things can be.

The software is there...most of our limitations are hardware...usually battery weight, as boring as it sounds.

I think we will see fMRI applications for consumer products fairly soon, and in general BCI stuff will get smaller.

Have a look at the work of Manue Rodrigeuz Delgado from the 60s and 70s with BCI and just R/F will blow your mind:

Comment more like 5% (Score 1) 103

I think about 95% of all concerns raised when it comes to driverless cars are about issues that have been solved and been tested in the field for over a decade.

hype overload!

**rain breaks a these driverless cars**

they can't work in rain or where the surroundings are snow covered, for several reasons...but mainly because in rain they can't see

with snow, it doesn't have to be actively snowing... even if the weather is clear and the roads dry, a white-covered surrounding makes it impossible for the car to navigate

this information is available via the search engine of your choice

Comment Desktop user base is there and ready Linus.... (Score 1) 565

I started the project for my own needs, and my needs are very much fulfilled," Torvalds said. "That's why, to me, it's not a failure.

This is so Linus.

it's a really hard area to enter. .... I'll wear them down.

Who is Linus "wearing down" here?

This speaks to the inherent mistake core Linux developers make that keeps them from accomplishing their (25 year) goal.

**Users want to use the Linux desktop**...but it's not designed well enough to meet their ongoing needs like an M$ or iOS OS does.

Even if they don't know Linux exists, they know they hate Windows 10 and would use an alternative, esp a free alternative.

The user base for the Linux desktop is there...the problem is the Linux desktop isn't good enough.

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