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Comment Re:Rural areas still only have dialup (Score 1) 201

#define rural.

I live in a small town in Illinois surrounded by corn and soybeans.... you can get a 150/10 internet connection here from the local cable company which they charge a premium price for. I currently have the 50/5 which is more like 55/ is fairly priced.

The situation here is such that one of the sat TV providers has a bundle that uses the cable company for Internet. Because while the cable company's internet/phone services are of reasonably good value...their TV services aren't so much.

Comment Re:What is the carbon footprint? (Score 3, Informative) 119

The "hydrogen economy" would produce huge amounts of CO2 if we use the cheapest most efficient means of producing hydrogen, namely hydrocarbon fractionation. I had read of energy balances for ethanol that show it requires more energy to produce than it actually produces. Not to mention the stupidity of using food for fuel. Ethanol drove up the price of corn enough that there were food riots in latin America.

Having seen this blow up in our faces before I want to raise a warning flag early so we can nip a bad idea in the bud.

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