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Comment the GOPs policies were WORSE (Score 1) 113

DMCA: Clinton
CDA: Clinton
COPA: Clinton
DRM (criminalize breaking it): Clinton

did any Republicans lead the charge against these?


Republicans were falling over themselves to make the rules worse than what was enacted!

Go down the line, the Republican's policy was always much more draconian and foolish than what Democrats were proposing.

Just because a Democrat was president doesn't mean the Democrats weren't trying to force the policy to be better. It doesn't change either party's position on policy.

Look at the DCMA.

Everyone knew we needed new rules, it's *how* those rules were passed through an intractable Congress that matters. Republicans wanted to put things like website ratings like film ratings in the DCMA Typically, Democrats have to fight tooth and nail just to get some kind of comprimise that isn't abjectly destructive in order to pass needed updates to t-com laws.

Republicans are always advocating for worse policy, compared to what Democrats are proposing particularly in the area of science and tech.

Comment Dems and Reps are very different on POLICY (Score 1) 113

Policy is what actually matters. Policy is the laws we actually enact and how they are enforced.

Go down the line, every instance, Republicans' policy positions are the worse of the options for tech.

If Republicans changed their policies, that would change the situation.

It *does* matter, there is a difference between policies Democrats enact and policies Republicans enact. Especially in Science and Tech. Republicans and Democrats policies are very, very different.

Comment Techie Republicans why (Score 1, Flamebait) 113

Techies, like everyday tech-minded people, need to completely and fully understand that Republicans are their enemies, by policy.

Almost completely down the line, any policy involving tech will have the Republicans pushing policies that are the worst.

Net Neutrality? It's the GOP who want to destroy it.

DRM of all kinds, always Republicans.

It goes on and on.

Why is it so important to grasp this fact? Why am I even posting this?

Because so many techies still support Republicans or 'Libertarians'...

Comment One in ten (Score 1) 268

So one in ten jobs were shipped overseas.

It's probably more complicated, in the sense that the jobs were going away anyhow many times, and companies like Intel just outsource for the end of a lifecycle of whatever system. I can definitely see companies and analysts responding with something like that.

At the same time, for all we know this 11% figure is low. Look at what data they used.

There's no denying that outsourcing has been abused and that the rules are tipped in favor of large company profits over needs of US workers.

Comment "get bluetooth" not a valid response (Score 5, Insightful) 143

Get some Bluetooth headphones Grandpa.

ugh this is annoying...

"get bluetooth" isn't a valid fix for several reasons

first, Apple didn't just remove a headphone jack, they removed a *universally compatible data port* that allowed for simultaneous, cheap, adaptable charging and using the jack for headphones or for an accessory like a Square card reader. Simultaneously.

removing functionality like that is exactly like if Ford removed all the doors on the right side of their's perfectly analogous in how it cripples the user

2nd, bluetooth runs out of batteries

3rd, just because *you* and your particular use case have your needs met with bluetooth headphones and one jack doesn't mean that it's a good design for all users, from the perspective of designing a system for users.

Comment Re: "social" runs on code (Score 1) 55


I mean not that much...

I'll give you maybe a "whosh"....I did say this:

this makes me think you are being sarcastic...honestly...

So I thought something was up. Truth is I know too many people on every side of the equation that think the way OP does so it's not out of question that OP was being serious.

Comment "social" runs on code (Score 2) 55

Because skills are irrelevant. It's a post-skills economy out there. Social marketing is the only thing that matters. Social is everything.

This is categorically incorrect.

First, all that "social" has to run somehow....and it is people with "skills" that do the "relevant" programming.

The idea that what people call "social" is somehow supplanting the need for software devs and coders is actually ridiculous. All that "social" is coded and hosted and maintained by software devs and coders!

2nd, the whole contextualization of text and pictures sent over the internet to a logged-in user is this new thing in human experience called "social" is absolutely incorrect. Snapchat, facebook, twitter,'s all just text and images.

What you and idiot marketing buzzword people call "social" is inherent human behavior. Things like facebook, snapchat, etc are simply mediators when humans choose to do it using internet.

Post cards are just as much "social" as snapchat.

I'm actually in the middle of refactoring a singe page web app, right now. I'm using my programming skills. I've been developing this app for seven years. It has zero users. Zero. Because I don't market it on all the social networks, my app might as well not exist, and my skills are worthless.

this makes me think you are being sarcastic...honestly...

the coding skill to make every function a one-liner isn't all that is necessary to make a successful one ever said it was!

good coding skills are certainly useful, but just like good concrete laying or whatever skill, you either work for a company or for yourself...if you work for yourself you have to have skills, like business skills, other than the skill you are marketing...**it's the same for all skills not just code**

Comment Re:wireless isn't a replacement (Score 1) 128

Right, so it's compatible until it isn't. is everything. This statement is a tautology.

Sometimes there's video in there. Sometimes the ground is in different places. Sometimes the microphone is in a different spot. There any many different ways of making a remote work.

Just because this may be true doesn't really mean anything. It's a benefit that it is so versatile, first of all. The ports worked. Square Card readers work for Apple or Android. Most after market headphones work for both.

Wireless audio is what people use at home for connecting to their stereo (I certainly do, and it's far, far more convenient), and while I don't personally use wireless headphones myself (too cheap to buy them / I'd lose them / forget to charge them / they're all ugy / etc), I see plenty of people that do.

I tried to address this in my OP...designing for the user...

Comment Re:wireless isn't a replacement (Score 1) 128

Accessories like a Square credit card reader are absolutely universally compatible.

The 4 pole headphone is universally compatible across all devices, unless device makers design their accessory specifically to be proprietary.

Remote functionality on smartphone headphones is definitely possible and several headphones have 3 function control buttons that work with apple or android.

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