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Submission + - Rap Genius: 99 Problems But Google Ain't One

theodp writes: If you're havin' Google problems, Rap Genius feels bad for you son, it's got 99 problems but a Google death sentence ain't one. After being punished by Google for manipulative SEO tactics, a contrite Rap Genius says it's back in Google's good graces. "It takes a few days for things to return to normal, but we’re officially back!" reads a post by the Rap Genius Founders. "First of all, we owe a big thanks to Google for being fair and transparent and allowing us back onto their results pages. We overstepped, and we deserved to get smacked." Rap Genius credits some clever trackback scraping programming for its quick redemption, but a skeptic might suggest it probably didn't hurt that Rap Genius' biggest investor, Andreessen Horowitz, is tight with Google.

Submission + - site defaced - subverted hypervisor suspected

An anonymous reader writes: On Sunday morning (GMT) was defaced. The current theory is that the hosting provider's hypervisor was subverted and not that the OpenSSL team had misconfigured their own system. The OpenSSL software itself appears to remain unaffected and the team is still investigating the incident.

Submission + - Declassified Files Show How Australian Military Responded To UFO Threat (

lukehopewell1 writes: "A declassified report entitled "Operation Close Encounter" just hit the Australian National Archives.

Within the secret military report, authored by a senior member of the Royal Australian Air Force, we're told how the military detected several radar blips that resembled alien craft near Sydney in the 1980s.

Military aircraft were scrambled to standby positions as citizens all up the Australian east cost reported strange lights in the sky. Some people even discovered landing patterns in Queensland.

Welcome to the Australian X-Files."


Facebook Will Shut Down Beacon To Settle Lawsuit 101

alphadogg writes "Facebook has agreed to shut down its much-maligned Beacon advertising system in order to settle a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit, filed in August of last year, alleged that Facebook and its Beacon affiliates like Blockbuster and violated a series of laws, including the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Video Privacy Protection Act, the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act and the California Computer Crime Law. The proposed settlement, announced late on Friday, calls not only for Facebook to discontinue Beacon, but also back the creation of an independent foundation devoted to promoting online privacy, safety and security. The money for the foundation will come from a US$9.5 million settlement fund."

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