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Submission + - IBM embraces - wtf - Sun's Solaris across x86 serv (

boner writes: Our friends at the Register report : IBM embraces — wtf — Sun's Solaris across x86 server line.

Apparently the collaboration goes beyond x86, quoting from the article: Zeitler sounded bullish about the prospects of running Solaris on the System Z mainframes, ... [Zeitler] noted that he "would like to see" some Solaris on System P work, which would have Solaris compete head-to-head with AIX.

Does this mean corporate interest might be shifting towards Solaris? Ashlee Vance only too kindly notes: Solaris x86 enjoys a relatively small but devoted developer community. The Linux crowd seems to have taken notice of this with zealots bashing Solaris x86 at every chance during recent open source trade shows. Such concern is understandable given that Solaris offers a number of high-end features not found with Linux.

So how do Slashdotters see the longterm prospects for Solaris?

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